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  1. I think that's the way to go - you may have seen my earlier post - it certainly worked for me in that I avoided the postal delay.
  2. Yes, I did but chose the biggest one as it's very close by. The worrying thing though is that it is apparently being underused - not the impression i got the day i went but something two friends had commented on on different days. Anecdotal evidence suggests that anyone in the right age band could just walk up and get in - that may just gave been a few times when they were not busy, but who knows. Our MP was suggesting letting them come down the age ranges but don't know who has the authority to make that decision. Locally or not? The roll out has been amazing but local hiccou
  3. My friend's letter from the NHS to go to a local hub took 8 days from the date on the letter to when it arrived through the post. Since we have very late postal delivery and having heard of her problem securing a slot (they kept disappearing whilst she was trying to book one - lots of people on the site I guess) I decided to try checking the site each morning to try to beat the post! You just need to enter your NHS number and DoB. I was in the next cohort behind my friend so assumed it couldn't be too long before I heard something. For 5 days I kept getting 'You are not eligible - you
  4. At our hub we were asked if we had driven here and if so, invited to sit for 10 mins - that was for the AZ not Pfizer. Friends at different vaccination sites had the same experience. So perhaps just precautionary.
  5. Netley Castle https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Netley_Castle
  6. Hi Kalos, yes I'm still here and reading every day following everyone's news and views. Especially pleased to hear of those who are getting their jabs, and those of you who are doing ok coping with health issues. Thanks for thinking of me - we're riding it out like everyone else, staying positive with hopes of better times ahead. Take care (l know you do) and keep well. I love to read your posts and send my very best wishes. 🤗
  7. So sorry to hear you're not so good. I know you've been taking great care and iirc are waiting for a follow up appointment - don't hold back on trying to chase that up and put a bit of pressure on. Your needs are as important as everyone else's. Sending you my very best wishes. 🤗
  8. Adding my best wishes too. Hope you soon feel much better and have only very mild symptoms.
  9. Lovely spot and quieter with plenty of room up off the prom. Hopefully we'll have some good days for you to enjoy (wrapped up if course!) before your next escape to the warmth. Glad you had a good time. 😊
  10. We once went to the Fjords in early May - and they'd just had a snowfall! It meant for quite a chill when the wind blew down the Fjord over the snow capped mountains en route - but it was beautiful! Very scenic and photogenic We had warm clothing but remember taking off jackets to tie round our middle when on walks as it really wasn't too chilly and apart from some rain in Bergen (not unusual) we had decent weather.
  11. Glad you've had a good break and enjoyed the lovely warm weather. You're not wrong about the cold - went for a walk by the Bistro on the Beach (thought of you - is your hut in the vicinity?) for a blow and got rather more than we expected - blowing a hoolie and bitterly cold! Ok walking one way but a challenge walking back. Sea was exciting though - huge waves. That was the day the cruise ships disappeared (back now.). Have a safe journey back.
  12. We love the 12 nighters Avril. We're hopefully doing one again next year too - unfortunately not the one you're doing otherwise we could have said 'Hello'. 🙂
  13. +1 so you have my understanding and sympathies too. I can't begin to imagine how difficult it must be in both practical matters (all those risk assessments!) and emotionally as you are constantly trying to do your very best for everyone. All the best.
  14. Beautiful day in the New Forest. It's been such a joy discovering this tranquil area, escaping from the crowds. Wide open spaces, peaceful and a real treat. One positive for us as we'd never really explored here properly before. We're taking our chances today before lockdown after which, as it's non-essential travel, we won't be able to visit for a while and will have to take our exercise locally - unlike some I suspect, who will carry on as if it doesn't apply to them! 😒
  15. Yes, the more recent ploy of including every Fjord you sail down as part of the itinerary could perhaps catch someone out in that they think they are going to visit more places than they are. However, presumably there are 4 full days in port (albeit one shared between Hellesylt and Geiranger - it's to be hoped with a delayed arrival due to a call at Hellesylt first, they do use the Seawalk at Geiranger as to tender a huge number of passengers is likely to take some considerable time). I think in a one week trip 4 ports is the norm. The Fjords they've identified going into and out of
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