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  1. We board on Sunday. Thanks for your thoughts. We are in Blu so I am hoping we have a better experience. We also have the 3-night dinning, so we will be dining out a bit. Are you able to order from the MDR if you want?
  2. Hi All We have an Alcove booked on the Reflection for our upcoming cruise. I see that there is now a movie screen up on the lawn. If movies are playing during the day, and we aren't particularly interested in them, will the volume be blasting on the lawn and will it be a distraction? Hoping it's a movie I want to see 😁 Thanks
  3. Are you using the wifi? And if so do you have the standard or premium? We are wondering about the performance.
  4. That is just not right! for my 3-night package, I have been tracking the price. Yesterday it was 7% off and today 20% off, both had the same starting rate. I don't like when Celebrity raises prices and then offers a discount. Always.....Let the buyer beware
  5. I just noticed today that the multiple-night dining packages for our cruise are 20% off today, so I booked a 3-night package. Saving around 50 bucks from the cost yesterday. Dont know if it's for all cruises or not but thought I would share the news.
  6. Enjoy, we will be on Reflection in Dec.
  7. Hi All I have been searching but could not find the answer to this. Looking at the deck plan I saw, i cannot find it. Thanks
  8. This happened to me as well, and the next day I received my upgrade. Congrats!
  9. I noticed on the Suite Room Service menu that there are drinks listed with prices and then other drinks like "mimosa" with no price. If you have the drink package, do you have pay for room service drinks?
  10. two questions.... Is there a bar in the retreat lounge? Is there a bar in the retreat sundeck? Thanks!
  11. Is the balcony on 6128 really bigger than 6100 - we are balcony people 🙂
  12. We currently have Sky Suite 6100 for out upcoming Celebrity Summit trip. Sky Suites 6128 and 6130 are available. Wondering if anyone has an opinion on which cabin might be better. I've read that being so close to the celebrity suites which bow out (for cabin 6100) could be an issue. Any thoughts on if I should change to 6128 or 6130? Thanks for you opinion!
  13. Ship: Summit Length of Cruise: 5 nights Cruise Sail Date: Jan. 9, 2023 Date email offer received: no email, went straight to Move Up website Captain’s Club Tier: Elite Booked through Celebrity Direct OR via TA: TA Current Cabin: Aqua 2 Bid? Yes/No: Yes If YES - Bidding Details: Cabin Category: Sky Suite, Celebrity, and Royal Bid Offer: $1000.00 (sky suite), $1500.00 (celebrity), $2000.00 (Royal) Notification Date: 12/23 Accepted / Rejected - Accepted Sky Suite General Comments (offer details, etc.) Checked today and the Celebrity and Royal bids were expired, but Sky Suite was pending. A few hours later I was notified that I was upgraded to a Sky Suite 1. Saved over $1500.00.
  14. We have a 10:30 - 11:00 time slot for check in. Just curious, what happens if our flight is late and we don't get there till noon? Will we have to wait till everyone else boards and have to board last?
  15. Directly with a celebrity rep (we booked through a travel agent)- I am trying to figure out the math???? But I'll take it. Already showed PALL on my Xpress pass
  16. Just upgraded today. 5 night cruise, 2 people, 141.00 total. 15% Elite discount. 11.99 a day per person + 18% gratuities.
  17. Here is a great review of Beyond Infinite Balcony. They start talking about the infinite veranda on beyond at 9:56. I found it useful.
  18. Thanks - we are on her in January - thanks, in advance, for the review
  19. We haven't cruised Celebrity since the majority of the check in process is done on the app. Just curious what happens when we get to the terminal? Do we still have to get in line to check in or does someone just check out app? Thanks
  20. This is our first cruise since the Retreat Sundeck was introduced. We are sailing on the summit. In the past, we often found ourselves lounging on the top front deck. It was always a quieter location, I could often find shade, and it seemed less crowded. We are not in a suite this cruise, so I was wondering if the other areas seem more crowded and how hard it will be to find a lounge chair. Just wondering how early we will need to be on deck to get a chair.
  21. Downloaded the Celebrity app for my Jan 2023 Summit cruise. It's a 5 night cruse. There are no Blu menus past breakfast on day 5 - says it's closed for dinner on day 5 and for breakfast on day 6 - I assume that is not the case. Also under specialty there were two special lunches which have now disappeared. My question is once on board, will this all get updated correctly? Just curious if I can rely on the app of not
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