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  1. Quarantine requirement for fully vaccinated travellers removed Article by Kobie Broomes Published on October 21, 2021 Minister of Health and Wellness, Lieutenant Colonel Jeffrey Bostic, has announced that effective Sunday, October 24, fully vaccinated travellers to Barbados with a valid negative pre-flight COVID-19 PCR test result will no longer be required to take a COVID-19 test or quarantine on arrival in the island. Travellers meeting these requirements will therefore be allowed to leave the port of entry with no restrictions. It should be emphasised that the Chief Medical Officer reserves the right to request COVID-19 testing of any traveller and to quarantine them if required. (MOHW)
  2. I don't use my Apple Wallet for any payments, so I just created a Notes folder with the boarding pass and photos of my vax card in it. It's just as simple to access as Wallet, also no WIFI needed. Plus, I made printed copies 😄
  3. I can't comment on EQ, but I was able to pre-book a pedicure @12:30 departure day on the Constellation out of Tampa in Feb. In the past, yes, one had to wait until after muster for any service up there, but since that has gone away, check your cruise planner. I found it accidently on mine, and was pleased to even get about a $20 discount! Could be just the salon, not the spa, but do check.
  4. If you search Pickleball in this forum, there are several discussions about where it has been reported. I know the search function here gets frequently maligned, but I had no problem looking that up just now.
  5. They have obviously corrected that. Several people on my November Mariner sailing have just today reported getting the email that they are being moved. No change for me, as of yet. Spacious balcony, mid ship.
  6. I have forgotten the name now of the registry for Florida, but it is physician only access. I sent a snail mail letter request to my Primary Care Provider, and received a printed page back in the mail in a few weeks. It goes back to 2004. Good to have.
  7. That guy is an idiot, there are several other, better ones to watch, including one from the manufacturer. The one from the young couple is good, and simple to follow.
  8. I have always gotten them in Concierge cabins
  9. If the rental car places are open again, there is a lot to see within an hour or so drive. Daytona to the north..including a big outlet mall, the Speedway, or the wonderful zoo in Melbourne to the south. Lots of nice eating and shopping at the same exit. West to the swamp airboat places, probably cheaper than the ship tour. There are other ideas if you scroll through the Florida pages. The state gov't is against mask or vax mandates, so places are wide open, should you choose to explore Central Florida on your own
  10. They appear to be making change decisions on a ship-by- ship basis. Equinox is getting Falmouth, according to the above posts, and a Roll Call poster for early Feb. on Constellation reports that their previous sailing (late Jan.) is replacing GC with Roatan. They were notified via an email. I'm speculating here, but maybe since Constellation is smaller, it is less hassle in the tender port of Roatan than Equinox would be (?). I am also in CG in mid-Feb on Constellation, and I must say, I would prefer Roatan to Falmouth, or even GC. Oh, the suspense..
  11. Maybe so, but seriously, I cannot imaging 5 females (and I am one, so don't flame) being "quiet" for any period of time, especially if cocktails are involved. I can hear the cackling from here! 😆
  12. Agree that MCO certainly has more air and lodging choices. The MLB option should be at least mentioned, as it does work very well for some. If a tertiary airport/airline is being looked at, is sure beats the Sanford option for getting to Port Canaveral.
  13. Agree. I have seen people on here say the drive time to the port is the same as Orlando, but they must be driving a golf cart. A straight shot north on US1 then A1A, a half hour tops. Also, Alligiant has a nonstop Pittsburg to Melbourne - tho I am not sure where Lehigh Valley is in PA.
  14. Heard from a reliable business owner in Antigua today that restrictions are to be lifted on Oct. 15. Unsure if it is to be all, or some. She thanked me for bringing it up, and planned to get additional clarification as it relates to cruisers from the Tourism Ministry this week. Lets hope Celebrity is monitoring closely, and we will soon be allowed to wander again. There is so much to see and do on Antigua.
  15. Someone on the main RC board posted a letter they got about their stop there on Oasis in mid Feb. It said that due to port construction delays, they were going to Nassau instead. I'm due there also mid Feb on Celebrity, and was looking forward to it. Have not heard anything from them as of yet.
  16. If you use a TA consistently, they know. In a discussion with mine a few years ago I was annoyed at one of the lines over some matter or another . I said "I have spent XXX dollars with them over the years, I deserve better" or something to that effect. Just venting. She then said, "I'll tell you exactly what you have spent". She did, and believe me, I have never asked again.
  17. Care to share what port was changed? I board when you return, for B2B, so I'm sure we'll have changes as well. Thx
  18. The vaccination section in the app says "We expect this requirement to continue past November 1, 2021". Seems like testing would follow a similar timeline. I have 2 cruises in November, I'm planning to order the tests over the weekend.
  19. No one has addressed this yet, but not just your room mate will thank you for being considerate of others. You can also listen to your music without disturbing those around you, any time. I don't have the 13 yet, but be sure to check the ports for earbud connection. If it is wireless (Bluetooth), that's a simple function to connect under your Settings. Wifi not needed.
  20. What does air on the booking mean? No, I have never seen or heard that before. Do you mean error -something that is incorrect?
  21. I'm not looking to pick a fight, I'll leave that to those here who seem to enjoy it. I stated my opinion, quoted the source. It's a choice - the owner, his staff, and the consumer. Spend your money there, or don't. Families are investing a lot of time, effort, money, anxiety, masking, testing, and so on to enjoy a cruise vacation while being as safe from illness as is possible. Knowingly going to a location where the healthy "bubble" is not encouraged might be something to consider when making decisions on shore.
  22. Looks like he changed his tune for the TV reporter after there were calls for boycott in the newspaper. Misinformation from Florida Today newspaper, September 17, 2021: Joe Penovich, part owner of Grills Seafood Deck & Tiki Bars in Port Canaveral, Melbourne and Orlando, as well as Sunrise Marina and Obsession Fishing Charters, won't ask his 400-plus workers to get vaccinated. "From a personal perspective, I believe God told me not to take this vaccine," he wrote in the letter sent to his employees earlier this week and posted on Instagram Wednesday. "I don't make a statement like that lightly and I haven't shared that position publicly until now. It happened in a very powerful way, during an intentional sabbatical of prayer, way before the debate became so heated or possibility of government action existed."
  23. Yep. That, and the Grindr photo, another hint to keep scrolling...
  24. I would avoid Grills, tho, especially with health - vulnerable little ones along. Owner was recently quoted in the local paper saying that God came to him and told him not to get vaccinated, and told him not to have his staff vaccinated. Consequently, it will be a haven for local anti-vaxers.
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