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  1. They are on the verge of approving the vaccines for 5 to 11 year olds, could happen this week. There should be plenty of time to get them fully vaccinated before the Christmas cruises if it’s what the parents want to do.
  2. The NLCS is on TBS, so was the Dodger/Giant Division series. They have a free app that works well and allows mirroring onto your tv and doesn’t require a login to your cable provider. We were camping last week and were able to live stream all the games. Congrats to the Astros, hope to see you in the world Series again!
  3. Yes, you can, I rescheduled twice and then moved the FCC and OBC to a cruise I had already booked for May. I just cancelled that one yesterday and I was given the option to move the FCC and OBC to my Sailibration cruise in March 2022 but I chose a full refund this time. I was pleased to also get the non refundable deposit back even though this cruise was booked months before the pandemic began. It was super easy this time and the agent that answered the 800 # was totally on the ball. They know what they are doing now with all the cancellations, practice makes perfect I guess!
  4. I have done this and received a full refund after rescheduling twice. My original April cruise was cancelled and I rescheduled it to July and then To March 2021. I had two cabins and my daughter’s family decided they didn’t want to cruise so I cancelled their cabin through a PVP who told me I would get a full refund. I only received a partial refund that did not include the FCC or non refundable deposit. I called the 800# and was transferred to the Resolutions Department. That agent was very knowledgeable and was able to trace my funds through the two Carnival cancelled cruises. She refunded all the money for the kids cabin and moved my funds to a May 2021 cruise, hopefully we finally get to sail!
  5. When you call ask to be transferred to the Resolutions Department. They helped me with a cancellation for full refund and a transfer of funds to an existing booking.
  6. I have already booked two excursions for my May 8, 2021 cruise. I have had two cruises cancelled and have received all my refunds. I have rebooked excursions twice and they were refunded in a timely manor when the cruise was cancelled. I did have to wait awhile for the refunded portion of our April 4th cruise fair. I booked a cabana at Mahogany Bay, they only have 8 and now there is only one left, and the shark and ray excursion in Belize. In Cozumel we charted a private boat and have been able to transfer the deposit so will stick with that, hopefully by May you don’t have to do a Carnival excursion. I also transferred my 20% off Cheers package before the last cancellation was completed. I am very hopeful this one will finally be a go without severe restrictions, mask required almost everywhere but your cabin would be too severe, I think we could deal with the other requirements. I am not in the least bit worried about bankruptcy and not getting my money back. I even got a full refund for my TravelSafe insurance and will wait to repurchase until I am sure it’s going to sail. Eventually we will be cruising again, can’t wait!
  7. No, I was credited $600 OBC for my cabin that was transferred three times and hopefully the May cruise will be a go. The $600 OBC for my daughter’s cabin was lost because I cancelled and got a full refund.
  8. That I don’t know but Carnival has been very accommodating to me. I had an additional cabin booked for my daughter’s family, the original April cruise was for her 40th birthday. I rescheduled to July and then to March 2021. Last month they decided to bail so I cancelled the March cruise and was able to get a full refund for the extra cabin in addition to getting my FCC and OBC transferred to our May cruise. I did initially have a problem when I cancelled through a PVP but called the 800# who transferred me to the Resolutions Department. That rep was great and took care of the transfer and refunds. Also, I had purchased the Cheers package during the 20% off Sale and was able to transfer it to the May cruise through the Fun Shop but I needed to call and transfer it before the cancellation.
  9. No, when the cruise you rescheduled to also get cancelled you don’t get an additional OBC credit. I ended up cancelling the last reschedule for 3/27/21 myself and was able to move the FCC and OBC to the May cruise.
  10. You can apply your FCC and $600 OBC to an existing booking. I rescheduled twice to new bookings for my cancelled April cruise and then applied the FCC and $600 OBC to a May 2021 cruise I booked a year ago.
  11. I had a similar problem but it was resolved through the resolutions department. We were originally booked on the Vista 4/4, rescheduled to the Vista 7/25 which was also cancelled. I rescheduled again to 3/27/21 but my daughter’s family decided they don’t want to cruise until at least 2022 so I cancelled their cabin through a PVP last month. He said I would get a full refund but the FCC carried over from the cancelled cruises and deposit were not refunded. The PVP was non responsive so I called the 800# and they transferred me to the resolutions department. The agent that helped me was very knowledgeable, tracked down where the funds came from and refunded the rest of the money I had paid. It took less than two weeks to post to my credit card. You should still be able to get a full refund and if you don’t call and ask to speak to the resolutions department, it worked for me, good luck!
  12. The 3 day weekend Sailabration cruise is available March 4, 2022 and Is very reasonably priced. I’ll be on the Panorama, looking forward to the meet up! I am very excited about the Radiance coming to Long Beach, plan to be aboard at least once a year.
  13. When you call Carnival again, ask to speak to someone in the Resolution Department. They would have the most power to give you the $600 OBC from the first cancelled cruise which I think is fair. When I called today about a cancellation that got screwed up they transferred me to the Resolution Department to get it straightened out. Like yours, the cruise was a double reschedule from April 4th to July 25th to March 27th. I had two cabins booked and my daughter’s family decided they don’t want to cruise for the foreseeable future. They were able to refund all payments for their cabin back to my CC, including the FCC generated from the first cancelled cruise and the non refundable deposit for the March cruise. They also cancelled my cabin and moved the FCC and $600 OBC to an existing booking I have for May 8, 2021. I had already called the Fun Shops to move the Cheers package I purchased during the 20% off sale to the May cruise. It’s worth a shot and I think it would be a smart move by Carnival to encourage you to rebook rather than request a refund. Good luck!
  14. I totally understand that and I think I would feel the same way. I didn’t realize you were booked on the cruise, it makes total sense to hope it’s cancelled to get a full refund, good luck! And I now see you are the OP, I need to pay more attention, sorry!
  15. I originally rescheduled our cancelled Easter Week family cruise on the Vista to July 25 and then again to March 27, 2021. The kids have now all bailed so the March cruise is a no go. I was happy to get a refund for the kids cabin and move our funds and $600 OBC to the Vista in May, a cruise I booked almost a year ago for our 45th anniversary. I was also able to transfer the Cheers package I bought when it was 20% off from the March to the May cruise. I am very happy with the way this all worked out. I used the kid’s refund to book a lake house in the High Sierras for the whole family next summer, something everyone is comfortable with and looking forward to. I am super excited about our anniversary cruise, I have a Havana Vista Wrap booked which should be perfect if there are are any mitigation measures due to the virus and worst case, we get quarantined onboard which I highly doubt would happen. So if the ship sails we will be on board and I give us a 90% chance of success and have the data to back it up! 😜 If we don’t make it I have the same cabin booked for November 8, 2021, I will not give up!
  16. Thanks for the heads up! I couldn’t find it, then checked “Recommended for you” and there it was, just booked it for both cabins for our Easter Week Cruise. I did notice it went up $20 from $89 to $109, not 100 % sure it is worth it but I have $1800 sitting on my Carnival CC from refunds and will decide before final payment if I want to keep it. I would have totally missed it so thanks again for posting!
  17. I knew there would be at least one, it’s satire, relax and laugh at yourself, it’s good for the soul and I highly recommend it.
  18. Yay! I am happy the article got a favorable response! I thought maybe it would flame out with the we are the all going to die folk. It is political satire about cruising, thought we could all use laugh. I live in California so could definitely use one right now, lol! I have checked out lately because of the coronavirus infection in this group and pretty much every travel group, it’s everywhere! Probably broke my own rules but at least it was good for a laugh!
  19. I found this article humorous and very supportive of cruising, something we don’t see often these days. https://www.nationalreview.com/magazine/2020/06/01/canceled-vacations/
  20. I received a refund this morning of $374 on my Carnival MasterCard, it was for a Shore Excursion I cancelled on March 13 for a July 25 cruise. The cruise was a reschedule for an April 4 cruise that was cancelled. Now I have rescheduled again to March 27 but had no problem getting everything transferred so no need for further refunds, whew! I cancelled the April 4 cruise on March 6 and received all the FCC and refunds to my CC within a few days.
  21. This happened to me too, it was there right after I purchased Cheers during the 20% off sale but disappeared. I contacted my PVP today for a price drop and asked him to check to see if the Cheers was still in my booking and it is. I presumed it was a computer glitch, Carnival.com is infested with them, lol!
  22. Florida and Texas have both begun the process of opening their states, both pretty aggressively. In California you would have no idea we were doing well, they are extending the lock down and the governor got so upset that people went to the beach last weekend he promised to do something about it. Good luck with that, a vast number of the citizens out here are about to reach their limit.
  23. Please share the facts you are facing, absolutely no one knows what the situation regarding Covoid 19 will be 2 months from now, let alone in the fall or a year from now. Everyone has their best guess, including the all the experts who are doing their absolute best to get it right but so far are not batting 1000 and that is a fact. It is a fact that no one knows when cruise ships will sail again. This is a public forum for sharing advice, experiences and information regarding the cruise industry so of course the pandemic and it’s affect in the industry is the prime topic of discussion right now. Believing or hoping that your ship will sail does not have a negative impact on anyone, it is not going to spread the virus, I am still trying to understand the need of some of those that think otherwise to crush the hopes of those that do. I have yet to see one post trying to convince people that don’t want to cruise to jump on the first ship out of the gate. The ships will start sailing again when the government agencies and the cruise lines determine the risk is low enough and the protocols are in place to mitigate that risk to an acceptable level. Is there a possibility they will make a mistake, sail too soon and make the situation worse? Of course, but they have a lot more to lose for getting it wrong than the people accepting great offers and who are anxious to get back on a ship. I don’t understand how booking a cruise for this summer could have a negative impact on others, either the ship will sail or not, a few people booking at bargain basement prices will not make them sail. I am hoping for the best, in the absence of facts to prove that hope wrong I will continue to do so. These are tough times, we are all getting through it as best we can, do what works best for you and as always, happy cruising!
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