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  1. I'd really like to know from a physical/technical standpoint . . . how long can Carnival Victory sit idle in Spain with nothing happening whatsoever?? When in storage, a basic automobile should be cranked every once in a while, and there are FAR more pieces and parts on a cruise ship. This is gonna continue to be a tough one for those gathering around a conference table (or Zoom screen) in South FL, and I fear the term Euthanasia might find its first use in CCL's history. .
  2. I know you weren't responding to me, but just wanted to say a BIG and sincere THANK YOU for posting that link. You are a godsend to any who've not (for unknown reasons) received the official cancellation notice from CCL. .
  3. Welcome to Cruise Critic . . . and (even better than that) Welcome to cruising!!! You've certainly made an exciting choice for your first experience, but, as you've already mentioned, with Mardi Gras being a new vessel, there are a lot of unknowns. Those 8J Extended balcony staterooms would be superb for your back-to-back (especially if you're able to locate one that's available for both, without having to change rooms at the turnover). If you do change location, the cruise team helps to make that pretty easy. I'm on the Nov 6 Eastern sailing, currently booked in a cove balcony, and have been toying with the idea of taking a nice upgrade to an 8J myself. I sorta like the Deck 11 idea, being 'sandwiched' between two other passenger decks with no public areas above or below to create potential noise. No matter which location you choose, I hope you'll have a fantastic time onboard with your family. I also highly suggest you join the Cruise Critic roll call(s) for your weeks, as there is a lot of good info to be obtained there. We might even cross paths one of those weeks if that's when you're booked.
  4. I've used two different browsers, and that is simply not there, so I will try a third and, perhaps, fourth. Thanks for advising. .
  5. Sorry to read that you are having challenges with getting that taken care of. If should be easier, for sure. I'm still awaiting my initial e-mail about the cancellation so I can use the provided link to [hopefully] advise CCL of my decision. I have/had five sailings scheduled before end of calendar year, and this is the first of the COVID cancellations. I'll wait another day until reaching out to my Personal Vacation Planner, who is swamped with a backlog of things.
  6. I've not received any notice from CCL about this most recent cancellation either. It was originally booked over the phone with my Personal Vacation Planner in late 2018. Everything from CLL regarding all of my cruises comes directly to my e-mail without going into a junk folder, but I checked there as well. I figured there might be a delay because of the quantity going out yesterday, but 24 hours later, I've still received nothing. Figured I'd simply go online an find the 'make a choice' link there. Nope. I did, however, discover that CCL is the single solitary CLIA member that does not have a link on their main home page regarding the health situations and cancellation notices. That is disappointing, but not completely surprising. 😟 .
  7. Good evening, Jimbo. I do fully understand the tenor of your statements/feelings there. It's fair. My response here should be viewed only as a 'What If' posting. Nothing more. What If the CDC has been in rather detailed contact with the cruise lines about some of the mandated initial changes required for the industry to begin forward motion, and is giving them (the individual cruise lines) opportunity to provide their own specific plans for making that success happen? What If the CDC offers this instead of mandating a One Size Fits All edict from the start? Great discussion (and occasionally some not so much) here on Cruise Critic tends to strongly focus on the guest experience, and the potential changes for the future. Lots of guessing and suggestions, which can be a good thing. Check-in, masks, muster drills, no buffets, casino, elevators, etc etc. I'll call that the Guest/Guest factor, since it's primarily focused only on the paying customer. Some (but not nearly as much) of the discussion has been on the Guest/Crew factor. i.e. "What do you mean I can't sit at the main bar in Alchemy?", daily servicing of staterooms, etc. There has apparently been very minimal discussion about the Crew/Crew factor. I don't think I've personally seen anything whatsoever, but that changes with this post. What If, in the domino effect of getting things cranking, there is a perceived notion that this is where the industry breaks away from the norms, such as hotels, airlines, theatres, theme parks. At the end of a shift, no one is 'going home'. In this unique branch of the travel industry, they are living [almost literally] on top of each other 24/7. These individuals are the backbone, and if a situation went off the rails, it could be more than challenging for all. What If that contingency plan is hitting bumps in the early stages? I missing cruise SO much, and I want it to begin as soon as possible, with fantastic days at sea that make me happy. I'm selfish in saying that, and readily admit it. Sue me. 😊 Jimbo, the only reason I quote you specifically has minimal to do with my post, beyond that I respect your opinion (sometimes differing from my own) and I didn't think you'd take offence or consider it as an attack . . . which can happen from time to time here on CC with some. La la la la la What If, during some of the think tank discussions within the industry, people come up with a really off-the-wall question that initially/temporarily stops the progress of the discussion, leading the first verbal response to be, "Well, damn". Here's one (totally hypothetical, of course) for anyone to play with for definitive answers: Debarkation morning. Passengers are all packed up and heading out after a fun cruise. Room steward comes in to prepare the cabins for the next bunch of lucky individuals. What does he/she do with the existing toilet paper? (1) Dispose and start anew, (2) make a cute point on the first square and call it a day. Such a simple question, yet with varied opinions on solution.
  8. A question for those of you who've already experienced the CCL cancel/re-book process . . . Approximately how long did it take (from the day of official announcement) until you received your e-mail from Carnival? I realize there are quite a few being sent out in this newest wave of cancellations, so I shouldn't be surprised that mine has still not shown up. I already know the option I'm going to choose, and have researched the replacement for this one, but I assume the embedded link in the e-mail is the only way to make that happen. Thanks for any response from those who also didn't get a same-day message in the past, or are still awaiting this one. (It could still arrive later today. Yes, I did check junk mail file) .
  9. I don't know your particular sailing, but most of those have you arriving rather early morning, and then being back onboard a little after noon. If so, you'll be in average September temperatures between upper 70s and upper 80s for the duration. Yep, rather warm, but a stroll down Duval Street (perhaps staying on the east side, in the shade of buildings) would still be an enjoyable port break while leaving the ship. Enjoy your cruise. 😊 .
  10. https://www.carnival.com/core/requestforms/priceprotection.aspx
  11. All of my future NCL bookings have the 4 months final payment window as well. .
  12. Your name and the 'chatter' reference were due to a misunderstood post of mine . . . and for that I sincerely apologize to you. It was meant to be not only a compliment to you, but a reference to my own limitations while actively (and unofficially) participating in some discussions that include some of the organizations mentioned in the overall comments. All of this outside of Cruise Critic. Yes, I do wish I could channel some of your internal/technical knowledge before opening my own trap. Again, sorry. .
  13. Yes, you did . . . and I almost want to use the word Totally.
  14. After reading through the entire thread, this was the closest post matching what I've very recently been overhearing from some 'little birdies'. In addition to the "meet them" situations mentioned above, there could (potentially/hypothetically) be some things deemed "delete them completely" and leave it up to the individual line(s) to figure out how to inform their passenger base(s) to make that happen. There has been at least one moment when I so wished I could channel the technical expertise of Chief Engineer to help balance the chatter being heard . . . a combination of many personalities, including b/w analytical and very blue sky peeps. I really hope each of the industries doing current re-openings (and those coming up quite soon) have done enough internal research, in tandem with science, to really get it right. Of all those making recent announcements, the one cause me to personally cringe is film theatres (i.e. AMC). Also, because of the seat configuration within mostly small theatres, Broadway has a hurdle to overcome as well if a Labor Day opening is to be successful. Again, I'm hoping that each any every industry has success because they've worked hard to succeed beyond the challenges. .
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