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  1. Yes if everyone was vaccinated, and it was Edge or Apex.
  2. I agree, I should have said I don't understand why the CDC is being so stubborn about cruising.
  3. This is sad news. I live in Florida and the tons of people here partying without masks is more of an issue than cruising with vaccinated people. I just don't understand why this is happening.
  4. Cocktail dress for me, shirt & tie for hubby. You will see anything from tshirts to tux. However we have noticed only very few in a tux.
  5. Not liking it. We are not big drinkers so paying for something I won't use is a waste of money. Same with the internet, on a 7 night cruise I may check my email 3 times and the free minuets from my status, are enough for me. We are going to cruise less for sure, before we could get a Florida last minute cruise for a good price, I don't see that happening soon. Plus the cost has increased, which I understand however I choose to spend my money wisely and on things I feel are worth it. No more Loyal to Royal or CC.
  6. We live in Ft Myers full time and the Covid numbers are high all over Florida. We have received our first shot, hoping to get our second one end of this month. We will not cruise until November (have a 12 night booked). However if the Covid #s are still high we will cancel. Even with the vaccine you can get Covid. So it will depend on a number of things, Covid #s, what will the ships policy be in regards to masks, will a vaccine be mandatory, etc. It is all a waiting game as far as we are concerned. One Day at A Time !! We really miss being on a ship, however if being on a ship means w
  7. Sucks, I hope that doesn't happen to us for our 2021 Nov cruise, we will cancel before deposit if things don't seem right! So glad these boards are active and people can share experiences!
  8. I have seen the new cruising prices, all I can say is wow. We have cruised a lot over the years with Celebrity and Royal. We don't drink alcohol a lot or use the WIFI so why would I pay for something I don't use? Sad to see the new changes. We will probably go elsewhere. Sincerely, A Loyal Customer maybe No More
  9. I just checked out our April 2021 cruise, the price we paid was $2400 (free drink pkg), its now $4141! WOW.....:(
  10. Just got a bunch of info from my TA all I can say is $$$$$. Should be interesting 😷
  11. We hope you will love Celebrity as much as we do. We did Edge and loved her, doing Apex in April 2021. Welcome Aboard!
  12. I doubt January cruises will be sailing from Florida. Here is today's news. https://nbc-2.com/news/health/2020/10/10/florida-covid-19-reports-delayed-after-lab-reports-at-least-400000-previous-test-results/
  13. We loved it. Loved the room, everything about Edge we loved.
  14. On June 26th we canceled our Apex Nov 14th cruise because we felt this will never sail. Miami is such a hot spot for Covid we can't imagine ships sailing out of there and so we pulled the plug. We just got our deposit July 4th. It only took a week! Amazing....We feel sad as we loved Edge and was looking forward to Apex but not until it's safer. Cruise on ......
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