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  1. We hope you will love Celebrity as much as we do. We did Edge and loved her, doing Apex in April 2021. Welcome Aboard!
  2. I doubt January cruises will be sailing from Florida. Here is today's news. https://nbc-2.com/news/health/2020/10/10/florida-covid-19-reports-delayed-after-lab-reports-at-least-400000-previous-test-results/
  3. We loved it. Loved the room, everything about Edge we loved.
  4. On June 26th we canceled our Apex Nov 14th cruise because we felt this will never sail. Miami is such a hot spot for Covid we can't imagine ships sailing out of there and so we pulled the plug. We just got our deposit July 4th. It only took a week! Amazing....We feel sad as we loved Edge and was looking forward to Apex but not until it's safer. Cruise on ......
  5. We loved Edge. Nothing we didn't like. Doing Apex next.
  6. We have no cruises booked until November, which is unusual for us. We usually do 2 or 3 a year. However if things have not quieted down with this virus by then we will cancel. We are healthy, however the last thing we want is to be quarantined for 14 days because someone came down with the virus while sailing. We never cruise Jan - March just because of the flu. So many get on a ship with symptoms, then spread it to others. People just don't care. So everyone has to look at their own health & life situation and make a decision to cruise or not. Let's all hope this calms down and doesn't get any worse than it is now. We love cruising, this is sad. However I think it's a wake up call for the cruise industry and our country.
  7. One of the biggest issues is keeping people who are already sick off the ships.
  8. https://www.miamiherald.com/news/business/tourism-cruises/article241013416.html
  9. Yes we had to do it the morning we docked in Key West.
  10. Yes there is a Chic night and yes we had to go thru customs on the ship. It was fast and no issue.
  11. We did this cruise for Christmas had the Aqua balcony. Loved Blu we are early eaters, got there when they opened and had a table by the window every night. Food and service was amazing. Didn't like that the pool deck was above stateroom. Noisy during the day. Ship was clean, crew was great. Shows were better than we expected. Got a great deal and we live in FL so no issue driving.
  12. We always cancel them, usually warm and not really that good. Plus we don't need the additional food
  13. Thank you for the info! Looking forward to it.
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