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  1. sitraveler

    Corkage Fee

    ,no corkage on O provided beverage.
  2. sitraveler

    Lifeboat drill

    On the small ships, unless there is poor weather, you always go to the area under the lifeboats.
  3. sitraveler

    Money Exchange Havana

    Money exchange was quick & efficient. Used some Canadian dollars I had for CUCs. No 10% fee, just a 3% charge. When I had CUC's left over, received US $, less 3%. How are you & Jim?
  4. sitraveler

    First time using promo with some "included tours"

    Just reserve your most expensive ($199 and under) tours using your allowance and then go back for the others. No need to concern yourself with the programming.
  5. Taxi stand across street from port. Avoids line at cruiseport exit.
  6. sitraveler

    Oceania NEXT

    Most suitcases store easily by leaving them open. You're welcome.
  7. sitraveler

    Looking at Oceania for the first time

    Just back from Marina's crossing as a single. Realize that there is a difference between a single and a solo. We had an initial gathering the second evening pre-dinner. There were about 6 of us, 2 men, 4 women. The social hostess was there and it was a no-pressure event. There was also a solo's dinner and a luncheon. The amount of interaction you will have depends on your personality. There were people who saw I was a single and decided to join me. If you want to be alone, that will be the way it is. If you want to interact with people, visit the smokers areas, it's where people just sit and talk and cough.
  8. sitraveler

    Holiday decorations?

    Left the Marina yesterday. There were some decorations, but the atrium had a huge curtain for the last week. "under construction" We didn't get to see the finished result.
  9. sitraveler

    CD Carson

    No. But I boarded with 5 of them. Wonderful cruise, wish you were here.
  10. sitraveler

    CD Carson

    Those boarding Marina, or others who have Carson as their CD. If you sit in the front row, he does a slight of hand intro where Big O points magically appear in his hand, he uses denominations up to 20 and gives them away. That's for his show only.
  11. sitraveler

    Reviews of Oceania

    Had dinner in Red Ginger tonight. Cast iron tea pots are gone, so are the bamboo sherbet cups. Ceramic pots don't keep the water as hot. Allegedly due to US health authorities.
  12. sitraveler

    Reviews of Oceania

    Cruise Director was always a low numbered channel, now on Marina is on #10. There was a news headline channel there. Still MSNBC, CNBC, FOX.
  13. sitraveler

    Reviews of Oceania

    Other changes: CD channel now 10, no more headlines. Can exchange champagne into house wine. Was invited to a lunch with staff, no dinner yet More as I think of it.
  14. sitraveler

    Reviews of Oceania

    On board Marina. Staff in Toscana & baristas now mostly central American. Orchestra from Brazil, so is quartet. Seems like they are hiring from different part of the world. Everything is fine, but I notice a different vibe.
  15. sitraveler

    Oceania's Free Shuttles List

    New port-Praia(Santiago) Cape Verde Shuttle to Correlos de Cape Verde. Town center is 2 miles from cruise pier.