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  1. For us its a no. I dont mind the odd meal, like a really good steak or maybe the teppanyaki resturant. On NCL had a meal whilst watching a cirque de soleil which was fab. But over all the packages for me are an extra which i feel is a little too much
  2. We sailed on RCL feb 2020 and you had to use the hand sanitizers outside all dining rooms and gangway. They had people there stopping anyone who didnt. Amazingly i never saw anyone not wash their hands. Anthem of the seas had two wash room areas with running water before you went into the buffet. The same as is set up in all the deployed military camps i have been to, such as bastion and basra. I can honestly say i have never been ill on a cruise from D&V and have found their cleaning and sanitation much better then hotels/resorts onland. I also know my own cleanin
  3. We took our young daughter on independence of the seas and oasis. The royal promenade had live music and we could sit and chill in the cafe or pizza place. Daughter had her ipad as well as getting up to dance. Oasis class has Central park where again if warm out you can chill and enjoy the live music, or the aqua show and ice-skating shows which were fab and very child friendly.
  4. We had an interior family room that had a queen bed, sofa bed and two bunk beds (not ceiling mounted beds) in the room on Oasis. I know not Anthem but its an option for you.
  5. Granted foreign cruise can be a can of worms but dont forget a lot of us have been lifting and shifting cruises since last year, In fact my aug 21 cruise has been booked since they were released early last year.
  6. Hi wowzz, I have just looked at my last test result and it states your name, D.O.B and date test taken as well as result. I have used this test result text to fly in and out of Cyprus feb this year
  7. You get a text message with your name and details on it sent to your phone and email. I have done plenty through work and before i deployed to places.
  8. Lots of trial and error with ever changing rules and regs. They will be issues with masks i think as people will just have a drink in hand and say they are drinking. I think by sep there will be some very good rules in place and you should be fine
  9. So if you have to provide a negative test 72 hours before travel wil people not go to their local testing site and take a free test?
  10. Its amazing and a little weird to think all these tv shows were made and ready to go. My heart goes out to the royal family and all those who have lost someone they love. No matter who you or what social circles you live in the loss of a loved one is never easy. The royals have had a hard year. Take away the money and titles etc, they are just a normal family like the rest of us. RIP Sir
  11. Sadly no one really know the answer to this. There will be more information released about international travel on 12 th of april here in the UK. So hopefully will have some information for you.
  12. I have flown to cyprus a large number of times with work its at max a 5hr flight. Looking at those timings i wouldnt be surprised if you land elsewhere in uk to pick up passengers.
  13. I know what you mean. I spent 4 months in cyprus from Oct last year to feb this year. The price is fab compared to UK staycations. Although the weather in cyprus from Oct onwards, lots of Thunder storms and rain sadly
  14. I understand people getting scared its human nature. I will go as soon as i can for the jab, however after yest news that under 30s will get the offer for any jab does that mean the order of jabs will change and will they jump the queue....so may have to wait a little longer till they get to the 40s so no cruising for us here.....sadly
  15. Feb 2020 Anthem of the seas out of New York. Delayed leaving port so ended up going to bermuda. 50,% full ship was ace
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