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  1. It is widely known that this group are nothing more than "ambulance chasers" who aims to sensationalize any and all cruise incidents to make as much money as they can. Take all of their publications with a grain of salt and a great deal of skepticism.
  2. Did you happen to compare the cruise above with Viking's offerings? Sounds very similar to the sailings on Octantis and Polaris (which we booked for this December).
  3. And Nyold, you are absolutely correct about the driver sitting on the left. I meant to say right behind the driver, and yes that would be on the left side of the bus or trolley. Thank you for pointing that out. The route is indeed a one-way clockwise road in the loop section, with the ocean on the left.
  4. You would need to get in touch with Celebrity to discuss options. For the Galapagos portions, they have 10 or 11 day packages that include shuttle from Quito airport, hotel, tours of Quito and surrounding area, meals, shuttle back to Quito, charter to Baltra, flight back to Quito, additional hotel night, and shuttle back to airport. We did our own air from US. I am aware you can do the cruise-only portion, but must get yourself to Baltra. If you make your own arrangements, and miss the ship, you are out of luck. On our second trip we skipped the Quito Tours but enjoyed the experience of getting to know our fellow passengers during pre-trip meals. Galapagos Desk #(866) 973-8466.
  5. Just a hint - if doing a bus or trolley tour of Acadia National Park, choose a seat on the right/drivers side of the vehicle. The Park Loop Road is one-way and the ocean sights will be on that side.
  6. FYI - we are committed DIYers. We''ve done trips all over the world independently. When preparing to do a trip to the Galapagos in 2018 I researched the heck out of options (including the extension to MP). Keep in mind that the Galapagos National Park has very strict licensing rules. The number of guests in any given spot, the duration of the visit and the number of times a place may be visited are extremely limited. Many small tour operators do not have the permits or capabilities to visit some of the outlying islands. We choose the Xpedition (before Flora) for a number of reasons - the number of guides and passengers allows for a nice variety of options each day, you could be as active as you wished, or sit on deck and enjoy the scenery, the number of stops/ports (this is extremely important - all packages are not created equal), the types of experiences offered; hiking for all levels, zodiac tours, kayaking, snorkeling from beach or advanced, cultural opportunities, previous reviews, etc. The fact that X takes care of you from landing to leaving was a huge factor when traveling to the GI. I can't imagine anyone thinking the trip may be too sedate for them. We originally thought that we would travel to Peru and MP on our own following the cruise. After tons of research, we added the extension with Celebrity. No regrets whatsoever! Is seven days enough - heck NO! We returned in October of 2021. It is one of the few places that I'd never get enough of. The experience was so different and just as magical. We chose Xpedition again, this time only 40 passengers onboard. If we did not have so many other destinations on our bucket list, I would love to return again, and again. You get what you pay for, A trip like this is not the place to cut corners.
  7. Thank you. Good news: https://www.falklands.gov.fk/covid-19/travel/shipping
  8. Strange, my doctor said it is very easy to get. After avoiding covid for over two years, both my DH and I were recently infected (both vaccinated and double boosted). We both were prescribed Paxlovid the same day as receiving a positive test. The doctor said he's prescribed it over 100 tines within the past few weeks, and everyone has tolerated it well. There is no cost for the medication. The concern is the possible interactions with many medications that those at risk may be currently taking. FWIW - the drug studies showed an 89% reduction in serious illness and hospitalizations for the at risk group. Well worth it IMHO.
  9. The very end of September, first week of October would be the safest bet. The weather can be absolutely gorgeous, or very cold and blustery, particularly on the ocean. Think layers. Be sure to include a hat and gloves if you want to spend outdoor time. (We wear them every August on our Maine whale watches). A wind and waterproof outer jacket is a must. Fall is a beautiful time of year in the Northeast.
  10. Just curious where you might decide to snore and drool your afternoons away when you reach that age?
  11. I know there was a ban on cruise ships carrying more that 250 passengers, along with a stipulation that the ships could only call if they had spent more than 10 days at sea. Friends just booked a large ship drive-by Antarctic sailing with The Falklands on the itinerary. They were told that the rules have been dropped. Can anyone confirm that, or point me to a source of reliable information?
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