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  1. So sad. But that seems to be the way of the world now.
  2. You're right! We were AT4 and then 4 digits. How about 2 party lines? Do you remember them ?
  3. Probably dating myself but I remember when every company, especially a fortune 500 company, had their own IT department on site
  4. I hate to be the 1 to say this but I wouldn't be surprised if they did go out of business. I'd hate to see it, but it wouldn't shock me. Sometimes I wonder how they stay in business. I am a loyal customer. Actually since 2017 I really only travel with Holland America. I like the line I like the crew. I worked in a call center I can tell when someone has been trained. I do not believe they're getting the proper training. And their IT department is a mess
  5. I'm old enough to remember that. There were 3 letters preceding the 4 digits. I'm also a telephone company retiree
  6. As mentioned by others, it depends how you going to use it. I don't drink alcohol so that really doesn't benefit me. I do like it for coffees and sodas. The excursions I really wouldn't get it just for that. I do get the have it all package ,depending on the length of the cruise,because I like to have the internet and I like the prepaid gratuity. $300 for excursions Is a plus. If I never had the dinners I would be just fine. That's just my humble opinion.
  7. I buy it for my machine and it's only $2.95 a gallon. I think that's reasonable considering where you are.
  8. Thank you. I keep telling myself that pain at my age is normal. That what I'm going through now is just part of the process. I have to accept it but doesn't mean I have to be thrilled about it. But the upside is we're still here and we're still upright so good for us! Bless you
  9. Therein lies the problem,, asking for help. I don't think it's so much that I do not want to bother anyone It's that I hate to think that I need help! It's very difficult for me to accept I'm not who I used to be. I'm not ready to give up but I'm very uncomfortable with being unstable mobility wise , with not being able to do the things I used to do comfortably. It really changed my life. I envy older people who run up and down the stairs on cruise ships. I used to be able to run up and down the stairs With me, it's mostly the pain and the stability issues.. The walking. I can't walk as far or as long as I used to but I do it. I hate trudging along but I do it. Of course I have the Rollator!
  10. I've been sailing with Holland America for quite a while now and I have never seen a drop down tab giving you the option of having the dinner in the main dining room. Never. Can't imagine why you'd want to
  11. When I started this thread it was because I could not get the AARP benefit combined with my travel agent benefit. However, I changed travel agents for my cruise next year and I got both.. I got the new travel agent on board credit and the AARP obc. Like I said before....go figure. And..... Some of you may think this is mean and I'm sorry if you do but for my cruise that the travel agent benefits and the AARP benefits couldn't be combined, well I had that transferred to a different travel agent and everything was combined. Ps .. I could transfer the cruise over because it was within the 30 days.
  12. That's exactly how I see my onboard credits from my new travel agent. However, when I called in to Holland America and asked if they could see all of those onboard credits they told me no. The only onboard credits they could see were the ones they gave me directly. Actually, I'm glad to see this because it was new to me and I didn't know how to feel about that.
  13. That is great advice and I thank you for it. But sometimes I'm just not feeling well enough to do that. I am a woman of a certain age. Ty
  14. Hello fellow cruises. How do you cancel a shore excursion either the night before or the morning of. I've had problems with this. Please be advised this has nothing to do with a refund. Has nothing to do with money at all. I just hate the thought of people waiting for me when I'm not going to be there. I don't want to hold up the bus...... 1 time I knew the night before I wasn't feeling well and I wouldn't make the excursion the next day. Of course no 1 was at the excursion desk. There was no voicemail, I had no email address so I called the front desk. I explained my situation that I wouldn't be making the excursion and the excursion desk was closed. The representative at the front desk told me they would notify the excursion people. That was never done. I hate to repeat myself but I felt terrible thinking that people were waiting on a bus for me and I wasn't going. On another occasion,,,, It was about 2 hours before the excursion was about to begin. Again, no 1 was at the excursion desk it was too early. I tried to call later but they were all out with the excursion. So I really don't know how to cancel an excursion. There must be a way and I'm sure someone out there knows it. I'd appreciate the help. Thanks Ps.. If there's another thread out there I should be looking at please let me know.
  15. I agree. I hate walking by the casino. Although, I thought they had nights where there was no smoking in the casino.
  16. I know Bar Harbor is a tender port.
  17. I never had a problem before. I cruised quite a bit and I never had a problem getting both perks. Travel agent at AARP (since last July). As I mentioned earlier I got the both for next year. Talk to the travel agent before you book see if they know how to add everything. Mine didn't.
  18. I did this already. It was already confirmed. My current travel agent called HAL again and they refuse to add it again. She said she couldn't combine both benefits. However, For next year I booked with a different travel agent and their perks and the AARP were both on my booking. Go figure.....
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