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  1. What a nice positive review. All the talk about bad service & inedible food had me concerned. thank you.
  2. Agreed, we stayed at the Hampton inn in Cocoa Beach and the hotel was great as well as the great beach access.
  3. Darn, the price I got was very good and I liked the ports. Got the email from my TA today.
  4. We spent our honeymoon in Hawaii and did part in Maui…donated!
  5. When the cruise ships are able to stop in Lahaina again, every passenger needs to get off and spend some money. This lovely town will need it.
  6. When we boarded the Pride in Dover lat summer, we went to our cabin and dropped off our carry on. Even though the cabin wasn’t ready we were able to get our key cards…
  7. Aargh, I got caught sailing through airport security with a bottle of water in a side pocket of my knapsack. I wasn’t too upset to give that up.
  8. That’s why you wrap in you clothes and keep it in you checked luggage
  9. For those already in Europe…turn lemons into lemonade and explore the UK, or take the train to France or other parts of Europe. I feel bad for everyone who was looking forward to this cruise though.
  10. Actually while basic, the Premier Inn was clean & comfortable with an excellent breakfast and very helpful staff. It’s fine for one night.
  11. Glad you’re back! Please take it easy though, @Deck Chair Queen doesn’t want another scare I’m sure.
  12. Ah yes, thinking the ship will wait for you! Many years ago on the Celebrity Century during a Mediterranean cruise, the ship pulled out of Livorno, then it slowed to a stop, up comes the pilot boat, wearing life jackets this couple climbs into the ship. An expensive trip as we found out they had to pay for their short trip!
  13. We stayed at Premier Inn, wonderful, close (relatively) to Dover Castle and good buffet breakfast. Front desk very helpful with getting taxis to the port.
  14. Your visit with your family was touching, I have some lovely cousins in England but last time we got together was 2010! I’ve been 3 times since…2 land tours, one cruise. Thank you for sharing that part of your cruise with us. We stopped off in Belfast last year on a cruise with another line. We did the hop on hop off bus as it took us to certain areas we wanted to see. Lovely enjoyable day, with hot& sunny weather!
  15. There is a shuttle run by the tourism office. £10 to the centre of Belfast.
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