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  1. We have never sailed in a suite like that again. It was very nice, but I would rather cruise more often than that cruise fare would allow. We try to cruise 3-4 times a year.
  2. That's what we had too. It was my most favorite part of having that suite. Ah, now I understand. It would be very fun to entertain friends.
  3. I have and it makes for a nice trip. As far as hot enough, that would be relative. We did use the hot tub quite a bit, but the deck was used, mainly, by my smoking (ugh) mother back when that was allowed. Curious @POA1 why you say you should entertain to get the most out of it? Our enjoyment was having dinner served at the dining room in the evenings and having that coffeepot in the butler's pantry for the morning. (Does HAL still have butlers?) The final pleasure was having our cocktails from Baccarat crystal, which was there for our in cabin use from the suite bar.
  4. I would want to do that, too. Sounds like a nice trip. Enjoy!
  5. Oh, that makes me feel better that someone has seen one! I did wonder if it was non-refundable and that was another concern for me.
  6. Yes, travel has become so much more complicated than in the past. I, too, have been traveling internationally for 45 years. You are very fortunate to have found agents that you like, that you can communicate with and rely on. I made several attempts over the first 20 years we traveled and then gave up. I never found anyone that wanted to work with me unless I wanted to be shoehorned into a package tour or cruise/land package. The one time I discussed a cruise with a travel agent in her office, I went home and talked to my husband and called back with some questions. She never returned my call
  7. Thanks for your explanation. In my situation, I don't think my FCD and FCC is enough to satisfy the deposit, so I think I will have to call. When I'm logged in as my husband, his fare is cheaper than mine, almost by the amount of the deposit they want from me when I'm logged into my account. I input both of our Mariner #s, so I think they would grab all the FCD and FCC from both accounts and apply it to the cruise. Maybe I shouldn't think that is true. The fare pricing is either less money out of pocket logged in as my husband and a 60 day hold or a more expensive fare
  8. Do the cruise credits show up once you clicked the "Hold" button? In my case when it showed the 60 day hold, I noticed the final price of the cruise had not changed, so it didn't make me think it had used the FCD and FCC. It sounds like I better just call and get clarification. The whole purpose of booking this cruise is to use all outstanding money I have banked with HAL anyway.
  9. We are looking at Sept. 25-Oct. 2.
  10. Has anyone seen this on a booking recently? My husband and I are looking into one of the soon to sail Alaska cruises. We have FCD and FCC. I was choosing the Have it All option. Upon reaching the end of the reservation, my choice was either to pay in full or put the cruise on a 60 day hold with full and final payment due 60 days prior to the cruise. I have never seen a hold that long and want to understand all of the conditions prior to making any commitments. I thought I would check with the knowledge and experience of CC before I call HAL. An
  11. They also subsidized wages in Australia. I found an article that stated they alleviated the financial impact of the economic woes for 6 million Australians to the tune of $928 every 2 weeks. Initially they stated this would last for 6 months, but it was expanded to include more employees in July of 2020. I'm sure that also had a significant impact on the people's willingness to do the right thing. My husband, an Australian by birth, says Aussies would be happy to stay home under those circumstances.😁
  12. My husband and I had our first Pfizer shot this afternoon. The actual injection was painless. The pharmacy did not require us to wait for observation. We have our next appointments scheduled. The feelings surrounding getting the shot is interesting. I have hope that normalcy is on the horizon, but my daughter had a different reaction. When I told her that I had my first shot, she said that soon she wouldn't have to worry about me dying so much. ❤️
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