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  1. No. Room service and minibar are not included in the HIA.
  2. In October of next year I'm going to the Panama canal. How do I go about finding accessible tours in that area? Actually, how do you find accessible tours for any part of the world? I guess I don't know how to word it when I put it into google. I don't find anything
  3. Yes I do. Why ,have things changed?
  4. I did that once and the woman I asked gave me a look that could literally kill. She never said a word just a horrible look
  5. I've never heard of this. Can you share any information on how I can do this? If it's too much trouble don't bother. Thank you
  6. I think it's a risk you take and the responsibility you have to accept. You know there's a chance that could happen when you book guaranteed. I certainly don't wanna pay more money. I travel solo so it cost me double already but I'm afraid. I don't wanna get to the port and not have a room.
  7. What does interline mean please?
  8. Great information. I never knew that. My brother had a problem with the scooter. I wish I had known this then. Thank you
  9. Try. guestrelations@hollandamerica.com or Hal_Res_Supervisor@hollandamerica.com. Letters that are capitalized and not capitalized are how I have them in my contacts. Some reason I couldn't do a copy and paste. Those underscores as supposed to be there . Maybe that will help
  10. I still can't do anything on the website. I have to log out if I want to look for a cruise. If I'm logged in it just tells me it's unavailable.
  11. I watch YouTube and Tony on La lida loca said that. They were guaranteed rooms
  12. I've done that but there is a deadline I'm not sure if it's 30 or 60 days.
  13. If you have the free specialty dining does that count in the MDR?
  14. This is the best thing I've heard in a long time. God bless you, that sounds so wonderful. What do you a tribute that to? Was it that you were getting more exercise? I have mobility issues. Not bad just can't walk along distance. But I do notice after a week of walking on the ship I walk a little better.
  15. You can buy 2 coffee mugs and a # of coffee on the Holland America line site. The 2 mugs are Blue Delft. I don't remember seeing it in the shops
  16. I found it very uncomfortable. I think it would be better to go when it's less crowded. If anyone on this thread has a better way of maneuvering a rollator in the buffet I would love to know about it.
  17. In the main dining room they took mine away and put it somewhere where it was out of the way. When I was ready to leave they brought it back to me. I found it to be more of a problem at the buffet.
  18. I went on the 25 day version of this cruise this year.
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