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  1. YES! We loved this tour! It is exactly as described in the promo video and a there is medium amount of uphill walking to the statue. Be advised there was a good amount of alcohol (shots on the bus, rum tasting, more shots) and I would consider this more of an adult tour, but YMMV. As pictured below, seven of my colleagues finished the entire bottle of rum -I don't drink liquor. Still a wonderful time and we will do it again, but I'm not taking my 13 & 15 year boys on this tour.
  2. YES! We just did it on 3/27 and it was a blast! Gondola tour to see the Christ statue, rum factory, lunch, cigar making and a short stop to see some donkeys near the port. Absolutely worth the money. It is outside the port gates and down the road a little ways, but the map contained detailed instructions.
  3. After 1:30 p.m. is access for everyone. Luggage just depends. Last week on Magic, I received my bag at 4:00 and wife received her bags at 10.
  4. Any issues staying connected on the Hub app? We just returned Sunday and many of us had trouble getting and staying connected.
  5. Right?!?!? It's literally a 'pass the popcorn' meme!
  6. $22 per digital seems really high, but maybe this is the going rate? I really don't want the actual prints either but rather the digital version so I can print when I get home. Is that type of package available?
  7. Don't discuss politics, religion or money. Period. However, don't forget that elections have consequences (good and bad).
  8. Totally disagree. I've done three (prior Covid) spring break cruises with my boys (11 & 13) and we never noticed rowdier or bad behavior. Yes, there were definitely more kids, and yes, they pushed every elevator button before they got off on their floor, but I say that's par for the course and I just rolled my eyes as we stopped on every floor.
  9. Can you give us any more details on your Magic cruise, i.e. do you mean cutbacks? Lack of service? Cleanliness?
  10. Sid, can you explain the ‘free’ dinner at the Chibang restaurant? Is this free for everyone the first time they try it or was this offer only for the Celebration ship? Or did I totally misread and there’s a charge each time?
  11. Sid, when you say “big tip” are you talking $20? I’ve always wanted to do this.
  12. Do you mind sharing how much ‘more’? Are we talking $200?
  13. There is nice transport group entitled 'salt water moms' that run transports between HOU/IAH. I tried to use them last year and called in January, but they were already booked for March! Super friendly and good prices. Personally, I would NOT trust the bus to get you there on time.
  14. So is there a lot time after the cyclebike to do another short tour, say a quick city tour? Looks like this excursion ends at 12:00. Is that accurate? We're in port on 3/28 08:00-16:00 so I'm trying to impress the wife with my school Principal planning skills, lol!
  15. From what I've seen most cruise lines dropped St. Kitts due to crime. However, having been there in years past it was absolutely THE best port I've ever sailed. I really enjoyed the history of Independence square and Irish town where indentured servants ended staying on their way to the US. According to wikipedia: The Irish emigrated to the islands with the English, both as merchants and Irish indentured servants. One of the earliest known Irish settlers, merchant Gregory French of Galway, was there in 1630 when tried for "certain speeches ... tending to the dishonour" of King Charles I.[2] In an incident at Kinsale in 1634, Irish emigrants were "ready to go ... to the West Indies ..[on a ship which] could have carried 150 passengers thence, for which passage there is commonly paid £6 per head ... and the freight of goods from Ireland to St Christopher, or other parts of the West Indies, is £3 to £4 per ton."[2]
  16. Pika8347

    Casinos in Aruba

    Do you mind referencing 'moderately priced'? Like, $5 blackjack and $5 craps or $15 minimums?Just curious.
  17. Not trying to be snarky, but have you tried a lactose pill? They really work!
  18. Any update on your tour? If so, how was it?
  19. Price was $60 per person for zip line and was negotiated by our tour guide prior to arrival.
  20. Could be! We also did the Chocolate tour. It's probably the same owners, lol!
  21. CORRECTION: it was called "Mayan Adventures Cozumel"
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