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  1. Thanks to my fabulous travel agent I was able to book an Oceanview room. Never seen such a demand for a cruise! The price was comparable to Mediterranean cruises on other cruise lines. …and Newfoundland is also very interesting to visit. The people are lovely, I saw a few dismissive posts on here but it is a great place to visit.
  2. It might be easier to check TripAdvisor for a review
  3. Thank you, I’ll look into a car rental.
  4. Our cruise stops in Akureryi and we’d like to visit the nature baths. How difficult is it to get a taxi? How much would it cost?
  5. We stayed there. Good sized hotel rooms, excellent breakfast. Bus stop right outside the hotel. We purchased passes from the hotel front desk. Yes a quick 10 minute ride to Venice. They have a nice bar and lovely swimming pool.
  6. Well Trudeau said yes, Biden said yes, Ford who cares. Double vaxxed Americans can enter Canada as of August 9.
  7. Yep that’s the one! I like the Europe cruises that Carnival does.
  8. Booked a Carnival cruise that visits 4 ports in Iceland along with stops in Northern Ireland, Scotland Wales. Was supposed to be this June but moved it next July. Very, very good price.
  9. You must take your daughter, I did it and it was fantastic. If hubby & son don’t want to go, send them off to eat whatever they want elsewhere while you have a lovely mother & daughter evening.
  10. When we fly home after a European cruise we usually fly the day after. It gives us a chance to repack & relax as most Canadian flights are early and there is no worry missing the flight.
  11. Hopefully our border will fully reopen by then...and Yukon opens up to non residents. They have closed to non-residents at the moment due to Covid concerns.
  12. At least some Carnival ships are being put to good use helping the people of St Vincent take refuge from the volcano eruption St. Vincent Volcano Eruption
  13. St Vincent Volcano Eruption
  14. Fingers crossed this doesn’t erupt Carnival helps
  15. You’re lucky they haven’t even posted them for our Europe cruise yet
  16. Canadian ports are not happy about this. Nova Scotia has some of the strictest quarantine requirements in the country but those in Halifax who run small businesses that rely on cruise visitors are desperate. Even Canadians have to quarantine for 14 days if we visit.
  17. Nope it’s a cruise to Iceland, Ireland, Scotland & Wales. I’ve done their European cruises before much different from the Caribbean crowd!! I’m cruising for the ports on this one, I still prefer celebrity for Caribbean & Bermuda
  18. I booked a 12 day cruise to Iceland on another cruise line for literally 1/2 the cost. Similar itinerary but I’m spending 5200 for 2 instead of 9500. I like Celebrity but for a cruise for the ports they are priced way too high for me.
  19. There was a major earthquake in Izmir today, the port near Ephesus. I hope everything is ok there.
  20. Canada has put cruises on its no travel list plus we have to quarantine for 14 days after returning from another country (including the USA). I have a fabulous cruise to Iceland, Scotland & Northern Ireland booked for June - I’m doubtful it’ll sail...but fingers crossed.
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