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  1. We live in the same city as our oldest daughter and son in law. We usually drive our car to the airport, pay for parking for one day, then they drive by after work and pick up our car. It bothered me when we did this, having to inconvenience them when we were the ones getting to leave on a lengthy, fantastic vacation. I will definitely use the airport car rental trick going forward and let my kids off the hook. They will still have to go by and check on the house while we are gone, though. I don't have any guilt over that.😉
  2. This is a brilliant suggestion! Thanks. I'm just mad at myself that I didn't think of this.
  3. I follow another social media platform and a ER nurse just posted this morning she received her vaccination at 7am today. She states that she got a card with the lot number of her vaccine, the date given, her name, DOB, and location. Obviously, our experience may be different. She is also going to update us daily with any side effects she may experience. Her post was 4 hours post shot and at that moment, was having no problems at all.
  4. Final answer: I know of private schools in my area that were not able to keep their children safe. Sorry, but I don't think your responses are worthy of any more of my time.
  5. Do you worry about the emotional problems those 1 million plus children have who may have infected their classmates, their teachers, their mother, their father, their brother, their sister, their grandmothers, their grandfathers? Do you worry about the emotional problems of those children whose contacts die? Since you are so worried, what are your solutions?
  6. Perhaps you should spend some time perusing the Academy of Pediatrics website. https://services.aap.org/en/pages/2019-novel-coronavirus-covid-19-infections/children-and-covid-19-state-level-data-report/ 1,639,728 cases of children infected that have been reported (of course, there are probably some that haven't been reported) In just the last 2 weeks, the number of children infected with the virus has increased by 23%. Since we do not, at this time, understand the long term effects these children will suffer, I applaud those school districts that
  7. I didn't really want to like your comment because I didn't think that was the correct response. You did what they originally wanted, I guess? If for some reason they would cancel your cruise, what would happen to that FCC then? If for some reason you canceled, what would happen to that FCC?
  8. My account says that my FCC is valid if I sail before Dec. 31, 2022 also. Most importantly and what the post you answered may be talking about, is that FCC must be booked by a different date. @ski ww is stating by the end of the month. My FCC which originally had that booking date has now been extended to May 5, 2021. Everyone should log on and check their accounts for that Book By date to see if it's been extended.
  9. Have you checked the Ports of Call board here on Cruise Critic? You might find someone there that can answer your question. You will be accessing recommendations from all cruisers, not just HAL.
  10. When I read this, I remembered we had an inside cabin too and it was adjacent to the steward's closet. We had a storm while going through the gulf stream and the room steward's cart came loose. We were young and didn't even think of calling to complain, but laid in bed listening to the cart go rumble, rumble, BANG, rumble, rumble, BANG for several hours. Wow! I think we went to Coco Cay, too. I remember we had a shirt from a snorkeling excursion. It said Dive In. Do you remember anything about that?
  11. In 1980, NCL Sunward II. I can't believe it was 40 years ago!! I just read about the ship in Wikipedia. She was originally owned by Cunard (1971-1977) and built in Rotterdam. She sailed until 2014. We went to Nassau and they used to have a Las Vegas style show at the casino. I can still hear the opening- "Welcome to Paradise Island". My husband and I won a bottle of champagne from some goofy pool contest our "friends" we met volunteered us for. We were told how romantic a stroll on deck was in the evening, but no one told us what a problem that was for someone with wai
  12. And sadly, I have to add, my fellow cruisers to that list. Even if the cruise line did everything in their power to the best of public health protocols to make cruising safe, I fear that I can no longer trust my fellow humans to care enough to abide by the individual requirements to make cruising safe.
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