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  1. Probably so. I got an email about this cancellation. Can’t find any public listing of affected cruises. I think it is ‘interesting’ that this round of cancellations was done so quietly.....
  2. My October 10 Pacific Coastal cruise was cancelled due to dry dock to enhance medallion system. Truthfully, I was relieved as I now have a work meeting at the same time. I had booked it as a casino cruise (rebooked from a cancelled cruise) and hope to book again. Does anyone have any insight into how many cruises were cancelled as it might give us some insight into the true re-start of cruising? Yes, this Pollyanna is still hoping for restart this year.....LOL.
  3. Let's hope so. I think they are scared to make a statement either way right now, but that can turn people off as well.
  4. Same. I hope this doesn't push me to another line. I am hopeful that they will change their wishy-washy stance. I did not enjoy my NCL cruise, but would give it another try if it were the only line requiring vaccinations. I am disappointed in CCL right now.
  5. Same here. Especially after watching The Last Cruise. I’d hate to change brands but I will if crew and passengers aren’t vaccinated.
  6. I wish we could get back to cruising so everyone could return to arguing over formal night and smoking areas. I don’t think any country has much to brag about- DIFFERENT PROBLEMS EVERYWHERE.
  7. It’s out now......
  8. Me too. Especially after watching The Last Cruise.
  9. Going OT....what is the word on the Queen Mary lately? I loved that ship and so hope she opens again and survives this bankruptcy.
  10. So glad you watched! I’m afraid it will be a long time before they get started.....
  11. You’d think they would work a deal to purchase vaccines to vaccinate crew. That will certainly make me really think about cruising.......the last thing I want is to be trapped on a ship.....
  12. If it gets to $8 I will buy in again. I couldn’t get my funds transferred quickly enough to get in then. Now that I am set up, I can act quickly. I truly believe it will get back to a price that is closer to $60, but that will take years.
  13. Blonde moment. Did not see the typo and read the thread........ NOW I GET IT!
  14. I sold my few shares today. Didn’t see this beforehand, just felt that the price will fall when they cancel Alaska.
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