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  1. We all feel the pain, and the burn...and sorry you are all going thru more cancellations...I’m sure if ponant had to do it over again, they might not of made this purchase of the PG, speculation on my part only....sounds like their heart isn’t in this endeavor ..me? I’d start the process of getting my money back ( no future credit ) until ponant and cruise lines in general settle down. Good luck...hopefully we can all get back to some regularity and travel to FP soon !
  2. A Balcony is great..some don’t like them or use the phrase “the ship is your balcony” ..you decide...I like the fresh air, being able to sit quietly in the morning, afternoon or evening out in the balcony..I love to have breakfast early in the am by ourselves or dinner on the balcony if I’m tired after a long day ..fresh air.......I love the passengers and crew but also like alone time which provides a good balance ..either way You are on the ship !
  3. The great debate continues again...your trip, your choice....some fondly say “the ship is your balcony” ...I especially, for 2 weeks would want a balcony...the thought of being able to be by yourself relaxing...eating a meal or late afternoon champagne/snacks...opening up in the morning or evening for fresh air...sometimes you want some real alone time and again..fresh air...either way you are in paradise
  4. A big yes from someone who stayed in that cabin ...the views as you sail are amazing on any of the aft cabins ...there is a reason they sell out a year or more from sailing ....hope they really keep them.
  5. Hutch..we had a great time at, home ..still home ..not sure when we will travel from California ....but we dream !
  6. Hi hutch..we would of had a great time on the oct 2020 cruise ...dang...land vacation is great also..get on the lagoon as much as you can and take care..I hope you get there this year ! 🙏🏻
  7. Get your money back..what company cancels a cruise and refuses to refund and expects good public relations and return business? We went thru the PG system and got our refund in just over 120 days..yes my credit card company dispute was filed but never activated unless I had to.....this part of the letter copied below is troubling to say the least. Ignore anyone here who tries to defend the refund vs credit coupled with the “we don’t care about you “ policy of this cruise line ...”. I called customer service and was told that because I booked in Oct. 2019, I was only entitled to a future cruise certificate for a cancellation. I could request a refund in writing, but it would take at least 120 days before their vice president would decide whether to approve a refund and how much the amount would be.” WTH
  8. Hey jazz...”don’t rock the proverbial boat” here (lol) and give ponant any ideas about charging more for those special 5 cabins .
  9. I don’t consider the five aft cabins standard cabins on the PG...it’s the best location and a real bargain...it’s why they are booked early if you are couples in the know and don’t need a large family cabin....glad they are keeping them for now...smart move PG.
  10. The five staterooms at the aft on level 7 makes/made the PG even more special...sad when we heard that they were changing them over a year ago. ....
  11. Good news, lord A...329 days sounds about right...although the PG is older, it works perfectly for FP...I don’t like the new ships they might use eventually like le soleal...it is too modern for such a relaxed voyage and area but I know it has environmental benefits for FP...I was tipped off another line is looking to enter this market in the next year with a nod to fitting into the FP market share that Ponant is losing with a smaller manageable ship also!v
  12. Jazzbeau....read my post today....if the credit charge is early last year , they can’t just reverse the charges...they wire money into your bank account..make sure you discuss this issue with the representative and fill out the form they sent us ..good Luck
  13. Everyone here has a different story since ponant never stayed consistent in honoring their agreements...we did get our refund just after 120 days, it wasn’t easy, since the credit charges are so old, ponant/PG have to wire money into your account and not a credit card reversal.....make sure you let them know your bank info when or even if asked..it’s the only way for a refund as opposed to FCC, which is unacceptable after looking at their requirements for when we could use the FCC. We had the help of our wonderful TA and we even got the 200.00 admin fee back as it was cheesy and small of ponant to try to keep this....don’t give up and stay on them and always be respectful since the ponant/PG representative is just doing their job..you can file a credit card dispute but make sure you have all your info as I read here in CC that ponant tried to claim that they refunded a few and at first American Express believed ponant....it’s not their fault we are in a pandemic, but the reputation of Paul Gauguin/ ponant really suffered after being sold to ponant. I don’t think we would sail on the PG for a few years till ponant calms down and starts treating its customers the way PG used to...
  14. Airlines details are still very early ..and who knows what will happen. As everything broke down on our October 2020 cruise, even the promised United air lines sfo-ppt went away ..stay aware and get someone who understands your plight and patience to help y-u in the spring from PG..until then happy holidays
  15. We had 767 for oct 10 cruise. Pg went back and forth and we got upgraded to A, thanks to my TA...it still didn’t matter, there is nothing like an aft cabin on the PG ....hopefully we will be back in a few years when ponant settles down...
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