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  1. Thank you Bloodgem, that's a great idea!
  2. I have an adult family member with early dementia that occasionally has incontinence at night. She will wear a pad or diaper at night, but as a backup, do cruise lines provide waterproof bed covers or should we bring one for her? We haven't decided on which cruise yet, but most likely will be Carnival, RC, or NCL due to port locations.
  3. Thanks everyone! I will check the other section. The family member is in the early stages and doesn't really have issues with disorientation, but will definitely not be left alone due to memory issues. We want to travel soon while she's still able to enjoy it.
  4. We're looking at planning a family cruise and have a member newly diagnosed with dementia. Along with that they are struggling a bit with controlling certain bodily functions at night. Does NCL provide waterproof covers for the mattress in case the primary protection method fails? Should we bring our own cover? I guess it's similar to having a child that might need it, but we started cruising after our kids were past that stage so I have no idea if that's something NCL has.
  5. I've learned from these boards that surprisingly not everyone carries emergency snacks when they travel. It's funny that in my experiences, food was an integral part of the plan! From my earliest memories of flying, grandma, mom, or aunts always had a bag of food including cookies, cheese, pretzels or granola to feed a small army. That job is now passed to me with my small group and I plan for disruptions because they happen regularly. For example I always carry a bottle of water to take medication because one 3 hour flight had so much turbulence that flight attendants couldn't serve anything. I've been stuck on the tarmac for hours. We've been stranded in airports after all the shops closed, and it took three hours to get to our hotel at 2 am that was supposed to have a restaurant, which was closed for construction. We survived on peanut M&Ms and granola bars I brought until we ordered pizza the next day. Tight connections and flight delays have caused us to miss meals we planned to grab in airports. Traveling an overnight train in Europe we didn't know reservations were required in advance for dinner so they didn't have anything for us. Again we had snacks to get us through. Amtrak has closed the cafe car for various reasons during trips and no one could get food. Cruises are no exception. We spent four hours waiting for boarding once with not much available to eat or drink, which meant a LONG time between breakfast and eating on the ship. Protein bars saved the day. Now that I am diabetic it's even more important to carry nutritious food and plan for disruptions. NCL did provide snacks that day but it was cookies and brownies that I shouldn't eat, and the vending machine was empty. So, another warning I take from this story - carry appropriate snacks and an empty water bottle to fill up in the bathroom sink or drinking fountain at the cruise terminal in case of delays. I will add my two cents and recommend a higher protein breakfast, not just coffee and carbs.
  6. Ouch! So for a family cruise, if I booked four rooms we'd ALL have to buy the package? I wonder if we booked separately if they'd cross reference the last names and force everyone to take it. Only two people in our family would be remotely interested in unlimited alcohol or soda, so they would be very unhappy the rest of us didn't want to get it. Just another reason we're booking elsewhere.
  7. I'm really disappointed in you NCL (hear your grandmother's voice saying that). My husband and I aren't huge drinkers in everyday life, but like to indulge on cruises. NCL fits us pretty well as far as atmosphere, freestyle and such, and we were looking forward to cruising more as we transition into empty nesters and retirees soon. We're more likely to pay as we go for alcohol, so these new drink prices coupled with base fare increases for "perks" that we won't use, and the direction NCL seems to be heading mean NCL is no longer on our list. I truly am disappointed, not mad though since there other options out there. I figure there are at least 20 cruises in my future that won't be on NCL anymore. Remember that saying about people speaking to others about bad experiences more often than good? Very true in this situation - just ask anyone in my family or at work how I feel about NCL right now.
  8. Now I don't have to go. I can just live through your review and feel like I've been there!
  9. Just curious. After many years of traditional cruising, my husband threw out the idea of doing a river cruise in Europe. It looks interesting. They appear to be more theme oriented, so it will be harder to select an itinerary and time to fit our needs. Retirement is coming soon so maybe we'll give it try to mix things up. I can't see doing it more than once though because of cost and we love traditional cruising.
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