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  1. I have enjoyed every meal on Celebrity, but, my husband would be very disappointed if they discontinued the escargot every evening. I know that he has it every night.
  2. Our cruise was canceled March 25 (pretty sure that was the date, or close enough). We booked through an online agency, we requested the refund instead of the FCC. We were notified by our credit card company via email that we received a credit. It came for each person, in 2 amounts, the deposit and the final payment. 100% refund. I called our credit card company and requested a check for the amount as we do not carry a balance on our card, it is paid off every month. We should receive a check in 10 to 21 days or so. I just wanted to relay our experience.
  3. Cruise insurance, purchased through our online agency. They won’t refund the amount paid, but, we can apply the amount towards another vacation, we have a year to use it or lose it. $525 we will probably never see again. If we do get to use it in the future, will not purchase this insurance again.
  4. We began cruising in 2003 while we were still working. We took 7 day cruises to the Caribbean, it was a great way to vacation, we were hooked before our first cruise ended. In 2013, we took our first 11 day Caribbean cruise, heavenly. We retired in 2015 and began cruising 2 times a year, and, expanded beyond the Caribbean, going to New England/Canada, Alaska and our longest cruise for 23 days through the Panama Canal. This May 6, we were flying to Barcelona for a couple of days, then getting on the Infinity for our first 12 day Mediterranean cruise. We are so disappointed that it’s not going to happen. I hope that someday things return to normal and we will once again be able to cruise, hopefully, to the Mediterranean and all of the wonderful, magical places in our beautiful world. In the meantime, I’m so thankful that we have been able to travel to the extent that we have. While it is much less than many, it is so much more than I ever imagined it would be. I hope to meet you all at a sail away and we can compare travel stories. What are you thankful for?
  5. Not happy with our online agency/agent. Got the initial email, called agent and told what we wanted, no follow up email or verification. Called back about a week later and left a message, was called back, agent seemed a bit “put out”. Said we would like an email follow up to verify what it was we were wanting so there would be some sort of trail, nothing. We booked air, pre stay hotel and transfers for a Mediterranean cruise leaving Barcelona on May 9. Wish there was more communication, we feel left in the dark. We’re told we have to wait our turn, they are very busy.
  6. I love a Lemon Drop Martini, or two, in the Martini Bar in the evening. My daytime favorite is a Mudslide, so full of calories and decadent. I never drink Mudslides at home; however, I have learned to make Lemon Drop Martinis at home. I may have to indulge in May 2020 to drown my sorrows from our Mediterranean cruise on the Infinity being canceled.
  7. I just looked at several cruises by Celebrity in fall or early winter, going to several different areas of the world, prices appear to be very high. Since Celebrity cancelled our cruise in May, we will be opting for the cash refund, allowing us to spend our vacation dollars with whatever cruise line we choose, or, pick a different type of vacation altogether.
  8. Hello everyone, we are supposed to sail on the Infinity May 9. It’s the first Mediterranean cruise after her TA, somehow, I doubt that she will be sailing. At this point we are still holding out since it doesn’t make much difference if we cancel now or wait a bit, we have decided to take a cash refund if Celebrity cancels. I have looked for a similar cruise for May 2021, there is no cruise that comes even close. We booked last August and have been anticipating (like everyone does) our trip and carefully planning shore excursions. We’re not going to be able to travel in 2020 after June 10, hubby is going to have spinal fusion surgery and has been told that the recovery time is one year. We know that he will begin feeling better before that year is up, but long distance flights are out of the question before January or February , and, who wants to go to the Mediterranean in the winter? Oh well, c’est la vie.
  9. I agree 100%. The waiting and wondering game is agonizing, people are being held hostage. Let us make other plans.
  10. For our situation, a cash refund would make the most sense.
  11. Spain is now going to impose a country wide lockdown like Italy. While I empathize with the company, crew and staff, Celebrity and the airlines should offer goodwill refunds sooner rather than later. We will probably cancel within the next several days, we have a call in to our TA and are awaiting a return call. The summer cruise situation looks bleak.
  12. Europe is the newest hotspot for the corona/covid-19 virus. When will Celebrity step up like Princess and cancel May 2020. We have a cruise scheduled on the Infinity, the first Mediterranean cruise after the Trans Atlantic crossing. Spain, Gibraltar (UK), France are travel advisory 2, and Italy is currently shut down, it’s an awfully expensive trip for 12 sea days.
  13. We heard that the Classic to Premium Beverage Package is on sale for $12.00 per day. What is the non sale price, anyone know? We have onboard credit and are trying to decide if we should buy it now, or wait until we are on board? Thank you.
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