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  1. Good Afternoon. Thanks for thhe daily and the care lists. I love the quote. The collection of days is wonderful. We shhould constantly be evaluating our lives, especially in times like these where there is so much constant change. We must do more - a lot more- to protect the rain forests. I am a pasta lover including various baked pastas. I was in school today doing some substitute work.The kids tend to keep me on my toes. Stay safe everyone
  2. Good Morning. Thanks for the daily and the lists. That is some collection of days - a lot to celebrate. The quote is, unfortunately, so true. Great meal and drink suggestions. Stay safe everyone.
  3. Can't understand why people are wishing me a "Happy Old Fossils Day"
  4. Good Morning. Thanks for the daily and the lists. I like to tie frustrations to today's quote. Just accept them as part of life. The meal sounds great. I have never tries the drink but it sounds wonderful.(similar to a rusty nail) The weather here has definitely changed in the last week The mornings are delightfully cooler with lower humidity with afternoon temperatures still in the upper 80's. Stay safe everyone
  5. We stayed at that hotel for several cruisies out of San Diego back in 2008 and 2009. At that time, it was a Holiday Inn. It has the best location for access to the cruise port.
  6. Good Morning. Thanks for the daily and the lists. The more we learn about Columbus, the more we tend to downplay his achievment. I like the counter-celebration of indigenous peoples day. Newspaper carriers day brings back a bad memory. When I was 10, I signed up to be a carrier. My first day on the job, a hurricane hit us. I got home from school, folded all my papers, loaded them on my bike and took off on what was supposed to be a 45 minute route. I soon discoverd that I couldn't stay up on my bike - the wind kept blowing it over. The rain had me drenched and it was hard to see with the wind and rain in my face. I kept pushing my bike and looking for the houses to deliver the papers. After a while, the sun set and it was totally dark. I kept going. Soon after it got dark, my father arrived home from work, got in the car and went out looking for me. He found me and we got everyihing into the car and he drove me around to finish my route. It took me 4 hours - and that was only because my Dad drove me for half the route. When we got home, we sat around the table and agreed on a course of action - I quit my fledgeling (one day) carreer in the newspaper business.
  7. I grew up in NE New Jersey. We also had a day off from school plus there was a big parade on Columbus Day.
  8. Good Morning. Thanks for the daily and the lists. Been to Quebec city a number of times but always by land. It's a great city. Leif Erikson has been the forgotten explorer. He deserves at least as much praise as Christopher Columbus. Glad he is getting his own day. Best wishes to our Canadian friends for a joyful and safe Thanksgiving weekend.
  9. So sad. Not only are they risking their own health, as teachers they are potentially exposing large numbers of children and school staff.
  10. Late to the party today. A while ago, DW announced: "I want a new refrigerator". I replied:" But the one we have works perfectly". We finally "compromised" and today our new refrigerator arrived.. Stay safe everyone.
  11. Same here. I have been involved in Polio erradication for 35 years.
  12. Good Morning. Thanks for the dly and the lists. Doing something nice is rather non-specific. I like to kick it up a notch and say "Do something to make a difference in someone's life today". Teachers are one of the most under-appriciated professions. They deserve our respect and our support. Storytellers were once a prime source of history. Not many of them left. We honor the cultures that still value them. I love the meal suggestion and got a good smile from the quote. Stay safe everyone
  13. Good Morning. Thanks for the daily and the lists. I love chowder - especially with some freshly baked bread on a cold day. Unfortuntely, we don't get very many of those here, so I have to settle for a day when the temperature and humidity are below 90. (It's all relative, right? LOL) Stay safe everyone.
  14. We are booked on this same cruise. Like you, we are happy just to be cruising again and are not too worried about ports of call. We have not even considered any excusions because we know that portws will be a moving target with last minute changes a real possibility. If we have to stay on the ship for the whole week, that will be OK with us.
  15. Sounds like something I heard about. When I was in college they used to have some wild parties where everyone was asked to bring a bottle of something. They would all empty thier bottles into a large punch bowl and the party would start. I did a lot of dumb things in my youth but I was never quite dumb enough to attend one of those parties.
  16. While it is true that the phone might be answered from someone in any part of the country, yesterday there were no hurricanes.. The only hurricane anywhere near a land mass was outside of Bermuda.
  17. Good Morning. Thanks for the daily and the lists. When I was young, everyone I knew was frugal. The previous generation had gone through the great depression and frugality had been the only way to survive. Our society today is so much more wasteful. Love the quote. The meal is a great idea - basically substituting pasta for the traditional rice. Stay safe everyone.
  18. Hank: Certainly your choice. I could care less if there were any production shows. I am your age and love blues and classic rock music. Actually, I am in a band that plays classic rock and blues. Since HAL began the BBK style, every evening that I witnessed has had a packed house at those venues. They are, obvioulsy, being enjoyed. As I said, If you want production shows, there are cruise lines that do that well. If you want wild parties late into the night, there are lines for that. HAL has decided to invest in live music venues rather than production shows. That is a legitimate business decision. It will please some and displease some. But that is what the cruise business is all about - carving out a segment and catering to it. You may hate it and decide to take your business elsewhere. That is your choice. I love it and will take my business to HAL. That is my choice. Both choices are correct choices for the people involved. Happy sailing. Jim
  19. Sounds like there was some ongoing fermentation happening. That might account for pressure buiding up inside the bottle. Poor quality control. Wines that undergo pressure (mostly sparkeling wines) compensate with thicker glass bottles to withstand the pressure. A cab and most other wines should be stable before bottling.
  20. Hi Hank: I have read your comments and respect your point of view. I agree that HAL does not do a great job with their production shows and, for those who place a high value on production shows, Hal is probably not the best choice. The great thing about the cruise industry is that it does allow for choice. For us, production shows are not important at all. On a typical cruise we wil go to one production show and end up leaving before it is even half over. (That is the case on EVERY cruise line we have tried. Just not our thing). What we DO love is music. The BB King Blues venue and the new "music walk" is fantastic as far as we are concerned. That is what turns us on. So HAL might lose a number of customers due to the production shows but will gain customers who love the music venues. Things tend to work out. Jim
  21. Good Morning. Thanks for the daily and the lists. The closest I've ever come to a mud pack was playing football in the mud in my younger days. I am celebrating world maritime day by anticipating more cruise ships in action. We visited Hilo on our circle Hawaii cruise out of San Diego on the Zaandam. We rented a car and visited the Volcano National Park. It ws a great day. Stay safe everyone
  22. Good Morning. Thanks for the daily and the lists. Confucius was a very wise philosopher and gave us lots to think about. I have been fortunate to attend quite a few broadway musicals. They have been a major influence in my life. Love ravioli and have had the "toasted" version but prefer the traditional method of cooking. Margaritas are DWs favorite. Stay safe everyone
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