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  1. It's per day. It states it in 3 places. Join our Standby List! For $49 a day, you can enjoy extraordinary value on an unforgettable cruise vacation this year.* will be required to make full payment on the Cruise’s reduced cruise fare of $49 per day (for first two guests in a stateroom) at the time you are placed on the Cruise’s standby list. $49 per day fare amount
  2. In your opinion, would that cabin have any noise issues caused from being under the Lido deck?
  3. My experience was different. We did a B2B for a total of 21 days this spring with 2 booking numbers and received $125 on each cruise. 🤷‍♀️
  4. If you didn't want them and find them tacky, why did you take them? My husband and I always get 2 tiles each cruise (when they have them) but we always leave one in the room. I don't need 2. The itinerary stickers and books they left on our recent cruises, I took one home and left the other one. People, just because HAL gives them to you, doesn't mean you have to accept them.
  5. Your pictures are wonderful. I would suggest people go to your blog to see the others not posted here. I'm enjoying my armchair travel. Thanks for taking the time to post.
  6. Shoot, that probably would make a difference. Sorry, @LAFFNVEGAS, the ball appears to be back in your court. It does appear that the few other pictures of the lifeboats, show more obstruction. Unfortunately, there is not a picture that is positioned like H4138. @FlorenceItaly, here's a YouTube video from VH4041 that shows, at least, the height of the lifeboat through the glass doors.
  7. @FlorenceItaly I should clarify what I meant to say. That picture is actually H4128 but it is in the same position as H4138 relative to the lifeboat. You can check it out for yourself at cruisedeckplans.com to ease your mind. I shouldn't try to text my daughter and write a post on CC at the same time.
  8. I found this on cruisedeckplans. This is cabin H4138 from the Nieuw Statendam, but the deck plan looks the same as the Koningsdam. I hope it's correct and I believe you've made a nice switch in cabins.
  9. You can find the Advantage Fare if you go through some of the links from the travel agencies that are promoted on Cruise Critic. It may take a while to find one, but they are out there.
  10. We saw them(well, 1 guy was different) onboard the Rotterdam, Nov-Dec 2021. For me, they were among some of the best Rock and Roll I've ever seen on a ship.
  11. We stayed in 4192 for 3 weeks. We did not have any noise issues, either from below or above. The only problem we had was leaving Half Moon Cay. Someone above us decided to empty their shoes, beach towels or something, because our verandah was covered in sand. We had to call the steward. It was all over the chairs too.
  12. I'm very glad you had a nice cruise and I'm really glad you took us with you! I've enjoyed every post,
  13. I love Amsterdam and I appreciate you sending me down memory lane today. Thanks for posting your pictures.
  14. The drink plans are freeing if you know the value for your drinking habits. We don't have to worry about Happy Hours and we can get good coffee and water without thinking about it. If you desire a drink that is over the allotted $15 cost of drinks in the Elite package, you will only pay the difference in price but they will add the 18% gratuity to that overage. Example: your drink is $18. You will pay $3 plus 18% for that particular drink.
  15. That is exactly what we did. We did a 10 day cruise and a 11 day cruise B2B and received the $250 split $125 for each cruise.
  16. My husband has family that lived in Amstelveen. The first time he visited them, during a walk around the neighborhood, my husband commented on all the windows without curtains. His uncle replied that the Dutch were too polite to look into the houses of other people.
  17. We ♥️ the Banks Mansion. Do they no longer have the bar in your room? I can understand why this could have been discontinued. Enjoy your stay!
  18. I can't even read my phone without my glasses. I had a travel clock that I bought from LL Bean 100 years ago and it was about the size of a playing card. The numbers were about an inch in size. It was nice because it was dark at night until you tapped it and then it would illuminate. It was perfect but over the years it quit working for some reason and of course, they no longer make them.
  19. I just do not like sleeping in a watch. I have tried for a few years with my Fitbit. I can only manage about 5 days. I'm also someone who takes off their wedding rings and earrings every night too.
  20. They aren't bad. They are just small and they are usually far forward or aft. https://cruisedeckplans.com/DP/deckplans/slideshow-cabin.php?ship=Nieuw-Amsterdam&cabin=7096
  21. If you have the Bev pkg, my advice is to avoid happy hour. It is super crowded. The 2 for 1 doesn't apply. You have a total of 15 drinks, be they alcoholic or non-alcoholic. The reason we chose the Bev pkg is because it freed us up from having to be somewhere at a particular time to receive the discount. Also, no clocks in the cabins that I've been in. I just usually use my phone but after 21 days on my most recent cruise in an inside cabin, I've decided to look for a small battery operated clock to pack. I don't always have my phone sitting within arms reach and sometimes I just want to know what time it is.
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