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  1. There are thirteen reviews on the Carnival website, mostly favorable. One recent reviewer took children on the excursion and recommend it for families. The tour includes free rum punch so there will be drinking but it is only a couple of hours and there are water toys and a slide at Margaritaville. Children 6 and up are allowed so I booked it for our family, including my grandson who will be a couple weeks shy of his 7th birthday. I think it will be fun for the whole family, looking forward to it!
  2. Thank you so much, good to know! I was hit with sticker shock when Southwest opened our flights, they were almost double what they had been running. I thought I had plenty of points for five round trips but had to fork over quite a bit of cash too. I knew to expect it to be higher but not as bad as the major holidays because a lot of US schools have a Spring Break rather than an Easter Week. I found out Hobby is the hub for all Southwest flights to Mexico and I thought that might be it and your experience last year confirms it. I bought FTTF for our cruise, now it sounds like that was a good idea and at least we should still be able to board quickly. A delayed departure is ok, we have anytime dining so can plan around it. I definitely want to be on our balcony when we finally sail away, can’t wait!
  3. Thanks for more great tips, I am really looking forward to your full review!
  4. Thank you Marci4tony and MoCowBell for the replies! You have both helped so much with my decision, I will book the shuttle and schedule return pick up for 1300. I would love another hour to explore Galveston but I would just use it worrying about making our flight, lol! After reading about the UberXL problem for large parties I will book the shuttle. I was in Temecula last weekend and we ordered an UberXL a few times for 6 ladies. They were all mini vans or SUVs, great for riding around town but no way there was enough room for luggage too. I hadn’t made that connection so thanks for the heads up! The ride to Hobby will be easier than IAH but we still need to fit, thank you!
  5. That was great, thank you! I don’t sail her until April 2021 but really looking forward to it!
  6. One more question, would it be cheaper and more convenient to just wait and order an Uber XL to and from the port? The cost for the shuttle is around $320 round trip for 5. Will an UberXL be large enough for us? I saw mention here that you can book an Uber In advance? Thank you for any advice on Uber vs a shuttle, my family would probably prefer traveling by private car. I agree but being a super planner I like to plan ahead, thanks again!
  7. First, thanks for all the information I have gleaned so far from this forum! We are sailing on the Vista Easter Week, April 4 to 11, taking along our daughter, SIL and 6 year old grandson. We fly into Hobby the day before and should arrive around 7:30 PM, I was able to snag a couple of rooms at the Marriott South Hobby Airport with points. I think I will be happy with my choice but any input is appreciated. I plan to book a shuttle to the port on Saturday morning with Galveston Express, pick up at the hotel 10:00 AM. They will pick up at an airport hotel for an additional $30 fee for your entire party. We have FTTF so arriving around 11 should be just right I hope. My question now is what time to schedule our return shuttle to Hobby after the cruise, our flight is not until 3:45 PM. Thank you so much for the tip on the Cruise Stop Shop, luggage problem solved! Obviously, we don’t want to sit at the airport for 5 hours but I also want to get there in plenty of time for our flight. So, do we take the noon or 1:00 PM shuttle? Has anyone had experience with Galveston Express? The website is very user friendly and the price is reasonable. I really wanted to spend the night prior in Galveston but because it is the beginning of Easter Week and with our flight arriving late (went with the nonstop) I decided to give up on that idea. We are looking forward to exploring the area for a few hours after we debark. Thanks again for all your help, especially the local Texans, can’t wait to cruise from your great state!
  8. Thanks for your advice and also the update from the OP. I am just returning to cruising after a 10 year break and filing price protection claims online has worked surprisingly well for me so far. It is good to know calling is a good option also. I guess it all depends on the agent you are dealing with, whether online or the phone and if at first you don’t succeed try again. I can’t wait for my cruise and the one I booked in 2021 too!
  9. I think your problem is with the person you talked to today, it is my understanding and it says on the form that OBC is your only option once final payment has been made regardless of the final payment due date. You might want to call again to check if the refund is on your booking and try again if it is not. You should have no problem getting OBC for the difference in the new rate. My invoice still shows the price I paid when I made final payment and the OBC total for the two adjustments. It doesn’t specify why but the $229 OBC is there. Three of the times the rate change was larger than the price I quoted in my request. I am 4 for 4 so far so I mist be lucky. I do send the price protection request as soon as I notice a price drop, looks like they are having a good Veterans Day Sale. Good luck!
  10. You need to go online to claim a price drop in an Early Saver rate, here is the link: https://www.carnival.com/core/requestforms/priceprotection.aspx Once you make final payment, even if it is before the final payment due date, you get onboard credit. The form is easy to fill out, I have done it four times so far for my daughter’s cabin. Twice before I made the final payment and two after, the final payment deadlines is January 5th, we cruise Easter Week in April. I booked a suite for the hubby and I, it has only gone up in price since booking. My daughter is up to $229 OBC, this morning it bumped from $109 to $229. 😊 Using the online form is great, I usually receive the confirmations within 30 minutes and a new invoice with the OBC included. When looking at my booking online at Carnival.com the on board credit IS NOT listed so I can see where you are concerned. That’s why doing it online is important, you will receive the new invoice as soon as the new rate is approved. Have a great cruise!
  11. I got the E-mail and just paid off my cruise a couple of days ago, score! Will make sure I get it for November too.
  12. Do the cups work with the Cheers program? I presume I will have to pay for the cup.
  13. Thank you for asking this question, I will be in the same situation next April after a cruise out of Galveston on the Vista. I just booked airfare and our return flight does not leave until 3:45 from Hobby. There are 5 in our party, including our 6 year old grandson so spending 5+ hours at the airport is not enticing. Thanks for the replies, I am booking a round trip shuttle so will choose the 11 To 11:30 port departure. I will have the family put out all our bags except backpacks and duffles for valuables the night before. We will leave our rooms at the time required and hang out on the Lido deck for breakfast until last call. We’ll grab our luggage and get out of the way if we have extra time before our shuttle. I have scouted Hobby and they have at least one sit down restaurant where we can have a nice lunch after checking our luggage. If I am missing something please chime in, thanks!
  14. I agree but I but it should work well for me this time. I applied for the Carnival credit card when I booked the cruise and received the $200 statement credit on the deposits. We are taking our daughter, SIL and grandson so two cabins. Adding up what we still owe plus shore excursions and Cheers I will need another $200 to $300 in fun points for the $200 Cruise Cash reward. So I will purchase Cruise Cash in that amount which will also qualify me for the $200 CC Reward or Gift Card. With the kids and 7 year old grandson I am sure I will have no problem getting my onboard account over $500. We’ll have Cheers but we sail out of Galveston so I will be purchasing two or three rounds the first day. First cruise in 12 years plus very first cruise for our grandson, the Vista, Easter Week 2020, can’t wait!
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