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  1. We have two staycations booked , 28th Aug and 11th Sep, both on Iona and at 50% discount as a Veteran, no UK hotel could get close to the price when you consider what's included. Everyone has to do what suits them.
  2. When I look at the prices of hotels in the UK it makes cruising a bargain. We are happy to be on a luxury ship, with everything we want on hand. If we can go ashore, great, if not we just enjoy everything the ship has to offer.
  3. Book hotels early is my advice.Just looked for our stay on Friday week, prices have rocketed, 5 ships in port on the Saturday.
  4. Not doubting you for one minute. I just can't understand why people, there are more than one, would lie saying that shops were displaying Duty/Tax Free shopping signs and stating it would be reverting next week. I'll find out the truth when I board next Saturday.
  5. A passenger onboard now said the shops are VAT free and has been told next weeks Scottish Isles cruise will not be because they won't be in international waters.
  6. I am looking forward to seeing Arvia's itinerary's for summer 23. I fancy a September cruise to the Med, will be interested to see early prices.
  7. Thanks for that, obviously cigarettes and spirits for consumption in UK is a no. Interesting if VAT is the same, it would seem logical it will follow similar rules.
  8. I don't know the VAT rules regarding sailing in International waters and returning without landing at a foreign port, I've tried to find them without success. I do know VAT was added on the Maiden cruise, so why is it different on this current one ? You may well be right reference discount by the store. It will be interesting if cigarettes and spirits are sold to land in the UK duty free.
  9. Passengers onboard now are saying different.
  10. Still waiting for Iona entertainment to be available to book for 28th Aug cruise. P&O are really annoying me, emails sent stating it's available when it isn't. It would be nice if they sent another explaining what's going on. I would phone them but not wasting time and money.
  11. We are onboard on 28th, Tuesday is the Celebration Night.
  12. Very annoying this lack of info re entertainment booking fiasco. P&O should sort out their IT problems, very amateur set up.
  13. Look on YT for video of the Promenade Deck, you don't have to be tall to see into the cabins, no privacy on balconys.
  14. Just read on social media that the Tax and Duty Free signs are displaying in the shops now it is in international waters.
  15. No need to apologise, it's P&O that should be doing that and what's the point of an email if the info is wrong ? Rather not receive anything.
  16. Your cruise is a day After ours, yet you can book now ? IT is rubbish
  17. Had an email from P&O at 11.15 this morning stating entertainment was now available to book via cruise personalizer, now mid day and not available ! P&O you need a better IT team.
  18. Cruising on the 28th, Entertainment still not open for booking.
  19. I'll be clearer, when bookings open on line. Thanks
  20. Can you book the Limelight Club ?
  21. Latest posts say they are in the middle of a storm, sick bags are out !
  22. Good morning, better weather I'm pleased to say, more like summer. Opticians soon for new glasses. Broke the arm of my last pair and been using £1.99 ready readers for a couple of months ! Ironing, well I'm a dab hand, one of the first things we were taught in training as a 16 year old in the RN. Wow betide you if your kit wasn't ironed and folded to exact sizes for the weekly kit myster, happy days.
  23. I am reading that the port side, aft, of the sunset bar is a smoking area. This is causing issues with people in cabins above because of smoke and noise when people late at night talk and doors banging. I am not opening a can of worms on smoking but it would seem that it is not the place to have a smoking area if it disturbs people on balconys and disturbs sleep.
  24. There were obvious problems on the Shakedown Cruise but that is excusable. From reports on social media it seems that there are still problems to be sorted out. The App obviously needs attention, passengers are saying you have to pay constant attention to your mobile or a booking slot can be missed, also it was crashing and people were giving up trying to eat in the main dining, instead opting for The Quays. Another issue is that passengers boarding later could not book Speciality Dining, not just for yesterday evening but the whole cruise. Early boarders had first pickings and there was nothing left. We are onboard in three weeks and I am pleased I know of these issues, nothing is going to spoil our cruise, we have waited too long to be disappointed, but it is our 25th wedding anniversary and I had hoped it would be celebrated in the Epicurian, not much chance it would appear.
  25. I watched it on You Tube, the pictures were good but neither of the commentators had a clue about Iona, especially the "expert" Emma, who didn't even know how many decks there were !
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