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  1. 7094 is fabulous! Very close to the centrum so easy to the action. We still didn’t hear much noise. The balcony was huge and all covered. Great for a person who needs shade like me. We spent a lot of time out there and the DH even put up a hammock. The only cabins better are the aft ones. We have 1102 on a future trip.
  2. We did the Grand European in 2019. It was an outstanding trip! I suggest you get some walking strength built up before you go. We easily did over 10k steps a day with cobblestone and hills. But it’s well worth it. We were probably in the younger crowd ( pre retirement). It’s a lot of walking tours, some brought walking sticks to aid them. You can of course pick and choose when to go out. Go now! While very different from ocean cruising, we loved it and were so glad we went. If I can get into remission and covid goes away I want to do the 14 night France trip.
  3. We did it! Today we booked Alaska. I wanted a smaller ship and longer then 7 nights. We debated 2022, actually it’s what we wanted but because everyone who has credits has booked then there are few cabins left and no opportunity to do an after extension. So we booked for 2023 in a costal side cabin with the 6 night extension. It wasn’t inexpensive but this will probably be my one and only to Alaska so we wanted to see as much as possible. While we could do the land portion on our own it takes a lot of planning and effort. The DH could drive from Anchorage to Denali but this just seems e
  4. I will wait to buy until my doctor says I may travel but before final payment. I now understand.
  5. Well I called Steve as we’ve used him before.....he said book today but wait to buy insurance before final but only after my doctor says I can travel which I hope will be soon. So I’m booking! Excited because we’ve never been to Alaska in all our over 40 cruises. It gives me a goal to get better and something to start researching and planning. We had hoped to do it next year but most cabins are booked and we could not add a post excursion trip with it. Now we have a 10 night costal balcony with a 6 night land trip to follow.
  6. I’d like to book an expensive trip to Alaska today but don’t want to until I know what the insurance cost will be. I will have Medicare by the time we travel and plan on getting a strong supplemental policy to aid with travel. I have a pre-existing condition which may mean I won’t be able to travel by then or may have to cancel before if my condition comes back. At this point if we’re able to go I should be able to complete the vacation. Do I get a pre-existing waiver or do I get a cancel for any reason? As background we are booking with Viking which will give you a transferabl
  7. I think we will miss the evening entertainment a little while on Viking. I need some lively entertainment after dinner or I will quickly fall asleep in my chair. Otherwise Viking will fit the bill. Celebrity has become very class oriented with exclusive dining room and deck areas for suites. I like the idea that I will be welcome anywhere on the ship despite my cabin number. I quickly read through the “tell me why” thread. Thank you! Now I just have to convince the DH.
  8. Interested also. We tried a Viking river cruise ( 14 night Grand European) and loved it but it was a very different experience then ocean cruising. We too are looking for a smaller, perhaps more refined but not uptight ship and the no kids policy is fine with us. We liked the included excursions ( the panoramic ones not so much) and found the extra ones to purchase and the silver drink package were very reasonable. The headsets worn meant we could hear everything on a tour and not be bunched in a group. Also love the balcony only concept. It’s quite a bit more expensive so is it worth it
  9. I don’t want to offend anyone but maybe it’s a good idea to leave the kids home for awhile....I love my kids and grandkids but being quarantined with them in a small room sounds like a nightmare. Just saying. I would not encourage any of mine to do it for a good while yet. Since it’s not a huge part of the off season travel just get cruises restarted over 18 with fully vaccinated at least for a few weeks/ months and see how it goes. Then add families. They have waited this long. Again please don’t yell at me.
  10. If you’re afraid then it’s not time for you resume cruising. I’m comfortable if the ship is fully vaccinated but otherwise no. That’s basically because I don’t want a sick ship or quarantined ship. And only in a balcony or better. There were a lot of mistakes made on the Princess. The staff in this case I think unknowingly spread this after the quarantine plus it takes 2 weeks for cases to show up. Ship workers were afraid to speak up and continued to work! Proper isolation procedures were not followed. And Americans who were positive and not positive were put on th
  11. We are Diamond plus on Royal and have kept coming back because we enjoyed the product. Great shows, decent food and it felt like coming home after over 40 cruises. We knew what to pack, where to put it and the DH could quit asking where something was because he knew. The ships were mostly similar in lay out, we loved the lounge in the early evening but we never got the drink package as it’s outrageous for what we consume. We were so looking forward to Celebrity but they have cancelled 2 of our cruises and now the prices are much higher. After trying a river cruise with Viking we
  12. Lots of folks will be traveling on planes this summer, no vaccine required, packed in like sardines and yet cruise ships can’t get back to work. On a plane the socially distance thing goes right out the window. Masks required but you can remove to eat and drink. We have flown once during the pandemic pre vaccine. We were careful, used masks, shields and didn’t remove our mask to eat or drink on a 3 hour flight. We were fine. Let cruises resume with vaccinated folks and move on. We never have worn mask outside unless in a crowded area. If I was walking in Manhattan I would hav
  13. This is one time that booking air through the line would be in your favor. I would then assume they would be required to refund everything except lodging you booked on your own. Hoping you can get it all back or rebook with another line for the same time frame. I would also be very upset. When a line does something like this it makes you not want to return to them. I’ve had 4 ocean cruises yet in the future, cancelled due to moving of ships or piers not being constructed in time. It happens and since they were all at least 8 months away I was refunded everything. I’m
  14. I’m not near anyone except my spouse without a mask on. He is also willing to take the risk. And I’m not talking about going to a bar without a mask. I’m speaking of going to eat on patios, brief encounters at a store, all socially distanced, with a mask, things that some have been doing for months. You are right in that it is personal responsibility to watch for those at risk, which we both do. But for us, it is time to re-enter life with care. Today I saw a video of an elderly couple in a nursing home who had been kept apart for a year. It broke my heart when they were reuni
  15. If we are concerned about every variant we may stay locked up forever. The DH and I are fortunate to be fully immunized. We are starting to go out on patios to eat, going into stores as needed and getting on with life. We still mask and wash/sanitize. We are tired of take out ( still dishes), only doing on line order or pick up for everything else and not traveling. Life is short, too short to keep up with the isolation etc. Hopefully if we pick up a new variant the vaccines will give us some protection.
  16. There may be some anti vaxers but those I know are more against the covid shot itself. Some who don’t get the yearly flu shot are also in this category. Personally most of those I know who don’t get flu shots, aren’t being vaccinated. They did get their kid’s immunized. You also don’t know peoples medical history with vaccines or present medical issues or maybe they consider themselves very healthy and have no risk factors. Some just simply are not afraid of covid. They are aware of the risk they are taking. It’s none of our business. Remember hippa says our medical information
  17. I’m sorry to hear about any complications to any vaccines. I guess that is a risk we take with something that had to come out quickly. I feel fortunate to have gotten my second Pfizer this week. I am under treatment which boosts my own immune system to fight my cancer. After the second shot I had some pretty bad pain in the area of my spleen. (I’m a nurse.) It only lasted a few hours in the night. It did wake me up and I couldn’t sleep. If it had been any worse or lasted longer I’d have gone to the emergency room. I’ll consult my physician this week on his opinion to put it
  18. Medical records are protected in the US by HIPPA. No one has a right to see our medical information unless we give consent. To violate that without ones consent would be very disturbing. Our state encourages a state vaccination register and has for a long time. It is however optional. We are not part of that but our medical system does have record of our recent vaccinations. Because not everyone will have anything but their cards I think to go farther then that is asking too much. A lot of things come down to personal responsibility. I would hope that most unvaccinated peopl
  19. While I don’t think employers should mandate vaccines cruise lines are very different. I do think crew vaccines should be mandatory at least in the beginning. Those who can’t get them or won’t have the option not to come back. The reason is what some of you have expressed. No one wants a sick ship. There is no place else on earth I can think of except maybe an outpost somewhere, where people are cohorts together for greater then 3 days. We all know the cruise lines get a bad rap over norovirus too and that’s the same issue. A hotel can make people sick but there is a steady amount of p
  20. I work for a large hospital in Dallas. Administration has assured us that that they will not mandate a vaccine. In the past with flu shot we were given a choice. However if you didn’t get the flu shot you had to wear a mask around patients for the entire flu season or about 6 months out of the year. Most who didn’t get the flu vaccine had had allergic responses to it which included trips to the ER. A few just don’t believe they are necessary. If you have worked somewhere for years and they suddenly come out with a mandate do you think it’s fair to fire them, have
  21. I got my second dose of Pfizer this morning. Pretty bad headache at the moment. It was exactly 3 weeks since the first. Hoping for a good night but it’s better then catching Covid. Looking forward in 2 weeks to more freedom to eat out, visit family and go places although we will continue to wear a mask out of respect for others and use sanitizer. I can’t wait to travel again and looked longingly at Vikings Bermuda ocean cruise. Since I’m under cancer treatment it will have to wait. I anxious for all of you to get your vaccines and resume life. Blessings to you all!
  22. Since you’re staying longer in the area know that often a hotel won’t let you check in until 3 p.m. Some are better and others are firm on it. ( We don’t return to those again.). Be prepared so you don’t waste a day of your extended vacation. We try to get off as late as possible and then taxi to the hotel. The desk/ concierge at the hotel should be willing to store your luggage until you can get a room key. If you are prepared you can still tour or use the pool area without your bags or keep your smallest bag with you with swimwear and valuables. Its always a sad day to leav
  23. Never again- Carnival and NCL Possible- Princess wasn’t too impressed but it isn’t bad Usually - RCL. We are actually Diamond plus and have pretty much enjoyed every one. Future- We’ve had 2 booked on Celebrity. They were both cancelled! Sad. We will try again I promise. We might try HAL if the itinerary is right although the demographic isn’t really us and they are not on the top of the list. We be definitely be trying Viking as we did a outstanding river cruise with them. They need to resume before we invest in that.
  24. Recent CDC statements have said that people who are vaccinated would not carry enough virus to infect others so as long as you are vaccinated I’m hoping that these tests will be waived. Would they make vaccinated crew get tested every week? Just saying...
  25. While I don’t think a state or National government should mandate a vaccine, a cruise line is a business. I feel a business should be able to mandate it especially a cruise line. If you don’t like the mandate you simply don’t give them your business. No one should be forced to take a vaccine. I would be much more ready to cruise however if there is a mandate on the cruise line. I don’t want to get quarantined on a ship somewhere because someone chose to go who wasn’t vaccinated. Until covid is pretty much gone ( is that a thing?) I don’t think the cruise lines shoul
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