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  1. Thank you Deb. I was wondering did you enjoy your cruise last year to Iceland? The 25 day cruise. I was on that as well.
  2. Thank you so much. I am an animal lover. All of them. Anything that lands or walks in my yard is fed.
  3. I'm glad I came here. Thank you so much for the advice. I think I found a home!
  4. Thank you so much. After my husband she is the light of my life. My cat's name is shadow.
  5. I know I know believe me I know!
  6. Bruno, I am sorry for your loss. You are a wonderful son and he was lucky to have you and you him....
  7. What you have said is so true. I have experienced tremendous difficulty lately on the phone with Holland America. Especially the hanging up part.
  8. My travel agent told me yesterday that Holland America would not allow the AARP benefit and her perks to be combined. I could get 1 or the other. I've never had this before. Is this new ? It has nothing to do with renewing my AARP form with Holland America.
  9. They may have but I didn't go. Sorry memory is not what it used to be
  10. May I ask where you looked for this to find it ?
  11. I did this trip 2 years ago and I enjoyed it very much.
  12. The cruise line may also not want the dog pooping on the floor in the dining room. Just thinking out loud.
  13. I am wondering if the cruise line is insisting that the dog be put in the stroller. Instead of walking all over the floor or the chance that it may run away. Someone may trip over it. Any number of things.
  14. I wouldn't wanna be the 1 to clean that up
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