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  1. Wow that is a lot of onboard credit, how long are the cruises and what cabin did you book to get this kind of deal. The biggest OBC we have had is when we did Queen Mary 2 for 16 nights and got $750 I thought that was good, but been unable to do the same again.
  2. I'm following this topic because we too are looking at Japan in a couple of years time, awaiting cruise programmes to come out for late 2021.
  3. Thank you for your review, it was very informative, there are so many choices now.
  4. Can recommend the brand Bleasdale for Sparkling Shiraz, a personal favourite of ours.
  5. If you like red wine, can I recommend you try our Sparkling Shiraz, only South Australia has this particular wine and it is beautiful, when you do the Barossa tour highly recommend you taste it.
  6. We were on Golden Princess Alaska cruise and they have the larger new televisions in the cabins and new beds too.
  7. Thank you we will just go with it, happy with mini bar and taking 2 bottles.
  8. Thank you just checked my cruise history and it is only 1 credit, I'm still happy about getting a mini bar set up, I wonder we are going to take 2 bottles on board with us in Adelaide if we use them before Western Australia I wonder if we can take 2 more on board there?
  9. Just making sure I have this right, we are going on the Majestic Princess 18th February from Adelaide there is also a segment sold from Perth, does that mean we can have our mini bar topped up (we are Elite)??
  10. So are you saying no gratitudes are charged for any drinks at all?
  11. We are on Majestic February 2010, so looking forward to it and getting on in our hometown of Adelaide.
  12. When we booked a cruise with our Future Cruise Letter, our Travel Agent checked with Princess to confirm it is refundable, got it back in writing from our travel agent if booked more than 181 days no issue with getting future cruise letter refunded. You should not have a problem, good luck.
  13. We did a 28 night cruise on the Sapphire Princess last year and really enjoyed her, nice cabin, good entertainment, liked the layout of the ship.
  14. We have done our travel insurance through Tilda Insurance very cost effective and cover cruising.
  15. We really liked the QM2 and like you discovered the disco G32 unfortunately quite late in our cruise lovely spot and really enjoyed the ship, food and entertainment.
  16. We have been on the Sapphire Princess and loved her, we are going on the Majestic next year so can't help you with that one, friends just came back of Regal and said it was a lovely ship, don't think you can go wrong with any of them, although going on a ship from home port would definitely be an advantage.
  17. Thank you will check him out
  18. Thank you looks like Queen Victoria is a nice ship, I have also printed off the tour for Kuala Lumpur.
  19. o.k. thank you we were thinking of there?
  20. I believe the ship is docked 2 hours from Kuala Lumpur is there any suggestions on what else we could do, not sure we want to travel 2 hours each way to Kuala Lumpur?
  21. The other option you have is once onboard, talk to purser about having one child in with grandparents and one child with you, they can make changes on the ship, so you and your wife can have the breakfast together, just something to think about?
  22. We were on this cruise too, and the water leak happened one night it was fixed overnight, they are an extremely friendly crew on board this ship, best we have come across and the food in the dining room was good, loved Alaska and loved deck 7 and 8 to walk around is an ideal spot when you go to the glaciers. She is a nice size ship, we had an obstructed view cabin steward was fantastic, beds comfortable.
  23. Anyone been on the Majestic Princess, as going by plan layout they only have Princess Theatre and Vista Gaming Lounge, any information would be appreciated.
  24. In regards to food on ships it comes down to the Head Chef, know this is not carnival/rc related however, we went on Sapphire Princess last year with friends and the food was beautiful they went on the ship in December and said the food was terrible. So very hard to judge food unless you get a lot of comments we all have different tastes.
  25. o.k. thank you we are with Optus who want to charge $10 a day, 3 weeks to go will go and see Vodaphone and find out?
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