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  1. Just received $2062 on my Chase CC of almost $6000 due from our March 20 cancelled cruise. From what I’ve seen, refunds seem to come in odd amounts over time. I was told by X last Wednesday, May 27, that it had been processed and it showed up today. As others have mentioned, the odd amounts don’t make sense. Hopefully, it will total out fine.
  2. I requested my refund March 15 for cancelled March 20 cruise. I received my X flights and excursions within a few weeks but still nothing for the cruise. Every time I call, I’m told (by very sympathetic reps) my refund has been escalated and they give me a new “red line” date. Yesterday, the latest final date, they told me they’re reescalating it. I decided to start a Chase credit card dispute, so now they have 30 days. What really irks me is the number of people reporting on here that were on April, May and June cruises that have gotten their refunds back already. I’m certainly gl
  3. I cancelled our March 20 cruise on March 7. I got refunds for my Celebrity Flights and excursions soon thereafter. On March 18, I was told it would take 4-6 weeks for my cruise refund to be done. That would be today. Today, I was told it would be another 14 business days for my cruise refund to come through. Meanwhile, I won’t book another cruise until I have my money back. Some people on my cruise and later cruises have already gotten refunds. I assume they have serious cash flow problems and noone at X seems to know how refunds are prioritized. We’re Elite plus and we were in a sui
  4. Yes, I’m planning on doing that and our doc has even suggested she will comply. The question is: how do they value my FCC?
  5. Credit card was issued in the US and booked cruise via TA (Costco).
  6. Our cruise was scheduled to leave Sydney next Friday and has now been cancelled by X. We canceled one week ago due to age and chronic health issues and will get a FCC for the cruise and a credit card refund for our flights, taxes and port fees. Not knowing what future RCI has, I’d prefer to get a credit card refund, not a FCC. Has anyone had any luck calling their credit card company or getting their credit card travel benefit insurance to help? We used our Chase Preferred card which includes $10,000 for travel insurance. I believe we paid within 90 days.
  7. It looks like X is included but only for the US. The cruise from Sydney that I was booked on (but cancelled a week ago) for next Friday will still be going.
  8. We cancelled our March 20 cruise last Saturday for a FCC. We’re 70 and 71, both with conditions that would prevent us from cruising. Viking made their refund plan retroactive. I’m wondering if anyone know if Celebrity’s plan is the same? I’d much rather have a credit card refund.
  9. I booked refundable until final payment which was 90 days ago and then a $200 per person fee until the flight date. I will be getting 100% back onto my credit card.
  10. I canceled my fully paid 3/20 cruise Saturday with my TA (Costco) on-line and I received an email from Costco saying my cruise was canceled. There was no confirmation number. I spoke to an assistant in Lisa Perloff’s office (X President) this morning and she confirmed that my cruise was canceled but my Flights by Celebrity were not canceled. She took care of that and said I would get a credit card refund for the full amount of the flights, my prepaid excursions, taxes and port fees. She said to use my cruise confirmation # as my confirmation.
  11. I canceled on line with Costco on Saturday for my March 15 cruise from Sydney. On Friday, I was told by Lisa Perloff’s office that I would get a credit card refund for my Flights by Celebrity airfare as well as port fees, taxes and prepaid excursions. The actual cost of the cruise would come in a FCC. Looking at the website just now, it’s very confusing concerning the Flights by Celebrity airfare. When I booked the airfare, I was told that if I canceled the flights between final payment and the day of the flight, there would be a $200 charge per person. Can anyone shed
  12. We were undecided a week ago, but decided to cancel our 3/20 Australia cruise. We’re 70 and 71 and both have health issues. Just not worth the risk.
  13. The Celebrity policy that was announced is only for cruises in the next few months. You have time until final payment to make a decision to get the refund to your credit card. We cancelled under the new policy as our cruise begins on 3/20. We get our Celebrity flights and port fees and taxes refunded to our credit card and the cost of the cruise as a FCC.
  14. Regrettably, we’re canceling our cruise out of Sydney leaving in less than two weeks. Both of us are in the high risk group, over 60 with underlying conditions and our docs have told us not to travel. The death of a San Francisco 71 year-old (my age) man from the Grand Princess was also very scary. Too close to home. I called Celebrity Flights this morning and found out that our flight costs will be fully refunded to our credit card (not a FCC). I cancelled all of our X excursions and got emails stating all of that will go back on my credit card. I don’t love the idea of such a large FC
  15. I think I remember that if you cancel your Flights by Celebrity after final payment but before taking the cruise, you pay a $200 cancellation fee per person. We’re using miles to go to Sydney (which we get back for a fee) and Flights by X to return from Auckland.
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