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  1. I couldn’t even tell you about the seats because I was so excited to be there! I remember the scenery but not the seats so I guess they weren’t that bad.
  2. Can’t pick one....... Salmon bake On deck after Ketchikan Share by Curtis Stone and snacks on the balcony!
  3. Thank you for sharing! Nice to have something to watch.
  4. I was waiting for a call too. Tried to call today. Going on Royal California Coastal 1st call- $630 for a balcony, told me I was DOWNGRADED to interior. Said PVPs didn’t understand the rules when I question difference in price for upgrade I’ve seen here and her quote. Then she said they have set prices. Told her I’d have to think about it. 2nd call- seemed nice. Told me to hold on, heard a kid in the background, waited a few minutes, call disconnected. 3rd call- you will just have to wait until we call you. I’m a temp worker and don’t know the rules. Just wait. I told her she was my third call. She told me I had no choice but to wait. i fired off an email. Haven’t heard anything yet. You would think that a company wanting to improve their image would train better and have better contingencies in place before they sent out a mass email.
  5. Check out this article. Maybe it wasn’t the passengers but the produce..... Check out this article from USA TODAY: CDC: Frozen raspberries were culprit behind 2019 norovirus outbreak on multiple cruises https://www.usatoday.com/story/travel/cruises/2020/04/24/cdc-report-raspberries-caused-2019-norovirus-outbreak-cruises/3018721001/
  6. My PVP was able to book for me today and put in for an upgrade. She said they will call me for an upgrade soon. She said they usually weren’t able to book casino offers but Princess is so overwhelmed that they were allowing it.
  7. I think the 95% refund is extremely reasonable. You don’t purchase concert or movie tickets and expect a refund unless they are cancelled. I’d be surprised any of these companies are offering a refund; many tours do not. I’m sure they are more worried about surviving a year without income or the health of their friends and family over someone on CC complaining about 5%. I am sorry you are disappointed. I am disappointed over my August cruise and I am looking at my decision to purchase gift cards to safe money as a lesson learned as I would look at losing tour costs had I booked tours so far in advance. I’m hopeful Princess comes out of this but understand that it’s my own fault if I am left holding the gift cards in the end.
  8. These are newer and pretty cool. It aerates a liquid disinfectant that sprays out of a ghostbusters looking contraption. The aerosol allows the person spraying to spray everything. We just did this at the Early Childhood Center and I was back in the building about 20 minutes after he finished. I’d think you would really want to wait a few hours and we had to wipe down all of the glass because it had condensation. it’s a new technology so it’s expensive. It was $350 for 16,000 square feet.
  9. In Pre-COVID, days I do not think they would at all. However, they are now working to re-start operations in a different circumstance. Princess has been the leader in delaying cruises but also at the forefront of the discussion. I saw a USA Today article talking about noro and other illnesses on Princess Cruises. I think cruise lines are going to be forced to change their model and for them, any income is better than none.
  10. I really think they have to move to a schedule that leaves a day for cleaning before bringing on new passengers. While they will lose income, it would make for a better experience for those disembarking and allow those embarking to enjoy the day they paid for. Those new disinfecting floggers are wonderful, but it takes time for everything to settle and as I learned last week, all glass must be wiped down to remove the residue. They still face the problem we face everywhere which is dealing with people who continue to travel when they are ill. This virus is so frightening because people are infecting others before they know they are ill.
  11. That’s a bummer. I hope you get resolution soon. After the events this week I just decided I didn’t want them holding my $$ in hopes of more credit.
  12. It was before final payment date. I think 151 days. No penalties for canceling at that time.
  13. I’m sad. I just cancelled Alaska for late August. I had been upgraded and got the Thanksgiving Deal and then added Best Sale Ever. They told me I would get a refund in 3-4 weeks to original form of payment. Cancelling a cruise is minor when so many are sick and dying. I’m still sad but everything in the world right now is just overwhelming.
  14. I’m glad I’m not the only one looking and not finding anything!
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