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  1. Yes, you can, I rescheduled twice and then moved the FCC and OBC to a cruise I had already booked for May. I just cancelled that one yesterday and I was given the option to move the FCC and OBC to my Sailibration cruise in March 2022 but I chose a full refund this time. I was pleased to also get the non refundable deposit back even though this cruise was booked months before the pandemic began. It was super easy this time and the agent that answered the 800 # was totally on the ball. They know what they are doing now with all the cancellations, practice makes perfect I guess!
  2. I have done this and received a full refund after rescheduling twice. My original April cruise was cancelled and I rescheduled it to July and then To March 2021. I had two cabins and my daughter’s family decided they didn’t want to cruise so I cancelled their cabin through a PVP who told me I would get a full refund. I only received a partial refund that did not include the FCC or non refundable deposit. I called the 800# and was transferred to the Resolutions Department. That agent was very knowledgeable and was able to trace my funds through the two Carnival cancelled cruises. She
  3. When you call ask to be transferred to the Resolutions Department. They helped me with a cancellation for full refund and a transfer of funds to an existing booking.
  4. I have already booked two excursions for my May 8, 2021 cruise. I have had two cruises cancelled and have received all my refunds. I have rebooked excursions twice and they were refunded in a timely manor when the cruise was cancelled. I did have to wait awhile for the refunded portion of our April 4th cruise fair. I booked a cabana at Mahogany Bay, they only have 8 and now there is only one left, and the shark and ray excursion in Belize. In Cozumel we charted a private boat and have been able to transfer the deposit so will stick with that, hopefully by May you don’t have to do a Carniv
  5. No, I was credited $600 OBC for my cabin that was transferred three times and hopefully the May cruise will be a go. The $600 OBC for my daughter’s cabin was lost because I cancelled and got a full refund.
  6. That I don’t know but Carnival has been very accommodating to me. I had an additional cabin booked for my daughter’s family, the original April cruise was for her 40th birthday. I rescheduled to July and then to March 2021. Last month they decided to bail so I cancelled the March cruise and was able to get a full refund for the extra cabin in addition to getting my FCC and OBC transferred to our May cruise. I did initially have a problem when I cancelled through a PVP but called the 800# who transferred me to the Resolutions Department. That rep was great and took care of the transfe
  7. No, when the cruise you rescheduled to also get cancelled you don’t get an additional OBC credit. I ended up cancelling the last reschedule for 3/27/21 myself and was able to move the FCC and OBC to the May cruise.
  8. You can apply your FCC and $600 OBC to an existing booking. I rescheduled twice to new bookings for my cancelled April cruise and then applied the FCC and $600 OBC to a May 2021 cruise I booked a year ago.
  9. I had a similar problem but it was resolved through the resolutions department. We were originally booked on the Vista 4/4, rescheduled to the Vista 7/25 which was also cancelled. I rescheduled again to 3/27/21 but my daughter’s family decided they don’t want to cruise until at least 2022 so I cancelled their cabin through a PVP last month. He said I would get a full refund but the FCC carried over from the cancelled cruises and deposit were not refunded. The PVP was non responsive so I called the 800# and they transferred me to the resolutions department. The agent that helped me w
  10. The 3 day weekend Sailabration cruise is available March 4, 2022 and Is very reasonably priced. I’ll be on the Panorama, looking forward to the meet up! I am very excited about the Radiance coming to Long Beach, plan to be aboard at least once a year.
  11. When you call Carnival again, ask to speak to someone in the Resolution Department. They would have the most power to give you the $600 OBC from the first cancelled cruise which I think is fair. When I called today about a cancellation that got screwed up they transferred me to the Resolution Department to get it straightened out. Like yours, the cruise was a double reschedule from April 4th to July 25th to March 27th. I had two cabins booked and my daughter’s family decided they don’t want to cruise for the foreseeable future. They were able to refund all payments for their cabin ba
  12. I totally understand that and I think I would feel the same way. I didn’t realize you were booked on the cruise, it makes total sense to hope it’s cancelled to get a full refund, good luck! And I now see you are the OP, I need to pay more attention, sorry!
  13. I originally rescheduled our cancelled Easter Week family cruise on the Vista to July 25 and then again to March 27, 2021. The kids have now all bailed so the March cruise is a no go. I was happy to get a refund for the kids cabin and move our funds and $600 OBC to the Vista in May, a cruise I booked almost a year ago for our 45th anniversary. I was also able to transfer the Cheers package I bought when it was 20% off from the March to the May cruise. I am very happy with the way this all worked out. I used the kid’s refund to book a lake house in the High Sierras for the whole fami
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