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  1. Approximately one block away from the shuttle terminal there was a small grocery store that had a nice wine selection. I believe the name of the store is Todis.
  2. The last sentence of your post is the advice you should of followed.
  3. I love the Lime Smoothies in the Ocean Bar. Glass of ice. One lime wedge. Smother with two ounces of Tito's Vodka. A splash of Schweppes Tonic Water. Stir.
  4. My protractor gave a reading of 11 degrees.
  5. We have received several casino offers including four different offers in the last six months. The last one came yesterday. My wife plays the slots (I don't gamble) and she limits her spending to $25.00 per day.
  6. I totally agree. We were there this past Nov. and there are loungers with pushy vendors from the pier all the way to Jack's Shack. It was like running the gauntlet!
  7. Be sure to check your account every day for price reductions!
  8. Let's not forget "Man Boobs."
  9. Thanks for this great review and photos. We got off the Rotterdam as you were embarking. Truly a beautiful ship.
  10. We got off the Rotterdam last Sunday. We ate breakfast in the MDR only once and they did not serve pastries. They were serving pastries in the Pinnacle for breakfast.
  11. Your statement that Free Casino cabins are only offered to the biggest gamblers is a surprise to me. We get free cabin offers (including two in the last two months) and my wife plays the penny slots and limits her spending (losses) to $25.00 per day. I don't gamble at all.
  12. HAL usually uses Budweiser to remove rust from the ship's anchors. You were fortunate to procure six bottles for drinking.
  13. It certainly was a nice surprise running into you and your bride. A great cruise with good weather, good food and a beautiful ship. I just had to tease your bride about that "old chevy".
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