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  1. Not a very good one…..BUT…..call Princess and have them apply it.
  2. I had to cancel my cruise for August 8. I got my refund for my excursions in 2 days. I just checked and my onboard credit purchased with gift cards has been refunded. My FCC’s are back in my account. I am still waiting for refund to card for taxes/fees and EZAir.
  3. Happy cruising! I’m not going to make it this year…..first exposure to COVID, then my surrogate mom died. Now I am like @geoherb ‘s DH, no one here to help with mom. if possible, can you post pictures of the elusive room service menus?
  4. I am so sorry. I HATE COVID too. Worrying about parents is the hardest part.
  5. I want to give a shout-out to them! I cancelled on them with 2 days notice due to a death in the family. Told them that I did not expect a refund just didn’t want them looking for me. I got a refund today! They didn’t have to do that. What a great company. Use them if you can!!
  6. That’s the saddest part! Thank you for sharing so much!
  7. Don’t remember the name either. She should be a crosswalk guard….
  8. I get mine from Sam’s for less than $4.00 for 100 pills.
  9. They promoted Alaskan specials in the specialty dining. Have you seen any? TIA
  10. I was so happy when I checked in at lunch! I opened the cams on my big screen in the office for a few minutes when I could.
  11. I remember eating the best salmon of my life on the Lido Deck at a Salmon Bake after Ketchikan. I wanted to go back for more but didn’t want to be a glutton. It has spoiled me for other Salmon.
  12. Same. I remember fancy, fancy on Alaskan cruises, but that was 15 years ago.
  13. Sorry, I answered before you edited. Would like to see desserts too! I am sure we will see everything in due time.
  14. I can scan my passport, but then it won’t take the picture. My experience with the IT folks was awful. Customer service was better but I’m still not ‘fixed’! I agree that Princess needs to ditch their IT Provider and IT Support Provider. They don’t seem to understand the simplest of things.
  15. I can’t make it upload my passport photo on either an iPad or iPhone with the latest iOS- think it’s just a cluster all the way around.
  16. I’m on the same cruise and in the same boat with the app-lol! I still can’t upload my passport. Had a horrible experience speaking with OM Tech Support, but since had 2 great conversations with customer service. They are working on it…… I was pleased to hear great customer service like I’ve come to expect from Princess. The 2nd call was from them to tell me it wasn’t fixed but it would be and that they hadn’t forgotten me!
  17. Did you take a picture of just the page with your picture or both pages picture one and signature one?
  18. I was unable to scan my passport. Any hints on doing so? It says it cannot write the information to the OCEAN Network.
  19. I can’t get my passport to load. It scans it but then it says- we are unable to write your details to the OCEAN network…..ugh!
  20. I am curious too! If it is anywhere near the same price, I would be all for it!
  21. I’ve cruised solo and was only charged for one set of gratuities. I also paid for kne person for plus for an upcoming cruise. It is just the cabin rate that is doubled.
  22. They had those crab cakes on a coastal cruise (right after Alaskan season)…..they were so good!
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