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  1. The number of electrical outlets in a cabin might be the biggest of numerous first world problems encountered on a Crystal cruise! Guess it requires sequential charging. If that's too difficult, maybe you have too many electronic items with you. Relax, it's a vacation. Waiting to hear responses from those who absolutely, positively must have all those items fully charged at all times!😜😊🤩 Patty
  2. The river boats do offer an included transfer to the airport at the end of the cruise, but on the ocean ships there has always been a charge except as enumerated by Vince. You can't book the group transfer until you are on the ship, but I've never had a problem getting one. Patty
  3. If what they are attempting to accomplish is showing they are doing "something", then I guess it is successful. Lots of that going around these days. 😜😊🤩 Patty
  4. Ain't technology great?!?! Well, it is until it isn't. 😜😉🤣 Patty
  5. And the biggest irony is that those plastic badge/vaccine card holders were made in China! Patty
  6. Remembering a fashion conversation I once had on Crystal, I sat with a new acquaintance in Marketplace early one morning drinking coffee when he told me that his wife didn't like his telling people the tee shirt he was wearing was from a dollar store. Told him that I might have to move tables as the one I was wearing was $6 at Target!! 😜😉🤣 Patty
  7. Opinions are just that, personal opinions. People here have posted some "negatives" about Crystal, but as an avid Crystal cruiser with about 40 cruises over 14 years, I disagree, especially with the assessments as to the food quality and the "snobbiness" of the passengers. Only you can determine if a specific line is a fit. As pointed out, Crystal has some fabulously priced cruises now. It might be a place to start determining which line is a good fit for you.
  8. I generally agree, but there are many Crystal cruisers who can afford to "self-insure" without batting an eye. Everyone has to determine their own risk tolerance. Patty
  9. Haven't had trouble finding the refrigerated orange juice (Simply Orange), but the refrigerated grapefruit juice hasn't been available in at least 6 weeks. My Tito's doesn't taste as good in the shelf stable stuff. What a first world problem! 🤣😉😊 Patty
  10. Sounds like this is a perfect "job" for your butler! I'm sure he would be more than happy to give you a tutorial on how everything "works". 😜😉🤣 Patty
  11. Oh, dear, I guess I won't get the bath salts when I'm in the Seabreeze Penthouse on Symphony in January since there isn't a tub, just a shower!! 😉 Patty
  12. It's long gone, although I can't recall the last time I saw it. 🤩 Patty
  13. I recall leaving Buenos Aires after a Crystal cruise and there were 4 flights leaving within a 45 minute window to the US - Dallas, Houston, Miami and Atlanta. Any of those (if they still exist) would make sense from cities north or west of those airports. Since that's United, American and Delta and all are so so for business class, go with the cheapest!! Patty
  14. Vince, Thought that I remembered seeing the new Uma Umi menu and it DIDN'T list the lobster tempura. Didn't you notice one way or the other? Patty
  15. As posted on another thread here (can't find it!), someone posted that their husband did just this and a waiter discreetly asked him to go change as this wasn't acceptable after 6 PM. Now, does this happen every time? No, but I guarantee he will get the "stink eye" from a few (not ALL) fellow cruisers. Crystal has significantly gone more casual in dress codes over the years, but there's still a "bare" minimum! 🤪 Patty
  16. I have booked flights with Crystal a few times when their price was cheaper than anything I could find. Haven't done that in at least 7 years or so. Haven't asked my travel agent to check in a long time. Unless you fly in the day of embarkation (a bad idea these days) when Crystal will include transportation to the port with the price of the airfare, I don't see any advantage to booking with Crystal. If you believe that Crystal will get you to the next port if you book air through them and miss the ship, you may be in for a rude awakening. Didn't mean to make my response sound dismissive, but from my point of view, it's just the facts. 😊🤩 Patty
  17. I think this is a typo and not autocorrect. 1067 ???????🤪 Patty P.S. I know you meant 1967 as I remember all the St. Louis girls watching the game on the TV at the sorority house!!
  18. I thought 13 was the total number who tested negative but left the ship. There was a subset of the 13 who had close contact with a positive, but their spouses/travel partners left the ship with them. Whatever the numbers, it was a mess. Thankfully, 100% clear this week. Patty
  19. I'm more or less in the same position as you, just 180 degrees off. I'd love to be able to cruise in Europe starting in April, but am not willing to make any plans as there are just too many variables. Knowing that circumstances can still change on a dime, I would consider booking closer to the time of a cruise (4 to 6 weeks at the most) if things "settle down". Do have 2 weeks in January on the Symphony out of Miami and am keeping my fingers (and toes) crossed that it pans out. Patty
  20. Several years ago Crystal stopped having any special buffets (except the Asian in Marketplace) on the shorter cruises. Patty
  21. All cabins not at the penthouse level have the same square footage. The Serenity cabins are a tiny bit larger then the Symphony, but not really so you would notice. It's 207 sq ft on the Symphony and 213 sq ft on the Serenity. Patty
  22. Trying to keep it consistent. Benjamin Franklin is on the US $100 bill. Queen Elizabeth (Lizzie) is on all the British money!!😊
  23. FYI, Ben and Jerry "sold out" to the British conglomerate Unilever about 20 years ago. Even hippies have a price! 😜 Now, some might have comments about British politics, but I have a feeling it's all about the Benjamins (well, the Lizzies to the British)!! I remember when the main ice cream on Crystal was either Breyers or Dryers (never could keep those straight). I'm a Texan, it's Blue Bell all they way!! Patty
  24. And I long for the time when "prices are closer to normal" as that will indicate that circumstances surrounding the cruises will be "closer to normal". I'm doing my part, 3rd Pfizer this past Thursday!! Patty
  25. I'd say about 95% of the explanation for the difference in experienced vs new Crystal cruisers, is the $ for the current Serenity and Symphony cruises vs the $$$$ for the Endeavor cruises. Makes sense to me. 🤩 Patty
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