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  1. THIS IS NOT TRUE!!! At least not on the Infinity. I am onboard right now and there is only 1 channel that plays 1 movie only all day. All other movies are pay per view and cost $14.99 to watch. I checked with guest services and they stated that they have not been free for quite some time now and did not know why someone would post misleading information on Celebrity’s behalf. Maybe on other ships, but not on this one!
  2. Just wondering if there are any options for cashing in unused OBC on Celebrity. If I am not interested in the spa services, tours, shop purchases and the other obvious choices, I have read that some have been able to somehow get a credit and then cash out at the casino. Any thoughts on if that is a possibility? Hate to sound like a cheapskate, but I would hate to walk away from a several hundred dollar OBC. Any advice would be appreciated.
  3. I will be traveling on the Infinity in a few weeks and am wondering if I will be able to stream Netflix movies/shows from my iPad with the unlimited wifi package, or if the Internet will be too slow. I don’t plan to watch much, but want to know if it is an option to stream vs having to download before I leave.
  4. Thanks for posting the free movie selection. Glad to hear they are back. Does anyone know how often the movies change and if they are the same on all of the ships? I am sailing on the Infinity in 19 days and am wondering if the same movies will be running that far out. The airlines generally change the main movies monthly but offer quite a bit more options.
  5. Hmm, that deck plan looks different than any I have seen and none of the photos or videos show the balconies with varying sizes. Are you sure that is the Infinity vs one of the other M class ships? I am happy with my cabin #1104 choice and am sticking with it vs upgrading to a sky suite.
  6. Does anyone know if the balconies are larger on deck 11 than standard veranda/aqua class cabins? I read somewhere that they are slightly deeper but hard to tell from any of the photos/videos I can find.
  7. After searching for more reviews and finding the video below which better shows the layout of the deck, I decided to switch to #1104. I read that there is not much noise from the heavy door that leads out to the deck nearby or the elavators and it is further away from the large screen on the deck above so less chance for noise from that. Now they are offering me a deal to move up to a Sky Suite on deck 6 for $250.00 more, so trying to decide if that would be worth it??? I would get $200.00 more in OBC, so it is tempting, but this cabin and deck seem really nice so to give it up. I is only a 5 day cruse so not sure what to do? Any thoughts on this option?
  8. Thanks all for the input. I have decided to opt for deck 11, cabin #1113 which is in-between the outdoor movie area on the deck above and the elevators (7 from the left and 10 from the right in the photo attached), so hopefully far enough away from each to avoid the noise which was my main concern. I think I will be OK with the sun vs the overhang, so hope it was the best decision. I will be sailing in Jan, so unfortunately not after the revolution refit, so I am sure things will be a bit tired but hopefully not too bad. If anyone has only specific thoughts on the cabin location I would appreciate it. I could have also chosen #1104 which is closer to the forward doors but thought #1113 was the better option? I can still change it I am sure if I do so in the next day or say.
  9. I am currently booked in cabin 9114 which is mid-ship under the Oceanview Cafe with the balcony overhang. Celebrity is offering an upgrade at no additional cost to cabin 1113 which is a category higher with an open balcony, but the open deck with movie screen is just above. Any thoughts on which is the better option? Concerned that there might be more noise on deck 11. Are the cabins on 11 more up to date since they were added later? Any advice would be appreciated.
  10. Thanks for the comments! I am hoping the location of the cabin on deck 9 in-between the bay windows will at least give me a bit more sunlight than the area with the full overhang. I think the location of the cabin will be fine with the carpeted areas being directly above. I could also move to an aft family suite cabin for the same price on deck 7 which has a huge balcony and sitting room but would need to give up my Aqua Class perks, so I think I will stay right where I am. Great deals out there now on this cruise!
  11. There was a major price drop for my upcoming Infinity cruise on Jan 13 and Celebrity let me update to Aqua class for the same price that I booked a standard balcony cabin even though I had already made my final payment, so I am really happy about that. The cabin I chose is #9114 on deck 9 which has the very large overhang above the balconies. The cabin is in the area below the buffet restaurant in one of the indented alcove areas in between the bays above. Can anyone comment on how this cabin compares to any of the others on this deck? I can still change but need to stay within the same category on deck 9. I have read complaints that some think the cabins on this deck are very dark and cave like, especially those with the deeper overhang. Cabin #9114 seems like it might get a bit more light and be more quiet than those mid-ship below the pool deck.
  12. That was what I was presuming, but based on the comments shared it does not seem as if that would be the case. If so it would actually be like double tipping since you pay for tips in the daily rate up front.
  13. It has been a while since I have been to Cozumel, but in the past I was always warned to stay away from fresh fruits and anything other than bottled water. I have not been reading any posts here that voice any concerns, so I presume that it is now safe and not anything to be worried about? Considering one of the all inclusive for a day excursion and want to make sure I am careful if I need to be, so any thoughts here would be appreciated.
  14. I am planning on doing one specialty restaurant meal on my upcoming 5 night cruise on the Infinity and am trying to choose which of the two would make for the better experience. Any thoughts or recommendations on which would offer the best ambiance as well as food? Are both not to be missed? I would definitely try both on a 7 night or longer cruise, but on a 5 night thought one might suffice. I don't do sushi so the other restaurant is not an option.
  15. Thanks for the reply. Would you happen to know how they handle ordering premium drinks if you are on the classic package? I like to order Grand Marnies after dinner and I do not believe they are included in the classic package. Also, can I order specialty coffees in the dining room and at the coffee bar?
  16. I am receiving the classic drink package as well as free tips and a $300 OBC on my upcoming cruise and am wondering how tips will be handled on the drinks package. Will I need to pay a tip for each drink when ordered or will I be charged with tips upfront on the total cost of the drink package as if I were paying for it? Does anyone know how this works?
  17. A bit confused on the pricing. If there are 2 of us with a total of 4 devices, can we only pay for the service on 1 device if we don't plan to use them at the same time? I presume you can only use 1 device at time and do not have to pay for every device you plan to use. Can anyone clarify this for me?
  18. Yes, I agree. My favorite place to be but they are so hard to find now. I was on the HAL Koningsdam last year and was disappointed with the obstruction of the views with the lifeboats and lack of any kind of seating. The Solstice class Celebrity ships have a small area on their promenade decks with the traditional loungers, but they are definitely becoming a thing of the past with the new regulations and ship designs. I chose the Infinity hoping to be able to experience with this cruise.
  19. Interesting that some have commented that there were chairs and some say the were not. Seems consistent with the few photos I have been able to find. Hopefully I can expect to find at least some lounge chairs on this deck. It is a nice open and unobstructed deck like the older ships always had, not like all of the newer ships with the views blocked by life boats. Thanks for the input!
  20. So is that a more recent photo? Looks more like chairs vs lounge chairs. I have seen other photos with no chairs at all.
  21. I see the Infinity has a traditional promenade deck unobstructed from lifeboats, can anyone tell me if there are lounge chairs on the deck? Many of the photos I can find do not show any chairs so wondering if they have been removed as is the case on many of the ships due to safety concerns.
  22. When we last arrived via cruise, the X80 was not yet in operation. Cruisemom is correct in that the walk to the metro is longer than 15 minutes - if memory correctly serves, it took us about 30 minutes walking at a fairly brisk pace. Some in our group opted to purchase bus (#40) tickets at the kiosk and meet us at the metro station - their bus arrived at approximately the same time as we reached the station so taking the bus was a wash in terms of time saved (but very convenient for those that have issues with walking long distances). If the X80 is running when you are there, I believe this would be your best option. If not, the metro is a viable alternative. Info (including port maps) on X80 here: https://www.athenswalkingtours.gr/blog/index.php/2016/06/13/new-bus-line-connection-piraeus-port-to-syntagma-x80-enables-you-to-join-the-athens-walking-tours/ Sounds like the bus might be the easier option since the walk could be quite long to the metro. Thanks for including the link to this info, it was very helpful!
  23. Thanks for the input. Is the Monastiraki station further from the entrance than the Acropolis station? Will need to determine which station is best or if there are main entrances accessible from each. I will be visiting in early Oct, so hopefully it will not be as hot and maybe less crowded. Has anyone visited at that time of year? Are there any other areas of the city a must to see other than the Plaka?
  24. I will be excited to hear what changes are planned! Hopefully in advance of my cruise in Sept 2020.
  25. Doing some preliminary planning for my future Greek Island cruise and am thinking about how best to spend the day in Athens. Google is telling me it is very easy to simply walk from the ship to the Piraeus metro station and take a direct train to the Monastiraki station which would only take about 15 mins and walk from there to the Acropolis. Seems really easy to do via public transport, am I missing anything? I would plan to visit the Acropolis and then spend some time in the surrounding Plaka area before heading back to the ship. Any suggestions or things I should be aware of in my planning? Should I buy advance tickets for the metro and the Acropolis? Would there be an advantage to taking a bus or arranging for a tour either privately or through the cruise line vs just taking the metro on my own? If time allows on my return, would there be anything worth seeing or doing around the port area? The ship will be in port for a full 12 hours, 7:00 am to 7:00 pm. Lots of questions at this point, so suggestions would be much appreciated as always!
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