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  1. If you know it's out of Southhampton - perhaps this will help - look at the calendar for the correct timeframe Whats in port or look in Cruisemapper if you know the ship and look at full itinerary list Cruisemapper for Sky Princess
  2. I agree the description is there - but there is not Patisserie - just Amuletto at bow of Horizon Court and Good Times on deck 5.
  3. Worked for me last week doing it via email with blacked out brokerage statement and https://www.princess.com/downloads/pdf/contact-us/shareholder-request-form.pdf No other personal info required or intrusive questions other than what's on the pdf.
  4. As mentioned in post #2 - Good times bar has coffee, fresh pastries, mini sandwiches etc. Also as mentioned the casino bar as well as Amuletto have coffee
  5. Not enough of my preferred otc medicines - eg like benedryl and 'real' sudafed - benedryl, even generic was not findable anywhere outside the US. And we searched! πŸ˜‰
  6. We did the 2023 WC - when we boarded, as others have said, the 10% loyalty discount was on our account automatically from the first day onboard, as refundable OBC. No contact with guest services was necessary.
  7. Possibly - but in any case - based on loyalty level. One can also notice when going to one's cabin, that the display also has the color corresponding to medallion/level.
  8. Based on your Captain's Circle loyalty level. Blue are first timers https://www.princess.com/downloads/pdf/cc/captains-circle-loyalty-benefits.pdf
  9. We did the 2023 WC and previously Panama Canal cruise plus are doing the '24 WC on the Island - like the itineraries, liked the size of the ship, the crew was great, and we always found somewhere to hang out when that's what we desired. Sure - miss a wrap around promenade deck but made due for our walking, and the new ships don't really have one either.
  10. This was posted a long time ago - may not even have been on cruisecritic - but may help you https://www.cruisedeckplans.com/Princess/odell/res76zxu/princessbalconies/index.html
  11. don't know what ecvs means. taxis/uber/lyft available - better to reserve for the time you want. If ecvs is motorized personal vehicle - what will you do with it when you get to the ship? I wouldn't recommend walking - I just said it would be possible - it's a couple of miles and probably a lot of traffic on cruise day. We walked to the battleship iowa museum the day before.
  12. We've stayed there twice - happy with it - can even walk to the port if you didn't have much luggage - but there is a modestly priced shuttle - just reserve it early!
  13. No - perhaps it's true as someone said above that if you have enough onboard credits you're automatically charged. But we had excursions booked in a port, and were waitlisted on a separate excursion. The excursions we previously booked were canceled and we got an email saying we had 24 or 48 hours to pay the additional cost (it was more expensive than what was canceled) for the new excursion or we would end up having lost both excursions. Onboard when we were waitlisted I'd say we were successful in about 1 out of 5 times actually getting the excursion.
  14. Seems like you may be right - can't find getting ill with Covid references other than in the FAQs for princess vacation protection https://www.princess.com/plan/princess-vacation-protection/ "Q: What if I find out I was exposed to someone either on my way to my cruise or during the cruise, and I end up being isolated in my cabin for part or all of the voyage? A: PVP provides reimbursement for the days you are confined to your cabin if the confinement is ordered by a medical professional."
  15. We both received the same this morning as well. My initial reaction too was one of caution but they were legitimate and from our May 2022 Panama Canal Cruise. We'd received the same in 2022 after I'd requested the info from customer support, not getting one in email after our cruise. Pretty delayed, I'd say πŸ˜‰
  16. We did the 2023 world cruise on IP in aft cabin dolphin deck. Other than thrusters and a little vibration - not an issue. And love the distance from everything - made it easy to get in our walking steps for the day (with the addition of promenade deck circuit) πŸ˜‰ Wouldn't hesitate to do stay there again.
  17. You can request a complete wine list (bound book) when dining and bin numbers will be listed
  18. On the last world cruise my husband and I each had at least 2 replacements made. They only last about a month. As others have stated, it takes a few short minutes to get it replaced.
  19. @MustangGT , @Rick&Jeannie posted a pub lunch representative menu - they altered slightly from lunch to lunch - it would be posted in the patter (not under dining room hours) - and similarly for 'Alfredos' - whatever times were posted, they actually seated folks at least a half hour before that. It would only be on non-port days so depending on your 28 day itinerary there might have been one or two.
  20. On the Island Pub Lunch was offered roughtly every couple of weeks in Bayou Cafe during the 2023 WC. Alfredo's pizza lunch was in Sabatini's also every couple of weeks. Yes - there were 'pub lunch' items in Horizon buffet too.
  21. For us, recently off the 2023 WC - we booked a lot of Princess excursions and that 10% off really added up. The laundry was great too - altho' on a ship with at least half elites, sometimes it took almost a week to get back. We went to the Platinum/elite lounge frequently but had done that as platinum too. Didn't really care about tender priority because we were on excursions.
  22. Just got off a world cruise - altho' booked as one cruise, got new minibar setups each segment and made exchanges for what I wanted. If they didn't automatically provide the setup I called and confirmed I was supposed to get, and got it delivered.
  23. Fantastic! My FCC was supposed to take 24 hours to appear and was there within minutes - so you may receive it faster than promised!
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