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  1. Very easy. Walk thru the shopping areas, just follow the signs to the taxi pickup. They will be lined up and waiting. They are primarily vans, and the dispatcher will direct you to one going that way. They will wait until they get a full load to proceed, but that's a popular destination, so it should not take long to fill the van.
  2. Are you asking how to use Uber? Download the app, enter your credit card info, tell then where you are, tell them where you want to go, tell them what type of vehicle you want. Wait for the driver. They should give you an approximate arrival time, car, and driver info. Are you asking if they will go all the way to Delray Beach? Yes. Are you asking will they have a large SUV available? Probably, but you may have a wait. Many, many cruisers use ride share at Port Everglades. A few weeks back I walked past the ride share waiting area, and it was packed. People were 3 - 4 deep watching for the incoming cars. Terminal 25, which is relatively new and has a well organized arrival and departure process for vehicles.
  3. She gives the day date, and port stop on the daily log. They are posted the next day.
  4. This. Celebrity cruisers (and I am one) just need to calm down. No need to spend a penny, and the island is beautifully developed. Equal to, and in some areas nicer, than HAL's Half Moon Cay and Princess Cay. Much better food options than the fly specked open air buffets offered elsewhere. @At Sea At Peace, if you really wanted to take the grands to a water park, wouldn't it be less hassle to just stay in Orlando for a few days? Cheaper, for certain. Celebrity will charge what they can get away with. But regarding the lower end sister ships, I have also read that the same excursions / experiences on Half Moon Cay cost less when visiting on a Carnival ship than when visiting on a Holland America ship. So there is precedence for X to charge more than RCCL.
  5. If you do a search for Brightline on this Florida board, there are quite a few threads on the subject - I would link, but there are too many. General consensus is that it is a positive experience, easy, safe, clean.
  6. No argument from me. My point was that I had never thought of revenue as it relates to real estate location on the ship. I guess that makes me not an MBA candidate. The newest Princess ships have the spa facilities on mid ship decks, so I guess they don't share the location / revenue strategy.
  7. True story - Just after the restart, the officer's soiree consisted of some officers just wandering the Martini Bar area for a half hour or so. I met and chatted with the Chief Revenue Officer. S class, maybe Reflection. He told me their model is that the higher on the ship, the more revenue is to be generated. Hence, the inflated spa prices. He also said that they deliberately keep the spa prices high to give the impression that it is "special", and therefore (seemingly) more desirable. I truly do not remember asking him a question, but I thought it was interesting that he chose to chat about that. That said, I have had exceptional massages, and one or two that were average at best. I agree that it is a good use of excess OBC, along with watching for mid-cruise special pricing. I've not had a facial on board since I found a great esthetician at home, but on board is also good for pampering and OBC burning. You will not, however, leave looking 20 years younger.
  8. So do Royal Caribbean and Celebrity. HAL, to my knowledge, is the only stingy outlier in this matter.
  9. If you are on FB, search for a page called "321: Where Brevard Eats". It is a local foodie page, and would be a good place to ask that type of question about reservations for 10. You'll probably also get the usual port restaurant recommendations here.
  10. I have it, but I have an iPhone. Don't know if it is available for Android as well. Search "Cruise Schedule Port Everglades". The logo is round, with yellow on top half, blue on the bottom half, and a Neptune's trident on it. Once downloaded, it is labeled Cruise Guide.
  11. This. The last time I was there they were badly faded pink, remnants of Breast Cancer awareness. So it seems that your opportunity to see it depends on the timing of your visit. The Umbrella St in Puerto Plata, DR is permanent, and impressive to see, but I think it is nice that San Juan changes their’s to honor different events/causes.
  12. Wander zig zag up the hill to El Morro, admire the view, then zig zag back down, stopping for a few mojitos at El Convento courtyard and then maybe Barranchina, if it is not packed with cruisers. Others will suggest their favorite watering holes along the way.
  13. Their reservation system is probably like those used for hotels- inventory (or in this case, availability), is only loaded 364 days out. Translate "sold out" to "we haven't gotten around to planning 2 years in advance yet". Check back in mid April, 2025
  14. Me too. I wear mine in a silicone bracelet / watchband from Amazon, and LOVE not having to carry anything around the ship. LOVE that it unlocks the cabin door as you walk up. So much easier when carrying morning coffee or anything else back to the cabin.
  15. https://www.porttb.com/parking Best to go right to the source.
  16. That happened to my sister and I years ago. We still laugh about it . We were in port, so just called up to people a a deck above us who were out on their balcony. They called the front desk, who called the steward. Felt bad for the steward, he was so very upset.
  17. If you are talking about March 2025, check back in a month or so. Hotels typically release inventory 364 days out.
  18. I have something similar that I have brought for longer trips. Folds up and packs easily. Just saw some cheaper alternatives on Amazon also. I feel like a beach ball would require constant shifting of the feet. .
  19. @princeton123211 has it spot on. Get right off early, and grab a cab. In your favor is the lack of traffic at that hour (6:30- 7:00). Don't forget to head first to the Agriculture inspection at the airport before going to bag check. They will send you back, otherwise. They run the bag through a scanner and give you a sticker. Takes just a moment. While in no way recommended, I made a 9:30 flight once, with time to grab a coffee at the airport.
  20. You probably won't know till you get there, it varies. Point Seraphine is the little outdoor mall, and the Carenage is right in down town. Once docked, it is a simple matter to look out the window and tell where you are, if the Captain doesn't announce it.
  21. VInow dot com has info for all the docks.
  22. How are you docking there? I remember it as having a small pier, suitable for smaller boats. Plus, I don't remember much infrastructure, like a tourist entry hall. It's an interesting town, well worth a visit, if you enjoy history. Volcano stories are so compelling. If you are docking in Fort of France on a cruise ship, you are right in town. So, maybe 5 minutes, or however long it takes you to walk the length of the pier. ETA - wow, very old thread. Docking info still accurate tho, AFAIK.
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