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  1. When I bought a FCC, O contacted my TA.
  2. That’s the way it is. Always has been.
  3. When I was on Regatta, more were on the VIP line than not
  4. +1. agree 100%. It was a complaint I had, but O was steadfast in not giving in.
  5. I was suspended for telling Jan’s occupation many years ago.
  6. So much misinformation in your post I hesitate to answer. "Long distant guests" are from this side of the pond, flights arrive really early. Boarding and cabin availability are different times. The Barcelona dock is not right on the street. Just go to the ship after you land and all will be fine.
  7. BTW, the library on Riviera or Marina doesn't compare to the library on the other ships. Almost the only bad thing there is.
  8. Can’t help you with a priest, but you take books from the library by taking them. There is no checkout. Honor system plus who would want to take them home.
  9. If your stop before Papeete is Moorea you can disembark there and make your own way to Papeete to catch the flight.
  10. I've left the ship in Lisbon and it's easy. There is a taxi line just off the ship and it works fine. You have no problem making your flight. I did notice, across the street is another taxi stand, that might be quicker, but Lisbon isn't Rome or Greenwich.
  11. I attempted to add PE on my O booked flight from Papeete. The website let me get all the way through, and then there was a glitch. I saw the pending charge on my Chase/United CC and gave it no further thought. The charge was never posted, but my bulkhead seat was there when I boarded.
  12. I deviated on my November SF to Papeete, waiting 2 days before I returned to NY. Oceania booked me on the Papeete-SF-EWR route on United..
  13. Only for concierge and above
  14. Recently off Regatta. No life jackets for the drill. This was a change.
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