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  1. It's only our second Azamara voyage coming up, so we wouldn't be involved in a loyalty event . . . but I do believe that those who have many (I don't know what the cutoff number would be) cruises with Azamara should be entitled to a loyalty event, whether it be a luncheon, dinner, special excursion, or another special event.
  2. Rabo

    Tips for Azamara Newbies

    A possible advantage of purchasing the Indulgence package (or any of the Experience More packages) prior to boarding may be to use the included Shore Excursion OBC to book Azamara excursions that could sell out early.
  3. Rabo

    Indulgence package

    Bonnie . . . I don't know if this has been asked previously. If you purchase the Experience More Indulgence package which includes two bags of laundry, do you still get the LVC two bags of laundry benefit? Thanks, Jerry
  4. Rabo

    So Called Double Upgrade is Back

    AllisonJames . . . Same here for our cruise next year. The lowest interior price is now more than what we paid for our V2 when the cruise was announced and we booked!
  5. Alsun . . . Thank you so much for your enlightening commentary and your fantastic pictures. We are on Journey's Norway and Midnight Sun cruise next July. Even though we are on a sister ship and there are differences in our itineraries, recapping your daily experiences was like living next year's cruise today. Have a safe journey home. Jerry
  6. Rabo

    Azamara Pursuit

  7. hubofhockey . . . Thanks! I found that reply from Bonnie to you, and I have bookmarked it. Just in case, I'll take a hard copy of it with me. Jerry
  8. Bonnie . . . somewhat off-topic, but related to OBC. We have OBC for early booking. Can that be applied to the Experience More Indulgence package? We booked a veranda when it was first announced for our Norway cruise next year, so the increases in price more than offset the cost of the package. Thanks, Jerry
  9. Rabo

    Azamara 2019 Prices

    16 Night Norway & Midnight Sun Voyage https://www.azamaraclubcruises.com/voyage/1561953600/16-night-norway-midnight-sun-voyage
  10. Rabo

    OBC question

    Not a sale, but an ongoing promotion . . . Experience More https://www.azamaraclubcruises.com/booked-guests/onboard-packages/experience-more-packages
  11. Rabo

    Azamara Quest

    According to the Senior Officer's Schedule at https://www.azamaraclubcruises.com/life-onboard/crew/senior-officer-schedule Captain José HD Philip CD Russ
  12. Rabo

    Azamara's new promotion?

    Yes . . . US$. $8,599 + $210.36 (fees/taxes) per person.
  13. Rabo

    Azamara's new promotion?

    No savings for us! We booked the July 1, 2019 Norway & Midnight Sun cruise back in March of last year when it was announced. The cost then was $17,618.72 (including fees & taxes) for a V2 stateroom. The Save or Spend promotion is the first promotion offered for this cruise. The cost now, including the $2,000 promotion savings, is $18,071.80 . . . $453.08 more than when we booked.
  14. Rabo

    Earning points, Celebrity vs. Azamara

    We are also Select on Celebrity. Our first Azamara cruise was last year’s Australia & New Zealand cruise. We were listed as being at Explorer level and given Explorer benefits. Jerry
  15. We’ve done wine tastings on almost every cruise and land tour we have been on. We went to several during our Australia & New Zealand cruise last year on the Journey. My favorite was the Puddleduck Winery in Richmond, Tasmania. I enjoyed all of their wines, but their Riesling is excellent. It’s a dry Reisling, not that “stuff” in the skinny-neck bottles :'). Several bottles came home with me!