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  1. I didn't realize that you were onboard a ship. I was in the same situation for the last webinar and I never got more than about 3 minutes into the webinar before the video froze. The good thing was that I still got the points even though I never saw more than about 3 minutes. Hopefully you will have the same experience.
  2. I'm watching the webinar now and saw two people head in the water to snorkel, but they weren't wearing any inflatable life jackets. Does anyone remember if you needed to wear inflatable life jackets when you were snorkeling?
  3. That's fine, I'm not questioning the merits of Galapagos cruise but I 'm wondering about the effectiveness these webinars.
  4. Did this video cause anyone to call their TA and book a cruise?
  5. That wasn't my experience. The guest services person walked with me on the Promenade deck to location of the smoker and addressed the issue. I will admit that I was lucky that there wasn't a line at guest services at the time.
  6. Just walk into guest services and report the smoking, guest services will come and resolve the issue. You can only smoke in designated areas, HAL doesn't need to specifically post any area as non-smoking. It's been my experience that anyone smoking on the Promenade deck is well aware that they are not supposed to be smoking there.
  7. Please let us know what you think. Please know that some HAL ships allow smoking in the Casino.
  8. Anyone moving to HAL, I'll be happy to buy you a drink when you get there
  9. That's the problem I've seen coming for a couple of years, the E-class ships are sailing the more desirable itineraries. I'll see you on HAL.
  10. ... or you can try another cruise line. The price to book suites is a big step to get things that should be included.
  11. I guess Celebrity doesn't care if they lose me. After a lot of years cruising Celebrity exclusively, all of my future cruises are booked on HAL. The E-class ship design with the IV balconies and loss of any forward view are key reasons why I have left Celebrity. It was great while it lasted. See you layer.
  12. Nice picture of you leaning on the bicycle after a hard workout. 😉
  13. Sorry, you picked the wrong ship. The best I can offer is to go to the forward end of the Magic Carpet.
  14. This would be true if they had an unlimited food budget.
  15. Excellent idea. Is this your first time through the Panama Canal?
  16. You should be able to go to your Points History and see why you got certain points. The previous PUP opportunity in February was for 1 point so perhaps you just saw the February and March points.
  17. Me Too 😀 Apparently, all you need to do is log in because I was never able to stream the video while I was on a HAL ship. Now only 2100 points from Zenith🤔
  18. I'm so sorry for your loss, my deepest sympathies to you and your family for your loss.
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