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  1. Quit your bellyachin’ and be glad we aren’t stuck with bug juice and cold midrats. Lol Dave T MM1(SS)
  2. I've tried bringing back an extra (or two) croissant back but they never survive the afternoon. Lol
  3. Just buy a coffee card. It's the simple things in life, after all.
  4. The coffee packet idea is a good one.
  5. We were on St Thomas last week. Ton's of private taxi's. Get off the ship the moment you can. Megan's gets crowded quick. They have chairs and umbrellas for rent in the gift shop.
  6. Time on the beach is worth more than saving a couple bucks. Take a taxi to Red Hook, and then one of the hourly ferries over to Cruz Bay St John. Plenty of cabs where the ferry let's you off.
  7. For St Thomas, it's more a function of "too many". Megan's Bay receives the brunt of beach going cruisers due to it's beauty, ease of access and excellent amenities. With more than two ships in port, it quickly gets crushed with people. Even with two, it can quickly become overcrowded.
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