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  1. Oh, I absolutely agree - and I wasn't implying that you were going cheap-o. My comment was just an aside, I guess, directed at no one in particular. You have a legit question about the difference in costs that you were getting quoted, and reading about here. But, again, I think the difference you are seeing is the day tour, plus night tour, plus round trip to the Trop, as opposed to the day tour only. Even tho the guide and driver are sitting around while you are at the show, the tour operator is no doubt factoring in their payment, along with the car's associated costs. Only you can decide if it is worth the extra 150 CUC to have the same guide stay with you all the time, and to have the extra tour in the evening. It does seem a bit high. Does it include dinner anywhere? What else is he going to show you after dark? 130 CUC for the day tours is about average. I personally would choose a company for a day tour, go back to the ship for dinner and a shower, and then just find a taxi to go to the Tropicana and back. Other posts indicate that is is easy to do.
  2. You are probably in the correct range for all day, plus an evening tour and transportation to the Tropicana and back. Blexie is charging us 220 CUC from 10 AM to midnight (break for dinner, etc), but we are not going out to the Tropicana, just some bar hopping and music locally in the evening. The prices you are seeing discussed here are for just the day tour. I doubt people would haggle, the prices are reasonable enough. There are several threads here about round trip transport (only) to the Tropicana, you can do a search, if you prefer that option. Plus once you see and hear how the Cuban people live, only a selfish person would argue over a few dollars for people who have so little. JMO, of course.
  3. C'mon, people. Have another cup of coffee, and then maybe you will be alert enough to recognize a bored troll.
  4. His email is blexie100588@gmail.com.
  5. Thanks for posting, that's the one I was looking at. That brand has some cute patterns and colors, too.
  6. You don't give specifics (ship tour? Private Company tour? , etc.) , but I can tell you, it will be very simple for your group to walk out of the terminal and flag down an old car for a tour. No tour, no reservations required. The cars are everywhere. If you want a specific color or model, head over by the Theatre / Central Park area, or some spots along the Malecon where they tend to congregate.
  7. Really, people, lighten up. This entire web site is about first world problems. OP, and a few others, attempted to post with a little humor. Try it, you might like it.
  8. I carry on my suitcase for every cruise 7 days or less. It is hard side, measures 24" x 18" x 11". Maybe a fraction more, when fully loaded and bulging. There is not much room to spare, but has made it through the XRay machine in Port Everglades, Port Canaveral, and Port of Tampa without any problem, either from staff, or from the machine.
  9. Take the straw to one of the bars where people are evidently in crisis because they cannot get a straw for their foo foo umbrella drink . You'll be a hero.
  10. The main Pusser's location in Roadtown has a nice retail section, including of course their famous and delicious rum. Get a Painkiller to go to make your walk back to the ship more pleasant! I can't comment on liquor stores in the port complex, I headed right to Pusser's in town and did not notice anything other than the usual touristy shops. You can probably Google the question.
  11. If you can, would you please post a close up photo , or give a description of how the Medallion attaches to a wrist band: i.e. fits into the silicone opening? magnets? some other sort of attachment apparatus like on a watch,? etc. Thanks
  12. A bit off topic, but I read somewhere here that the Medallions will fit in an iWatch bracelet. What is your opinion? I saw some very cute colors on Amazon (bootleg, of course), that I am tempted to get, just for fun, for my December Sky cruise. Thanks
  13. I can't say that I've ever seen anyone come to dinner in the MDR wearing workout clothes, as you are describing.
  14. Existing thread may answer your questions.
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