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  1. Thanks for all the info. We've been on Mariner before, but we are coming up on our first post Covid cruise. Super excited!. BTW - Have you found the Peek A Boo bridge? It may be on 11. M
  2. Just FYI If changing rooms and the new room is vacated before we have to go to the back to back meet up, we usually take our suitcases to the new room. We put them in the closet. Then the cabin attendant only has to move our hanging clothes. glad it worked out for you. m
  3. Are you calling me old? But yes, Sovereign except for the ONE balcony on deck 9. When they added balconies they did a test for deck 9 ( the superior OV) and one for deck 10, the JS. They decided to add the balconies only to 10 but kept the ONE balcony on deck 9. A great cabin. Not only did it have a balcony, for the price of a SOV, the balcony was truly private as all other cabins were SOV, and if you were D or above you got a balcony discount. Just took a look at my cruise list. I sailed Sovereign from August 2002 until October 2008. The secret balcony was 9028 M
  4. I've asked that before as well. Consensus ( from Pinnacles) is yes, JS gets priority. Sailing B2B on Harmony next month, I think I'll hang out at the CK door just to see the fireworks! I'm sure there is some entitled passengers who thinks he/she has priority over everyone. M
  5. Anxious to hear about your turnaround experience. In past years, in PC, we had to wait a bit ( from 15 minutes to 2 hours) in the terminal. Hoping that will not be the case with new protocols, specific check-in etc. Also - can you estimate how many B2B there are? - Thanks M
  6. Never mind - i gave a serious answer to an obvious not serious question. M
  7. Can’t answer what something might be worth to you. We find so many complimentary beach and pool seating areas and so much complimentary food, it is not worth it to us. m
  8. Most of those benefits you listed are for full suite guests, not JS guests. I hope you understood that full suite benefits did not apply to your accommodations? Were you promised anything that was not provided? If not, then you have nothing to complain about. You booked a certain category, received the applicable benefits, end of story. How can you complain that you did not get the same benefits as those sailing in a higher category suite. M
  9. Well - you have to knock because the door generally remans closed. I have NO problem knocking at the CK door. I am allowed there if space is available and I see no reason why knocking on the door is bad or offensive. The other options is to leave the CK door open at dinner hours so we can simply approach the host desk. M
  10. Enjoying the comments from those on board. We are back to back in a few weeks, luckily in the same cabin. m
  11. If you canceled the cruise, then you won’t get the block. The ship/cruise that you reach the specific point threshold is the block you receive. So if you were due one on ovation, that would mean that you had not met the specific threshold until you took that cruise. You did not, so the next cruise you take that you meet the threshold you will receive a block of that particular ship m
  12. I hope they don’t mess with those who booked B2B in the same cabin. That would be frustrating. m
  13. Our 10/24 Allure itinerary changed from Labadee and Falmouth to Cozumel and Costa Maya. We have a Harmony cruise in January 2022 that includes Labadee and Falmouth again. I expect that Itinerary to be changed as well. I liked the itinerary ( and booked it - twice) as it included both Labadee and Coco Cay . M
  14. You get 4 drinks each day. If you prefer, use them all between 5-8 for cheap alcohol/wine and you'll find no difference, unless you drank more than 4 drinks during the HH. Or, space them out and use them when ever you want for any drink up tp $13. ALL day/every day/even at Coco Cay. M
  15. Thanks - that new is already a couple of days old. We ordered a few kits yesterday as back up if our upcoming testing appointments get cancelled. M
  16. You can go to the dining room any night(s) you wish. My suggestions is to book my time dining. That way, an assigned MDR table will not sit empty when you are in CK or specialty dining. You can ask for the same waitstaff at CK. CK staff ( and all dining staff) are so kind to children. We find the CK breakfast menu a bit limiting, the kids might like MDR or windjammer breakfast better. Typically we use CK a few nights, MDR a few nights and one specialty restaurant. enjoy
  17. Shouldn't be a space that hast be shared with others. I don't have a problem with a dedicated smoking lounge. M
  18. Usually penny slots have a 30-50 cent minimum. Easier to put $1 in and simply sit at a machine and smoke. M
  19. I was just told by RCCL phone operators that not only will Royal administer the test for the second cruise, it can be another Royal ship as well as a Celebrity or Carnival ship. She told me the two cruises had to be within 3 days of each other. I wonder with the two day testing requirement if that 3 day comment was is still valid. I didn't press the issue as our ( Side by side) cruises are only one day apart. Plus, the cruises are not till January and protocols will change by then. M
  20. It appears that there is a new revised top tier event to include D+ and pinnacle. Sounds like they were testing the event. The top tier event will be once during a cruise. Don’t know if it will be on shorter cruises. Of course, the Diamond lounge and (new) Pinnacle lounge will be open every evening for happy hour. have fun. m
  21. I think the recognition/top tier events are nice and we try to attend. Obviously it is for frequent/repeat cruisers who are generally not worried that if they attend they might miss something else (better). Many voiced a loud disapproval when the event was paused, so I hope they attend now that one is reinstated. I go for the rum punch. We've never asked for a drink other than what is offered to the attendees. We were once recognized as the 3rd top cruiser and they did ask our drink order when we were seated. That was a nice treat. Last few years, the Oasis class had the event at the Aqua theater and had a behind the scenes explanation and some diving. They didn't fill it with Platinum and up so they opened it to the entire ship. That was nice treat for others. M
  22. I think someone said something like….if one can stay in a suite, they can afford a glass of wine. .. I suspect the theory stands for a bottle of water. m
  23. If you don't want a can of water to be counted as one of your 6 drinks, tell the server. You can simply pay for the water and free up vouches to be used for more expensive drink. M
  24. We did it when it was new (Think it was June 2019) and it was great. Of course we only paid $24.99 per adult. We were up for about 15 minutes. It gets canceled a good bit because of the winds. We could only go up half the height because of winds the day we booked. The operator is knowledgeable and provides lots of history and info on how the balloon actually works. Glad we did it at $24.99, as I doubt I would pay the current prices. Great views of Coco Cay from above. M
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