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  1. We got off the Lengend last week and it was the smelliest cruise we have been on. The Casino was the least used one that I have seen but when we would walk through every table and bar stool was filled with smokers in front of the Casino bar. Since that is a designated smoking area they can smoke and if I don't like it I don't have to stay or go through there. We completely skipped gambling on this cruise for the first time as it was so bad with smoke and the friends and family we traveled with felt them same as some of them spent about 10 minutes in the Casino and then just gave up. The smokers who smoke in the designated areas I understand but our group occupied several balconies on both sides of the ships and almost all of us smelled cigarette smoke on the balconies at times. In the past if we saw someone smoking on the balcony we would simple ask them not to as it isn't allowed and we usually get a "sorry" and they don't do it again. Only once did we have someone next door to us get extremely mad cuss us out and then they started chain smoking on their balcony my wife just went in and called GS and in a few minutes someone knocked on their door and they all went into the cabin and we never saw them on the balcony the rest of the cruise. This time we could never see who was doing it. We also while walking down the hall passed rooms that apparently they were smoking in as the hallway smelled of smoke a few times.
  2. Sprite and tequilla..........never heard of that. I guess I need to get out more.
  3. When we booked it said the early dining option was full and were given late dining. So we had to email the Maitrd to get it changed.
  4. Like the old saying "everything is better with butter"
  5. Good to be around happy drunk or sober people.......it is the mean ones I want to avoid.
  6. Wow.......not saying it isn't true but my wife and I wouldn't take someone else's chairs. That bartender needs to be fired not congratulated. Different upbringings and sense of right and wrong.
  7. Not an attorney nor do I play one on TV. But they probably "bill" him for the cost and if he doesn't pay they then can file in civil court to try and recover the cost. Just a guess.
  8. Emailed the Maire d yesterday for next weeks sailing and he moved us party of 5 from late to early and emailed me back to confirm.
  9. I don't believe that airlines can recommend someone to the federal "No Fly List" for being unruly. That is not what the list is for.
  10. Wow I hate to hear that. Every cruise we were on they held us until everyone was accounted for an they went over the the life vest, whistle etc.
  11. Good point........I must remember to wear deodorant just in case.
  12. How sure are you about her fiance being able to get off in that short of notice. Otherwise what a great gift.
  13. Glad you shared and had a great cruise. We are doing Alaska again in one week. The first time was fantastic.
  14. You can use your tag holders
  15. Carnial has a low price guarantee now. Like most Carnival guests, you're planning some fun ashore during your upcoming cruise...and like everyone, you want that shore excursion at the best price. Booking yours through Carnival is not only easier and more reliable, but will make your wallet happy too. Here's how it works: Purchase one of our amazing Carnival Shore Excursions! If you find that shore excursion elsewhere for a lower price, submit your claim online. Within 48 hours, you will be notified if your claim meets the Best Price Guarantee’s criteria. If your claim is accepted, you will receive 110% of the difference in price to enjoy in the form of an onboard credit. The following restriction applies: Carnival’s Best Price Guarantee only applies to shore excursions that are advertised with pricing and publicly available. Prices available only by using a coupon or other promotion not offered to the general public are ineligible.
  16. You don't have to tip extra but some bartenders will take extra care of you and others won't.
  17. Odd.....but ok. I haven't witnessed what you have described but if you did and it makes you happy then party on and have a great cruise.
  18. I agree my wife and I attended with some friends of ours. One was an ex Navy self described "redneck" and he said it was absolutely one of the best dinners and most enjoyable times he has had. I thought he would like it but was a little surprised by how much.
  19. I think he missed your joke........something I have been accused of.
  20. Did you guys know the codes were "suspect" or were you led to believe that they were legit. Either way hope you guys get it worked out.
  21. I can certainly see what you mean. As it states "to expedite check-in......." Carnival would like everyone together as it is easier but as other posters have stated you can show up at different times and they will check you in.
  22. I like you wanted to see Orcas and we took a whale watching tour out of Juneau and it was amazing a pod kept swimming around the boat and the Captain said they were just playing and then a second pod joined them and we got pictures of about 17 Orcas in a line swimming. The Captain and crew got really excited as they hadn't seen that many at once. We are going again in 2 weeks. Hope you plan your trip and have a great time whatever you decide.
  23. Someone seems full of themselves. Another my card color makes me better than you.
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