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  1. Check out the new co-marketing between MSC and the Brightline. We live up the coast in Palm Bay. We will never drive to Port of Miami again. Dennis
  2. This is funny. My wife did not pack white for our Preziosa cruise in February. Sure enough because we did the b2b two nights without white for her. She gets really po'd missing suggested dress. We even shopped in port, to no avail. So now whenever we are in Marshall's or TJMaxx she scopes out the clearance rack to stock up on white dresses just for cruises. Dennis
  3. They brought it in from behind the bar area and put it up in the covered lounge area. It was a mobile unit that I assume they could use in other areas. Dennis
  4. If you are in the Yacht Club the staff up at the One Pool had a big screen and sports feed wired so we could watch a World Cup match. Dennis
  5. Last cruise in YC was on Preziosa in February. We do 'engage' the bartenders as soon as we board. We go ahead and sit at the bar and chat them up. our basic drinks are pretty straightforward (Hendricks/tonic/lime, gin martini, Jameson on the rocks/lime) . But we do change it up in the afternoon with drinks like a Canadian whiskey sour. We do not expect that we will be able to have the butlers get our orders right off the bat so we 'train' the bartenders. They will text mix our drinks to taste. Once we have them making it how we like it that's how they come out. The butlers and beverage servers soon learn we have set drinks. this is no different on any cruise line or resort for that matter in my opinion. Dennis
  6. $$$$/product delivered (value), not even close. MSC all the way. Dennis
  7. We are just off the Preziosa, three weeks ago. Since the Preziosa only spends about 6 months in the Western Hemisphere I wondered if tipping expectations would be different among the overwhelmingly European passengers. I didn't wonder long, it's our choice. Our end-of-cruise envelopes were the same as a U.S. departure. Generous. As to seeing your YC Restaurant Manager again and whether tipping may be remembered... Giuseppe (Pepe) was our manager on Seaside and now on Preziosa. We expected to see him again on Meraviglia, but alas that contract assignment may be changed. And yes it was pretty obvious to other passengers that Pepe treated as old friends and had his staff take special care of us. He knew we would be taking good care of his staff at end of cruise. Pepe is so personable and professional and fun. A modest monetary thank-you in addition to verbal was appropriate and appreciated. Dennis
  8. On the Seaside last December the grits in the YC Restaurant were excellent. They were coarse milled, but not as coarse as hominy. I would say more closely to Waffle House than hominy. I was actually surprised that MSC would serve such a good quality plate of grits. Dennis
  9. French toast on Preziosa was worse than freezer. Pre-cooked and warmed over. Very hard throughout. Pepe saw my displeasure and went back and made me pancakes. He saw that the kitchen's first effort was not appropriately sized for an American's taste and he used that as a teachable moment for his staff. 😀 The pancakes were a very nice diner style buttermilk pancake. Dennis
  10. Finally Graham a sane response. Both the YC bar and restaurant will do their best to accommodate as long as you are not unreasonable or come across as demanding. We do our best early in the cruise to make the YC Director, the Head Butler, YC Restaurant Manager, all the staff in Top Sail and Pool One know that we appreciate their hard work. And I don't mean tipping. A special request is usually honored. It's a private club folks. I have always found we get treated that way. Dennis
  11. Just wondering if the YC experience in terms of drinks etc is altered for the cruises that sail the Dubai routes. I just booked a 2021 7-day on Seaview. I've been to those waters before under vastly different circumstances 😀 so not a big deal itinerary for me, but DW wants to do it. Dennis
  12. Thanks Graham. I was able to stop going down to medical after four days. I got my own plasters and iodine in Barbados. It's healing fine. Except for affecting evening shoe choices no lasting harm. 😁 Dennis
  13. Turns out we did have flight options which I had not seen when booking air, but they weren't the greatest. During the winter American does fly a Saturday only direct Miami to FDF return flight. That could be an iffy as we like to get to port a day early. Also Norwegian Air has a direct flight from Fort Lauderdale, but cattle car only. On reflection that may have been better than our 'business' class seat on the very non-direct Air France flight. Dennis
  14. We were on the Preziosa on this cruise. We are from the U.S and travelled back and forth to Martinique on Air France (don't ask me if I will ever travel Air France again). We were in YC, so can't speak to the general passenger population. I did not see any generalized respiratory illness onboard. Just a few kids. But I was in medical a few times for an injury and there were several folks with severe coughing. Several were Brits who likely would have been among these folks. Dennis
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