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  1. I had a friend cruising and sent $$ with her. She got them for me to give to my Niece!! Ignore the messy background. Just took a quick pic to send to her mom.
  2. I am glad you feel that way. I feel differently. I am entitled to my opinion as you are entitled to yours. Since we obviously disagree, let’s agree to disagree.
  3. Of course it would. It matters to me that instead of fixing the problems when ordered, they violated probation. It bothers me that they are putting out PR that they hope people will believe fixes the problem. It bothers me that they use the opportunity to further cut service and it bothers me that you make an assumption that I would not care what they said or did. If they cared about the environment they would have followed the rules. i would applaud them for making real and lasting change by committing to new processes, training, and internal audits/inspections.
  4. And how many of these ‘changes’ really help the environment versus increase the company’s bottom line with the excuse of helping the environment. These fixes seem disingenuous to me.
  5. Thank you for sharing. I got one too! Held a cruise, fingers crossed that I can get decent airfare. A little over $1700 for three in a forward, obstructed balcony.
  6. I’ve see Orcas from the ship and also in Juneau from land. We learned here to go to the Shrine of Saint Therese and walk to the ocean. It was amazing! I have done a whale watch in Victoria- no whales. I scheduled one this year with Eagle Wing and it was cancelled because they wrecked the morning boat. I was disappointed with their communication because they tried to postpone which left me out of booking other tours. It was a big disappointment and kept me from enjoying Victoria as I was kept waiting for 3, then 5. I could have taken another tour at the initial time, or found something else to do. https://vancouverisland.ctvnews.ca/tourists-rescued-as-victoria-based-whale-watching-boat-takes-on-water-1.4415812
  7. I used the transfer in May. I did it because I was solo and did not want to carry my own luggage off the ship. I had a rolling carry-on, a medium sized suitcase, and a grocery bag. I love the Sky Train and used it to go to the outlet mall since I was at the airport WAY too early, but was apprehensive about rolling my luggage on and off. If I were with a group I would have definitely used the Sky Train but the $29 was worth it to me for never having to pick up my luggage with a bad back. I did have to roll it from the collection area to the bus.
  8. Haven’t cruised Carnival in many years. Looking to book again. No Ice buckets, tablecloths, or chocolates? When did that happen? Can you get your own ice?
  9. I should have asked. That was one of the best desserts I’ve ever had.
  10. I noticed that in the International Cafe that timing is everything, they brought out this DIVINE chocolate/raspberry tart. It was delicious and GONE with the first 12 people who saw it. It might pay to go back if you don’t see something you like the first time. Or hang out and watch for special treats. I wish I had asked what it was and if there were any more. I also get get an extra chocolate croissant in the buffet or IC in the morning to save for a late night snack.
  11. I had to dump in Victoria last year. It was brand new! Oh well.......
  12. I would agree with you about the sales and promotion. I felt like I was walking the gauntlet each time I walked by the spa. I was surprised at the rust as well especially since she just got out of dry dock. I loved the crew and enjoyed the majority of the food.
  13. Just did this. While the flight was shirt, security and customs were a zoo! Staff yelling from the time I entered until I got to Customs. You also have to walk a LONG way to get to the terminal (Air Canada) and then use steps to get on the plane. I would go for bus, train, or car before I did that again!
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