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  1. This comes up regularly, but it is indeed a nice change from the postings of the past year (It's been even worse on other cruise line boards, I must say). Basic cruise rules: Eat Do little
  2. Something to consider: I live 45 mins away, so it's a non-issue for me, but the last time I sailed from there, I was quite surprised to meet several parties from Daytona (also inside an hour away) who had stayed at one of the PC hotels the night before. They said that it allowed them a week of free parking, so getting a room with the included deal was cheaper than the port parking facilities alone. You would need to run the numbers for your situation. It's been a few years, so who knows what deals will be available once we start up again. There are a few newly opened
  3. This has been my thought through this entire thing...OF COURSE guidance changes. But, as you say, this is too much to understand for many. I also don't get the frequent bashing of the CDC. It is their exact purpose to try and keep the citizens healthy. Therefore, they are always going to be conservative in their guidance. Basic common sense would tell you that. The full name is Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Not Make Your Life Horrible by Saying No.
  4. Here's the St Maarten page. It's probably a better place to get your questions answered. Regarding transportation, I can tell you that taxis are plentiful there, and as I recall, are metered, or at least have set rates around to various parts of the island. So no need to be concerned about getting ripped off. https://boards.cruisecritic.com/forum/57-st-martinst-maarten/
  5. Wow, there will be a lot of pi$$ed off people from the US who are planning to fly to St Maarten this summer to get on a Celebrity ship to go to Tortola. I know I would cancel, if I was holding a reservation. The other port stops are pretty common, can go them on a lot of ships. Not many ships go to Tortola. What a shame. About the island, not the would be tourists.
  6. I get why they are suspending the lounges, but jeeze, the swag (i.e. cheapo beach towels, cheapo sparkling wine..) and the (stale, leftover) welcome cookies are unrelated to Covid, and just seem downright mean to take away!! I do like the 5 free anywhere anytime drinks. As is often discussed on this board, the Diamond Lounges just get too clique-ie and crowded anyway.
  7. Here's your roll call, that might be a better place to find others on that sailing.
  8. Good info - I'll have that conversation with him, and make sure the 2023 booking is the first one for that day and spends plenty of time at White Bay. As you say, he seems very accommodating.
  9. I believe we are on the same cruise in 2023. I will be in Tortola twice before that - planning on this July. I have been in contact with Gary at Kuralu because the port hours are bad on the Celebrity sailing. He has been easy to communicate with and very willing to work with us on the hours. He does a snorkle stop and then heads to JVD. There is a positive review from someone here on this thread who took that day trip. You can also check out his website. www.kuralu.com He quoted me $130 which includes drinks, snorkle equip, and fuel. Needs a minimum of 6. I'm
  10. OK, I stand corrected, don't want to be accused of starting rumors. The same site that said Celebrity guests would not be required to take ship excursions, said that RC guests will. So, it's back to nobody really knowing. Bayley said that as of now, passengers disembarking during calls in Cozumel and Grand Bahama will be offered "controlled protocol experiences, both for the community and the guests." "There will be tours and excursions, there will be requirements of the tour operators -- regular testing, masks, social distancing, this type of thing -- until we'v
  11. Yes, and I answered it. Celebrity says no on their ships, so as the sister company, RC will no doubt follow the same guidelines
  12. Celebrity has announced that ship excursions are NOT required for their new St Maarten sailings. I would guess RC will be the same. Good news. I'll wear a mask on boarding, etc. crowded places, if absolutely necessary, but not being able to wander on my own would be a deal killer.
  13. Calabaza in Barbados leaves Silver Moon in the dust. Have sailed with both, multiple times. Random Wind in St Maarten, tho emphasis is more on sailing / swimming. Snorkeling is not a big thing there. Woodwind in Bonaire. While not luxury, its a nice catamaran. Emphasis here is on snorkeling and customer service, both of which are world class. Mystic Man in St Lucia. Again, a nice, but not luxury cat. Emphasis on service, whale watching, and a wonderful sail to the Pitons. Lunch and a swim/snorkel stop.
  14. Not sure about your Sept sailing, but I bet the Mariner part guess is correct...I was booked Nov 1 from Port Canaveral, 5 days CoCo Cay and Coz. Got a change notice this AM, all Mariner sailings from PC are now only going to CoCo Cay. I'm not interested in that, I want to get to Coz, so I switched to a Tampa sail on Brilliance, Nov. 8. We'll see if that one changes in the next few days. Oops - I just saw OurUsualBeach already posted about the Mariner changes.
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