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  1. Thanks, Sadie. A great reminder, for sure, but not an issue of this cruise, as I drive about an hour to get on the ship. No air travel involved. Have a great day!
  2. Bartender at Alchemy Bar. I'm aware that, yes, they can . . . but my goal is just a nice small gesture to allow them to skip even that minimal effort for a short while. Thanks for validating my question about the quantity. Greatly appreciated. Nope, over triple-digit sailings, I've never once visited, or spent time in, a smoking section. I deliberately choose that rookie status. Again, thanks!
  3. Carnival Corporation Prohibited Items The following items are prohibited and their possession is not allowed on board any Company ship by passengers or crew without a valid lawful reason, unless required in direct support of ship operations, as part of a crew member's official duties, and only with consent of the Ship's Master. *Flammable substances and hazardous chemicals unless carried in limited quantities and in accordance with company instructions (e.g., petrol, methylated spirits, paint thinners etc.) ______________ As a non-smoker, I've never given thought to quantity/size of cigarette lighters being brought onboard a cruise ship, but that is now the case, and a call to the CCL reservations phone number was met with the less-than-helpful, "I don't know for sure" answer. My goal is to take three (3) sealed multi-packs of BIC Disposable Lighters, making fifteen (15) total as gifts for three crew members who use them in their onboard role. That would certainly be deemed as more than I'd need for personal use onboard a short sailing (or even a really long sailing) so I'm concerned they'll be denied. It really is no big deal, and the expense (if they are discarded at embarkation) is minimal . . . but I was really hoping to do this gesture for those crew members. Has anyone who might be reading this post heard of any specific quantity?? Thanks for any responses. .
  4. On my last Carnival cruise, which I debarked this morning, I experienced several things which were new for me (as it's been a while since my last cruise vacation on Carnival) but there were also a few that were learned brand new. First time having passengers collect keycard at their cabin. Felt weird in the Plat/Dia lounge, but it went smoothly. I learned that the team assigned to Alchemy definitely have skills that separate them from their peers. I hope they are properly paid for those talents. Amazing. After reading of revisions/deletions of various food & beverage elements, I learned that (for me) most things were pretty much equal to my past experiences. Whew! I learned that as JCPenney, Sears, Macy's, and others struggle . . . somehow Park West keeps on going, even on short sailings. Rather amazing realization. I learned that at shared dining rooms tables, some will simply avoid the first-night conversation experience by concentrating solely on their mobile device throughout. I learned that on, at least, one particular ship, the quality of a Playlist Production is extremely weak, and actually embarrassing to some of the performers. My only true bummer of the time onboard. I re-board a CCL ship again in a few days, and will continue to learn on each sailing, despite the history of cruises . . . and I consider that a good thing. :) .
  5. The cost for the pass is $59.00 You have access starting Day 2. .
  6. I did receive double points on the sailing I just completed (debarked on Saturday) due to it being booked 9+ months in advance, and prior to the Latitudes program changes. I'll anticipate the same result for next week's sailing as well. Enjoy your May cruise!! .
  7. Yep, that door heading out to the elevator corridors was shutting quite loudly all last week. The one going into the living room walk-over was working well with the new hydraulic arm. I tried to be very careful each time I went through it. .
  8. OP, I agree that the earlier link by BirdTravels will be close to what you can/should expect regarding times. When Norwegian Sun was last doing these same alternating 3-day/4-day Bahamas sailings out of Canaveral (albeit numerous years ago) that was quite close to the entertainment scheduling. Enjoy your cruise!! :D .
  9. While I can't/wont factually state your issue in 12509 didn't "happen on the last cruise", I would readily bet $$ that it had been that way for quite some time. Those material coverings (most are much heavier than a sheet, but they might have run out of the better ones) have been used since 2017. And you are SO right about Bryan being a great, and attentive, steward. :) He left the studios last Saturday for a different location. Aminta was very aware of the challenge with the studio closet doors. Jennifer, and her team at the CruiseNext desk, probably were not. They'd not have reason to, but now that you've shared the details, they now are aware. That left closet door in 12516 has been missing since, at least, September 2017, and the right door (by the sink) since at least early December 2017. When the refurb on Epic was done in September 2015, quite a bit of the planned updates for the studios area was omitted . . . including a solution to the sliding wheels on those doors. I so totally agree with your last observation. Beverage service was amazingly fast and efficient everywhere I went. You lost me on some of the entertainment comments. Beyond the two BTF comic characters during the pre-show, I didn't notice the strong content you observed. And I didn't notice it during the Cirque Dreams performance either. Perhaps I wasn't paying as close attention as I thought I was. I could be totally wrong, but still lost on the observation. Yep, multiple studio cabins on both deck 11 and 12 are missing closet door/doors, and there is no real plan to replace them at this time. That's unfortunate. I love love love Norwegian Epic, and this newest challenge (albeit a smaller one on the grand scale of overall experience) is a bummer. Few would enjoy this visual appearance of a cheap college dorm.
  10. Also, when you receive the new/updated Confirmation Summary via e-mail, if everything went through correctly, you'll see in the upper right-hand corner a new Promo Codes listing, which will be PPSRVCHG. Have a great cruise! :) .
  11. It highly depends on the berth occupancy of The Haven on any specific sailing. On a somewhat recent Epic voyage there were only seven (7) POSH passes made available to non-Haven guests. The following week quite a few more were offered. .
  12. That Thursday night performance was the very first for the new cast. That's the reason for the schedule change, giving them some time to rehearse on the big stage with full props. I was at the 10:00 show and seated amongst the former cast who were so supportive to their replacements, and even a bit emotional. You do, however, have to raise an eyebrow about the way the "situations beyond our control" letter was worded. The end of their contract date had been known by NCL for almost nine months, and they knew the rehearsal schedule. But, hey, it's all good. :) The Beatles show in the Epic Theatre was awesome! Bummed they didn't get to perform it the following week as well. I did the Escape Room event in the Spiegel Tent on my follow-up sailing, and it kicked my butt. Was fun, but hard. Enjoyed meeting you during the week!! :) .
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