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  1. No, you can not reserve a table, in the strictest definition, but I was just on the Serenity in Jan - Feb, with an almost full ship, and we had the same table set up for 9 every evening after our group "leader" spoke with Leo the first day. The table was basically ours as we showed up at 7:30 every evening we were there and not at a specialty. Leo was also reminded before the nights we were going to the specialties so that the waiters did not need to set up "our" table. It certainly wouldn't hurt to speak with the maitre'd the first day and ask if this is possible. Patty
  2. Aren't there still larger round tables in the center section of Waterside? I am aware of an oval table for 12 that was set up for the first night of your current cruise.
  3. Then, why when my travel agent inquired yesterday with Crystal, was she told I have done 48 cruises? That was 45 with old Crystal and 3 with new Crystal. The 3 is one 10 day cruise and one 16 day cruise, therefor credit for 2 cruises. Patty
  4. I have friends who sail both Silversea and Crystal - the Silver Suite on Silversea and a Sapphire Suite on Crystal. The Junior Crystal Penthouse (new suites built after Manfredi bought the ships) are considered a step up.
  5. I can't open them either and am not computer savvy enough to know if it's me or Larry! 🤪 Patty
  6. You are aware that many of the 210 sq ft cabins have been combined to make 350 to 450 sq ft cabins?? The vast number of cabins are now "suites". How do the rates compare to the new rates with the recent fare increases on the other luxury lines.
  7. Diversity and range with inferior food, service, enrichment, etc. Whatever floats your boat!
  8. Vicki is one of the two Cruise Directors for the Symphony, There are also two for the Serenity. Over the course of the year it totals six months on, six months off. Manfredi put a lot of (Royal Caribbean's) money into both ships and reduced the capacity by enlarging many suites. The food is head and shoulders above what is offered on Silversea. My experience is that there is no comparison between the Bistro on Crystal and the Arts Cafe on Silversea. Although things have changed over the years, with many additions and some subtractions, Crystal in total is better than ever. Hoping Manfredi's money holds out so that it can stay that way.
  9. It is my understanding that an 8 day cruise is a "maybe". For example, if there's just one sea day, but it happens to fall on the last day of the cruise, they won't schedule a formal-optional for that night. Patty
  10. I heard from someone on board now that the guest count is 380. I've often wondered when we hear different numbers if the guest entertainers and enrichment are included in the larger number and the revenue passengers only are included in the smaller number. The larger number is important for the ambiance around the ship. Patty
  11. Probably so. The air department was done last fall and there were any number of problems at the time.
  12. Doesn't look that way to me. From how I read it, he was promoting Royal Caribbean to the international market and the job title was senior vice president. Could you please explain how you see this as a demotion?
  13. Might be good for you as Silversea seems to use Air Canada frequently. Know several people who don't have nonstops between certain European cities and their home city in the US and most were routed through Toronto or Montreal on Air Canada,
  14. The OP said distilled water. The regular water provided isn't distilled.
  15. It's going to be very, very tight to make it to your flight. It is 70 miles from the port to IAH. It is Monday morning, some of the worst traffic in a city with bad traffic everyday, every hour. There is major construction at the airport and traffic backs up around the area. It can be a long hike from check in to the gate. Finally, if the flight is on time, the door to the plane will probably be closed no later than 11:40. Stress, stress, stress. I wouldn't put myself through it.
  16. The popular dining time varies by cruise. Dining on Crystal begins at 6 PM except Tastes at 6:30 PM. Sometimes there's a short line at Waterside (main dining, no reservations) at 6 PM. It always clears quickly. Solution, arrive at 6:15 PM. Hoping you do find a new home! Patty
  17. They work like "heck" to try and accommodate you. It might be something like would coming to the restaurant at 8 rather than the 7 you requested work for you? Also, with the capacity on Symphony down to 606 passengers and almost always fewer passengers than that, but the size of the restaurants not reduced, it all tends to work out. Happy sailing and think you will be very pleased with Crystal. Patty
  18. Might have to pay for 14 days. Don't know why they wouldn't book a back to back.
  19. Was that official info from Crystal or just a rumor, can't remember. Patty
  20. Make's sense as a 5% discount, especially considering the current fares, is a lot more than the $100 OBC with the long ago old Crystal referral program. Patty
  21. Just announced today. https://crystalcruises.com/offer/us-refer-a-friend Patty
  22. During a Drake Passage crossing back when, a cabin window on a deck 5 Symphony blew out. After that they put up plywood on all the deck 5 cabin windows for the next crossing. Patty
  23. I'm very sorry you missed your cruise but there's one hard learned lesson here - in today's world when traveling, it is mandatory to have cell service. Spending the money to travel overseas and then not spending the cost for a temporary international cell plan is beyond penny wise and pound foolish.
  24. I believe Manfredi owns the majority interest in A&K now. Had to do something with those billions he got from Royal Caribbean.
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