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  1. The 'napkin thing', for lack of a better term, was actually addressed a little less than a year ago in one of the initial think tank groups created to discuss post-cooties cruise protocols. It is even more prevalent on a few others lines (i.e. MSC) but can still occur on all. There were additional food service concerns discussed which raised more than a few eyebrows of attendees (including some government presence) about potential protocol adjustments. They were not COVID-specific, but merely brought up because of general food safety concerns even before 2020. It is my strong guess that if
  2. Heck, we may even get some/most of those from all three NCL ships in advance . . . assuming there might be a few Cruise Critic members selected for those advance test cruises. 😊 😊 If not, I'm certain Sid will do his always-stellar job documenting it all. .
  3. Mine was laminated very soon after vaccine completion, as well as photos saved for reference. I was given a direct A-OK, first by the CDC and then FEMA. If some sort of additional dosage is needed/required, they will add the information to a brand new card. .
  4. I vote for Carnival Magic Longer cruise with my preferred itinerary. (note: St Kitts is a great port stop) .
  5. I'm adding my own update here of recent experience: Method = Fax Sent afternoon of 3/10/21 Received confirmation of addition to all five cruises on 3/18/21 I was impressed with the speed. 👍 .
  6. Ditto that, Tom. I just checked, and got the same Etch-A-Sketch area. A while back I was able to snag two nights at steakhouse for my Nov cruise on Mardi Gras, but the drop-down box for dates only offered the first four evenings. Hoping to add one more when/if those extra dates open up. .
  7. Dave, a lot of great information had already been offered, but if you'd like to see the process Carnival describes on their website, here is the link: Have a great cruise(s)!!! 😊 https://help.carnival.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/4529/~/back-to-back-cruises
  8. With a strong Ixnay on a few specific backstage experiences being included in any passenger tours (most notably bridge and galley) on any line, I would be rather surprised to see the brewery being offered for quite some time. << that first part comes from some 'think tank' discussions early on in cooties season, which included some government group participation. .
  9. Agreed. Kept 100 and shed 500 ($24, which seemed like a 'nice round number') 😊 😊 I've somehow never heard that phrase, which made me chuckle (as it can be SO true). Thanks for introducing me to it. 😉 .
  10. If CCL opens as anticipated this morning, I've probably found my perfect escape hatch (even at a loss). Minimal confidence, so it's time for me to skeedaddle. .
  11. I've been back in my Cruise Critic 'silo' again for quite a while, but there have been some recent posts (one from NYC, one from TX, and now this from you) that make minimal sense when I see them. I'm certain that with the best intent of offering quality information to this online forum, you've often used the word Fact, while peppering it with opinion. You definitely have doubted numerous motives, starting way back in the early discussions of cooties season. You were/are 100% correct in your observations of seemingly flip-flop decisions during these months, and I've jo
  12. One of, at least, two would be Norwegian Cruise Lines. Transatlantic beginning in NYC (April 2021) for 15 days Panama Canal beginning in Miami (April 2021) for 16 days Alaska/Japan beginning in Seattle (October 2021) for 16 days Canada/New England beginning in NYC (September 2021) for 9 days Alaska beginning in Seattle (April - Sept 2021) for 9 days . "Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime!"
  13. You've posted that comment several times, and I do wonder if you've taken a moment to actually see that, yes, there are some who continue to offer, and advance-sell, cruises over seven days in length prior to November 2021. True, they may get adjusted in a big way prior to embarkation date, but the offers do currently exist. There was some discussion and consideration, as early as this past April, on how multiple stacked cruises (B2B) might be allowed and/or managed once the industry resumes. CDC presence was in those sessions, and I do not personally know what their ev
  14. I'm not so certain about the accuracy of that statement. .
  15. For the two dining coupons you will receive as Platinum+, both will be for two persons dining. That can be you and your brother, or you and anyone you choose. Enjoy your cruise!! 😊 😊
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