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  1. On my cruises there has never been a charge for the Wines of the World tasting, nor are you required to sign up. It is, however, a great way to see what some (although not all) of the wines onboard that are available, and to meet the head Somm. The biggest hurdle is that it is usually at 10:45 in the morning. Breakfast of Champions.
  2. We had a similar luncheon on the Explorer in 2019 (I think on a TA) with Georgiana and it was fantastic! She is great! I heard she is on the Splendor now. Looking forward to re-connecting in a couple of weeks in Istanbul.
  3. I’m not sure either. It’s just that one line has one requirement and the other line has the other. Im just expressing my preference. I’m hoping Regent ditches the mask requirement by the time we board in Istanbul. Their reasoning that masks are an “EU requirement“ doesn’t seem to square with my current experience.
  4. Marc, For our trip to Iceland in August we were able to get a NAAT test at a nearby CVS with a 30-minute turn around time. They billed our insurance and there was no cost to us. Most CVS locations don’t offer this but a few do. Since you live in a metro area, there May be one within a 30 min drive. On the CVS website check the Rapid Result box. Most of these are Antigen tests but if any of the Rapid NAAT locations are within your search radius, they should show up.
  5. Gotta say…We are on Crystal now in Europe. We have contact tracers (a.k.a. snoop devices) but no masks. We will be on Splendor later in Oct. I’d rather have contact tracers than masks.
  6. We are still booked. Norwegian Gem has been sailing out of Miami since the beginning of September, right? So I guess the brouhaha between NCLH and FL has been worked out. As far as going ashore is concerned, it really seems to depend on each port/country. I haven’t seen any Regent “policy “ where they are trying to be stricter than local laws allow except for 100% vaccinations. We are tired of waiting and are jumping in. We are planning/ hop to do some independent dive trips since Regent isn’t offering much in that department. We will see.
  7. This will be our first chance to be on a Maiden Voyage. Long time out there but hope to see you all on board!
  8. After seeing your post, I looked at the deck plan. The "plunge pool" doesn't look any smaller than the pools on Explorer or Splendor. Maybe it will be like a lap pool?
  9. Reminded me of the song lyric from the group The Killers: Are we human Or are we dancers?
  10. I, too, think rules should be enforced. I also think, however, it is unfair and unrealistic to leave enforcement of those rules on a shore excursion bus to the local guide. Under Regent's current scheme, those guides are dependent in part on tips from customers for their compensation (I, personally don't like this set-up). You can't ask the guides to potentailly alienate their guests and also expect them to depend on those same guests for income. If the rules on the buses are to be enforced I see two options: 1) Have a Regent employee on each bus to enforce the rules or 2) Fully compensate the tour guides, tell the clients "no tipping," and require the guides to enforce the rules as part of their duties.
  11. We have had luck booking excursions that were closer than 90 minutes after we got on board. The excursion staff has a pretty good idea of whether you can make it or not. They have the discretion to issue you a ticket if they think you will make it back from the first one in time. My advice: If you can’t book it ahead of time talk to the excursions staff when you get on board.
  12. As much as I didn’t like the test-everyone-every-day policy on Viking, the one thing it did was put the fear of God in everyone about wearing their masks on the bus. And, as a side peer-pressure element, when we cruised in August on Viking in Iceland, the Icelandic government imposed a rule that anyone on a bus (no matter where you were sitting) where someone subsequently tested positive was considered a “close contact” and had to be quarantined for the rest of the cruise. Everyone wore their masks.
  13. 2020_05_18_Passages Part 1.pdfHere are some issues of Passages from our last cruise in Australia--the last Mariner cruise before Covid hit.
  14. We enjoyed Michael Scott’s wildlife lectures. We saw him in the Northern Atlantic and southern South America. Terry Bishop does great historical and cultural lectures. Saw him last in Australia.
  15. Thank you so much @DaisyUK for your reports! On testing, I assume this wouldn't be an issue for you as you are from the UK, but, do you know if Regent is planning to do testing at the end of the cruise for guests from other countries (like the US) to facilitate their return home?
  16. For the November 15 Explorer cruise, they have us at the Conrad.
  17. If you want to do your own hotel and want to be closer to the San Pedro port in a luxury accommodation, check out the Terranea Resort (www.terranea.com) in nearby Rancho Palos Verdes. Really nice place.
  18. I would suggest taking the opportunity to visit Istria in Northern Croatia. It is an area that has traded hands between the Italians, Austrian-Hungarians and Slavic countries over the centuries. Wonderful history. They have a great wine making tradition and the people are super nice. Rovinj and Opatija are only about an hour and a half from Trieste.
  19. We love the specialties that you all have named. Some of my favs are the shelled crab in Prime 7 and the Dover Sole in CR. But for our most memorable meal I am going to have to go with one of the “special” meals you can request in advance. We had a group of 6 on the Navigator in the North Atlantic in 2017 and we requested a special Malaysian meal. We didn’t know much about Malaysian cooking so when the MD asked us which dishes would like, we were at a bit of a loss. Finally my wife and I suggested that the chef prepare some of his favorite dishes that his mother and grandmother made for him as a kid. Oh boy! We had a great meal! About six courses if I remember correctly, starting with is grandma’s soup recipe, and the chief came out several times during the meal to explain the dishes and to see how we liked them. I think he enjoyed making the meal as much as we enjoyed eating it.
  20. Uh oh. Now you did it. You’re going to get Marc jacked up again!😝
  21. We were on Navigator in 861 and 862 on our first two Regent cruises before we knew any better. The vibration is most noticeable when the ship is docking (often very early in the morning). We heard the noise from the theater a couple of times during rehearsals but it didn’t really bother us too much. Since you are going to be new to Regent you are in for a treat. We didn’t know any better and had a great time on both cruises (26 days and 29 days). If you really like the itinerary and don’t have other suite choices go for it. If you can, I’d grab something forward.
  22. Moot for WC22 but not 23. I dug up an e-visa I got for India on a land trip in 2018 (and yes, I realize things change) and it was good at 25 land border points and 5 sea ports including all the ports Regent uses. It was good for 60 days from the first entry. The only hitch I see was my e-visa was good for 2 entries (we did a side trip to Nepal and returned to India) so I don’t know how that works for a cruise ship that has multiple stops in India without visiting other countries in between. There was a limit on how long before you used the visa you could apply for it. Seems like it was 90 or maybe 120 days.
  23. India now has a short term e-visa/ETA. I am thinking Regent can probably take care of that for us. Based on the feedback here, I don’t think any of the other countries on the WC23 will require a “hard” visa that would require physically sending our passports to embassies or services. If anyone knows otherwise I would appreciate your input. Thanks.
  24. Thanks all. Looks like we are OK……for now.
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