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  1. I did chase her down for tissues once. I did try to handle it onboard. That’s when I was told ice melts. I felt corporate should know about the level of service. It was certainly different than my last two cruises. I didn’t want anything except an apology and for them to know they have serious gaps in service and customer relations even on the same ship within four months.
  2. What a trek! I’m sorry you had so much trouble. Thanks for sharing your adventure. P.S. you didn’t miss anything on the Air Canada flight to Seattle. I made that trek once, never again! The walk at both terminals was horrendous and I think the train would have been faster!
  3. That is ridiculous! I would call, write, and tweet! Good luck!
  4. I would have done so if I had a chance . My steward was elusive...... she didn’t even service my cabin on the first full day until the evening. Maybe it was an anomaly, but I had ice on the last 2 cruises and a robe waiting for me on one, and delivered early the first evening on the other.
  5. Yes and that was the biggest issue because they really didn’t want to be bothered and told me it was my fault because I didn’t make requests. It was for ice and a robe. She told me that ice melts so they don’t deliver it unless you request it, then she said you must request a robe. When I said I did in my personalizer, she said we’ll get you one and hung up. My steward brought a robe with ‘here’s your robe’ and walked off. I never got ice. Small things that didn’t ruin my cruise but the response was what I found below par. I still think that the first question from my steward was telling, ‘Are you in for three days, or thirty’. The service mirrored my response of three days. It was the first time I did not tip over the auto tip. I don’t really want anything except an apology and a commitment to do better.
  6. I recently sailed on a 3 day from Vancouver to LA on the Ruby. I had a few small complaints about service and the response from guest services that I emailed to Princess. I got a call today that customer relations has a backlog and, while they had created a case, I should expect a six-week delay in their response. The rep said they wanted to thank me for being a loyal customer and ask me to be patient. i appreciated the call and told the rep that I thought Princess should be aware of the gaps in service and the responses I received which is why I emailed. Have they cut back on staff or are there that many complaints?
  7. Hmmm. I have mine turned off, still able to get gift cards. Have you tried signing up from the web? Just trying to help. Not questioning your experience.
  8. Not necessarily. You can get enough in the sign up bonus to purchase gift cards. I did it for a week and still have points, but I would have gotten enough without using the app.
  9. No, you just have to sign up for Allstate Drivewise. Open to anyone.
  10. I got one today inviting me to book Share for the cruise I was on last week!
  11. I wish they would sail from another Southern Gulf of Mexico port so I could sail more often. I wish they would be more organized and a little less authoritarian on debarkation. Just got off the Ruby this morning. Was scheduled to debarked at 12:25. At 10:15 they said they were ahead of schedule- so everyone get off now! I wish they would provide better communication. Cruise documents said no formal nights, but they had one! Dining times and scheduled times for the casual venues were not as advertised. i wish they would offer chocolate croissants, the cream cheese donuts, and the chocolate velvet framboise cake every day!
  12. The movies this weekend were close-captioned....guess you got your wish!
  13. I would check to see how many ships are in Vancouver before getting off. We embarked on Saturday with 3 ships and our departure was delayed because the customs lines were so long! At Muster, we were missing over 1000 passengers who were still in line. I was lucky to only stand in line for an hour.
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