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  1. We are starting to get used to wearing masks now when inside shops etc. My wife works in the co-op and has been asked lots of questions why some people are not wearing masks however thankfully no abuse yet and seems more and more people are now wearing masks. Managed to cope fine with lockdown. As a serving member of the RAF for me it was like being away in Iraq or afghan with the restrictions but being able to stay with my family, good TV and internet. Was angry at the way people were selfish and behaved and some still are. But apart from that all is ok in our household......How long till kids go back to school......😁
  2. Went to skeg vegas. Took the daughter to the aquarium. Inside the aquarium social distance and masks were adhered too. However outside general walking up and down the streets limited to none social distancing going on. Plenty of room on the beach though
  3. Sad to see so many affected on this cruise. Some cruise line had to start somewhere and test the water and procedure's. Hopefully an investigation will take place to see what works and what needs changing. Testing before boarding with these new 90 min tests ..... If they work.....
  4. Some form of normality for us this week..took dog to vets for her jab and treated daughter to McDonald's. Due to holiday being cancelled this year instead of saving the money we used it to get some new furniture for the house from local shops.
  5. It is very easy for us "westerner's" to be appalled at the wages this article suggests. The hospitality industry in Asia is huge. There are schools set up to teach Individuals the required skills to work in the hospitality sector, and it is very hard to gain entry into these schools. The potential jobs are from cruise ships to hotels all over the world. There are few well paid (in South Asia) jobs that match the pay found on cruise ships and as such the demand for said jobs is huge. Don't forget there are lots of low paid hospitality jobs in the US that rely on Tips from customers to make up to a living wage. If the cruise company's pay a western wage then the jobs could be filled by Western persons and the knock on effect would be less jobs for people from South Asia creating more poverty in those countries. Said to say, but we can't even stop poverty in the western world where esp here in the UK we have a minimum wage......
  6. The walk from the check in desk to the ship. Or seeing the first completed cruise.....
  7. I was due to go to Spain early aug but before the final payment due I cancelled it as in my eyes little was improving and the possibility of quarantine. Also hotel and water parks possibly closed. We lost £180 deposit. However as far as the holiday company are concerned we would still have had to go or lose all our money and go into quarantine when we got back.
  8. It's her company decision as they do not want staff to be abused. I agree with you don't go out of you don't follow the rules..but I do believe in harsher penalties for the rule breakers. Need to send a message.
  9. The mask rules like every other rule the UK have introduced is fully dependent on the UK public to follow the guidelines and most thankfully do. However there will also be a few that don't. My wife works in a shop and those without masks when asked simply say they are exempt for medical reasons. Can't ask to see their medical records and can't ban them from shop. So nothing they can do. Police will only come for aggressive people. The government didn't learn from watching Europe just like some American states didn't learn anything watching New York. Now we are better prepared for a "2nd wave". Hospital beds, PPE, some kind of social distancing, better understanding how to treat the symptoms in and out of hosp, better testing etc. Should have been in place at the beginning after learning from our poor Italian friends. But hindsight is a wonderful thing. That said should be no excuses for a 2nd wave and people flouting the rules should have "massive" fines and penalties.
  10. I do like the RCL app apart from.hard to cancel something. Also if you do cancel the app dosnt let you rebook, ie for the roller skating on Anthem. They were selling the smart watch things that would be instead of your cruise card but people had no end of trouble with them. Useful for opening doors etc. I welcome more tech on cruises tbh, however my 65 year old mom may disagree as she struggles with what's app lol
  11. It's a hard one for people to decide..I for one will ask for the vaccine as I have a few older people around me family wise and I wouldn't want to unknowingly infect them. But I would stay away for a few weeks after the jab before I see anyone. I have only refused a jab once and that was the cocktail of drugs we were offered before the Iraq war in 2003. I deployed and trusted in my drills and NBC gear. Cruise lines can't enforce it really but maybe the countries you enter, just like the yellow fever jabs.
  12. For us was a cheap school holiday deal, had to use up some FCC from before covid and I was in the UK and not on deployment. As for covid well, need something to look forward too and I have faith.....in science.
  13. Nope. There will be no cruising from the USA in 2020. Just too many infections. On average takes around two weeks for symptoms to show or need hospital treatment. Sad as the actions of a few are effecting the many
  14. Sadly we will only be in Barcelona for a few hours each side of the cruise. We have been there before, and enjoyed walking round the city and open air restaurants and buildings. I have also been there a few times to watch football.
  15. I think the hardest hit will be the shops within the ports as i guess they will pay a premium for being there. Also the tour operators that RCL book onboard. I guess from my experience most stroll around the very local area and go in ship only tours. But this all depends on the location of the port to the shops, city centres
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