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  1. Don, I will have to concede that the US Government knows more than Royal Caribbean. I hadn't looked further than what RCG stated on their site. My apologies! Jerry
  2. Don, According to RCL, The Jones Act and the Passenger Services Act are the same thing. https://www.royalcaribbean.com/faq/questions/jones-act Jerry
  3. I believe that to get around the Jones Act, and be able to sail just in the Hawaiian Islands (only US ports), NCL has one ship “flagged” in the United States.
  4. A somewhat related question . . . How are airport connections being made at Heathrow. If an international passenger has a connecting flight, can that person easily go from one terminal to another to make that connection?
  5. Mentioning no names, but a few years ago a frequent suite guest stated that since Prime C and Aqualina dining was included they made reservations for every night. If they decided not to go, they would just cancel. This practice locked out other guests from making reservations until a table opened up by cancellation. Adding more suites could possibly aggravate this situation even more, leave non-suite guests few opportunities to dine in Prime C or Aqualina.
  6. Since the three current sisters names are synonymous, I would suggest Azamara Passage to continue the trend.
  7. Final payment for Viking Ocean cruises (US booked) is one year in advance.
  8. We were in 7085 on Pursuit’s “extended” March South America cruise, and would choose it again. Great stateroom in a great location.
  9. Actually, on our March (extended) Pursuit cruise of South America, there were two bourbons in the Ultimate Package . . . Bulleit and Maker's. My preference was the Woodford, which I consider a few steps above either Bulleit or Maker's.
  10. I believe that once one ship goes from "warm" to cruising, one of the other ones will have to go "warm" . . . and have a captain and maintenance crew. The "cold" ships rely on the "warm" ship for required power, sleeping and eating facilities for all crew, and a captain to oversee all operations.
  11. Yes! We moved our FCC from a cruise WE have cancelled, to a cruise next year that we had booked with the offer. Our new balance on next year's cruise is $0. We are in the the United States and use a wonderful TA. Jerry
  12. It appears that much (not all) of the negative comments over the past few months toward Azamara should have been directed at travel agents. I guess we were lucky. Our TA took care of everything efficiently, and facilitated our getting FCCs and refunds promptly. It’s a shame that we cannot mention travel agents by name/company here. It would be a great place to share both good and bad experiences with our fellow travelers.
  13. We were on the “extended” March 2 South America cruise on the Pursuit, arriving home on March 30. When the issues began with Chile and Peru closing their ports, we had been told we would receive 50% of our cruise cost as a FCC and 50% as a credit to our form of payment. On April 5 we received what I believe was the balance of the OBC we had; on April 17 we received our FCC emails/certificates; on May 2 we received what I believe was the unused port fees; and this morning the 50% refund appeared on our credit card account. I am in the United States. Neither my travel agent or I had contact
  14. Denise, Your contributions to the forums have been too numerous to count. I could never have maintained the composure and self-control that you have exhibited through the many confrontations here. Thank you so much! Jerry
  15. I would be thrilled if the 70+ physician letter requirement was lifted for CLIA member cruise lines, but I would wait until I see verified information that this so before posting it as fact.
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