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  1. I agree with what another poster said, In my opinion you really did make the smart move. I did the same with another cruise line and it worked out well. Good luck to you.
  2. Well said, a depression will be way more dangerous and deadly then this virus.
  3. Give me a break! Sorry but this is a selfish post and request!
  4. So true, the way they are treating customers does not make any sense. NCL just does not care about its customers at all.
  5. I have never made a Carnival drink at home, but after reading this I think its time to look up some Carnival drink recipes lol. Thanks for the idea! 🥳
  6. What NCL did was disgusting and wrong, don't let the "NCL can do no wrong" crowd make you feel bad. They would side with NCL even if NCL made children and elderly people walk the plank. Most of them are stock holders and carry water for NCL no matter what. It is best to ignore them. There are cruise lines out there that know how to treat their customers decently, it is probably better to spend your hard earned money with them next time. Good luck to you in the future.
  7. Good, hearing this will bring relief to many that are rightly worried.
  8. Yeah I look at it this way, now people can see what cruise lines went that extra mile to take care of their customers and what cruise lines did not. Makes choosing a future cruise much easier for many. That is the great thing about a free market.
  9. Well said, that would make sense, something NCL seems to be lacking.
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