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  1. I always read your reviews...ever since we shared the roll call excursion in Ecuador 😁. And of course you write excellent reviews.
  2. Re the Veuve dinner...was “Bill” sitting next to the mother or daughter? Perhaps something unwelcome happened...
  3. Looking forward to your take on the other guests at the veuve dinner. Fabulous review as always.
  4. Bahamas is going to need cruisers spending money there in the future - parts of it have been flattened.
  5. Depends what part of the Bahamas it’s in...
  6. They might still be rebuilding after Hurricane Irma...
  7. We once had a great beach day in Mallorca...way back in 1999. The water was warm. We took the local bus. I think we had way more fun then those who went sightseeing.
  8. Sorry to hear of your horrible accident! I hope all goes well with your physio. Another super review. Have you ever thought of doing a Mediterranean cruise? Lots of beaches there! I’d love to see a review like that.
  9. I’m doing a 6 port cruise with Celebrity in early January
  10. I hope you feel better. Sometimes our bodies are so exhausted that sea sickness can take a hold much easier! Make sure you get lots of rest.
  11. So far so good, I’m looking forward to more!
  12. It was in 2014, we didn’t have to skip the dam. Are you going through a travel agent or tour company? The dam was part of the cruise so nobody got off early.
  13. We ended in Yichang and caught an early afternoon flight which got us into Shanghai late afternoon.
  14. It’s mostly all inclusive resorts where these incidents are occurring. I saw something about the mini bars being stocked with booze that is substituted with illegal alcohol. Cruisers should not worry...this country really depends on tourism- we did a beach break tour and loved the wonderful hospitality at the place we went. Get off and spend some money...
  15. Naples has amazing pizza, you & the kids may enjoy eating local...try it it will make fantastic memories.
  16. Horrible news, prayers for those who were injured...
  17. A few years ago on our first Bermuda cruise, the way back we had very rough seas (22 ft waves like you). Summit still offered the champagne afternoon tea. Well DH & I were one of 5 tables as everyone else cancelled. It turned into as much champagne and teatime treats as we wanted. The ship was not crowded!
  18. Oh the missing gaps of time...one minute you’re on the beach, the next you’re in your cabin. I’ve had that happen before😬
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