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  1. https://www.express.co.uk/travel/cruise/1305019/cruise-ship-cruises-news-deals-holidays-eu-rules Decision may not be ours alone!
  2. I saw one report suggesting a nasally inhaled vaccine might be effective targeting the route/infection method of the virus. Lots of ideas thankfully, looking at different strategies. Let's just hope something effective turns up soon - and moreover can be made widely available! I've been pretty up-beat thus far but must admit to it getting to me a bit now (not the lack if holidays - that's the least of it) as I had been so sure there would be more signs of lights at the end of the tunnel by now. Still better off than many so must shake it off!!!
  3. You're not kidding. We were under siege! Parking on pavements, verges, double yellow lines and roundabouts!!! And the pictures of the beach must leave any decent person appalled. But, what difference a day makes! Picture taken about midday - but perhaps the party crowds had still to arrive! You can just see Arcadia - Aurora out of shot.
  4. I'm not in a position of waiting for a refund so haven't been following this too carefully - though I have sympathy for all of you who are so frustrated. Don't know whether this may be of any help but in next week's Radio Times in the section 'Your RT Money', Paul Lewis' article is about holiday refunds. He outlines his strategy to nudge the Companies involved to pay up using the official Courts and Tribunals Service website at moneyclaim.gov.uk You can bring a court action on line and suggests you fill in the claim but don't submit it but take a screenshot to send to the CEO with a threat to take it to court 8n 7 days if no payment if forthcoming. It has prompted payment for others apparently. May be worth considering. Good luck!
  5. In reading some of the messages about their repatriation I mentioned in a previous post, the inference certainly was that their own governments had made the process more difficult for them. TUI have their own airline so that would make it easier to make flight arrangements. Should say too that Costa got a shout out from their crew as well for the way they'd been treated. 👍
  6. Yes it is. On the plus side though my OH was reading some messages posted on a social media site from Goan and Indian crew members who were among 600 recently repatriated from Portsmouth by Marella on two specially chartered TUI flights. Their words of gratitude and praise for the Company's personnel who had been working round the clock (their words) to get them home was heart-warming. They mentioned how well they were looked after on board - staying in balcony cabins, well fed by the chefs and generally felt valued. I was very touched to know despite the enforced stay on board they were clearly very pleased to have been treated so well, specifically mentioning the Capt., senior management, pursers, food & beverage dept and hotel manager. "a big thank you to our Company for taking the best care of us during this bad situation..... for providing us good food, free WiFi, amazing balcony cabins and lots of other options." It must have been an awful time for crew so 'Well done' to those companies who have looked after them so well.
  7. Best wishes from me too. Hoping you have some good news soon.
  8. I see where you are coming from wrt solo travelling and that potentially future cruising will be a whole different experience for us all but more so for solo travellers. Re the insurance we found they were very good when we discussed it with them and were happy to let it lapse then pick it up again when we wanted cover again for any new holidays booked. We did continue with ours on the basis that we had a couple of trips already booked for next year and we then transferred a deposit from one cancelled this year and provided we maintain the insurance, they are covered including for Covid. However it did dawn on me during the discussion that we would still be paying the account fee of £13 pm for the account anyway (I think that's what it is) and all we would save is the additional travel insurance premiums we pay for age and declared conditions. We use that insurance for breakdown cover too so on balance stuck with it (I think mobile insurance and some other benefits apply too but we don't rely on that) and to keep the account active for future insurance benefits. I'm sure we're all hoping for an effective vaccine when hopefully we can resume cruising - and have no reservations about social mixing with all passengers including solos. ☺
  9. We went to the area using the ferry - sounds like where you went. It was nice. We got there early paid a (negotiated) price for our loungers and umbrella but it was a strange set-up. As more people arrived the charges became inflated and inconsistent. Many arguments broke out and folk were going round checking with others asking what they'd paid. I can see why they would want to maximise their returns especially as it was only a relatively small beach but it became rather unpleasant. Sounds like a less than friendly, welcoming atmosphere. Not our experience of most Caribbean Islands.
  10. We have Annual Insurance with our (joint) bank account which covers us both for multiple world wide cover. We think it's good value and actually cost us less than a one-off cover when I had to take out additional insurance for a declared condition. It all depends on your circumstances (age, pre existing conditions) but generally won't cover for any conditions which are under investigation. Each company will have slightly different T&Cs which you should be sure covers your requirements as with single cover policies. If they accept any conditions, then any issues occurring after taking out the insurance should be covered for any trips including the UK (perhaps has to be more than 2/3 nights though). But it's imperative that you do tell them if something has changed i.e. a new condition, as depending on the condition being declared, they may not even be prepared to cover you for travel at all. They should cover you for cancellation costs for trips already booked. They may be perfectly happy to cover you for the new condition but perhaps will charge an additional premium. But you should talk to them about your existing bookings in relation to the condition and not take out new bookings after developing a new condition without doing so. If cover was taken out after March 19th (?) this year it will not cover Covid-19. At least this seems to be the situation at present. If you have annual cover, then any other trips you book during that year will be covered as long as your situation hasn't changed. We don't inform our insurers about individual trips or new bookings unless something has changed. We really groan when we have to renew car insurance, comparing costs/ cover etc so having annual travel cover avoids all that decision making as long as you remember to keep them updated and disclose anything which changes.
  11. Yes, I think you are right, we were looking for a cafe for a coffee but it didnt really seem geared up for tourists at all.
  12. Love Eidford. We went on Aurora in July last year - so I take it from your post that it's not appearing in future itineraries. That's a shame.
  13. You're welcome. I've just spotted an error in my previous post though. Vernazza is village #4 (not #3). If you do visit the Cinque Terre, I hope you have a lovely time. 🙂
  14. The Cinque Terre has suffered from landslides - the latest only a year or two ago. It affected the section between Riomaggiore and Manarola. There is a lovely easy, paved walk of less than a mile cut into the cliffs between the two villages called the Via dell'Amore. We had considered including that last year as part of our day but it was still closed. You can buy a Cinque Terre Card at the station in La Spezia which allows you to use the train like a hop-on hop-off between the 5 Cinque Terre 'towns' (villages really). Ask for a timetable when you buy your ticket (also gives you access to the Via dell'Amore). They are quite frequent and it really is close to La Spezia. From La Spezia, you're only looking at 8 minutes to Riomaggiore(#1) 12mins to Manarola (#2) and 20 mins to Vernazza (#3). Corniglia (#3) is up a hill. You can get off there to explore the village but it's quite a haul up a lot of steps to the town and as it's not on the water's edge not quite as attractive from a photographic point of view. For a first visit to the area, a day's Cinque Terre Card to just use the train to go from village to village is very rewarding. I should say though that the 8 minute ride from La Spezia is predominantly through tunnels should that be an issue for anyone. But a great Day excursion. This site gives some info and also details of the train service and timetable. https://www.cinqueterre.eu.com/en/
  15. Don't know what Toronto is like, or if you got the chance to see anything of Quebec but Quebec is lovely and definitely the kind of place i like to explore!
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