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  1. No problem with the Journey in July!
  2. Rodrigo did a great job of capturing our voyage!
  3. I would agree with the option to pre-book dining reservations, but only with the provision that cancelling a reservation would incur a penalty. There have been times when upon boarding, guests book a specialty reservation for every night of the cruise, and then later cancel the nights they choose not to go. Until the last minute, this locks out others who may want to make a reservation. Pre-booking specialty dining has the potential of doing the same thing.
  4. We were just on the Journey in Norway. Slots and digital tables are there. Mostly empty during our 16 nights!
  5. The other itinerary I would like to see repeated is the Alaska to Tokyo voyage (coming up next month), going from Seward, stopping in the Aleutian Islands, Russia, and ports in Japan.
  6. Just 2 weeks ago on our Norway cruise, Captain Johannes mentioned this cruise departing in January 2020. I spoke with Liesl Bubner (LCV/Next Cruise) about additional dates, as we had just received the 2021/early 2022 itineraries. She seemed to think that it may not be offered again, but didn’t know for sure. Maybe if enough of us ask 😁
  7. We’ve been home for just over a day, and now have had a little time to settle in. In addition to the staff and crew of the Journey (who are nothing less that extraordinary), we made a number of new friends . . . too many to mention . . . but I do want to thank Denise & Nick, Pam & Eric, and Sue & Darren for helping make a fantastic voyage even more memorable. We'll be back with Azamara on the Pursuit in March. Hope to see you all then. Jerry
  8. Rabo

    Drinks query

    It's not on the list . . . https://www.azamaraclubcruises.com/booked-guests/onboard-packages/beverage-packages
  9. Congrats! Well deserved for all your efforts here.
  10. Rabo

    Azamara pricing

    Back in March of 2017, we were one of the first to book the upcoming July 1 Journey Norway & Midnight Sun. Although high priced, I booked at a price and category (V2) I would be comfortable with. When one of promotions was posted, we were able to save almost $2,500 (we are in the US). I continued to check prices and availability only up to the date my final payment was made. Once I made my final payment, I had no interest in seeing if the price went any lower. If someone else got a better price than I did, good for them. I'm happy with what I got.
  11. I received an email confirmation forwarded by my TA. Where all of my other confirmations were titled "Booking Confirmation - Guest Copy", this one was titled "Amenity Confirmation". Jerry
  12. Curious . . . I wonder if there’s something going on in Bergen. We also had an Azamara shore excursion cancelled. We’re supposed to be in Bergen until 11:00 pm. Trondheim departure is listed as 8:00 pm. Jerry
  13. Bonnie . . . Thanks for the update! Jerry
  14. UPI reported that travel will be "limited to family visits only". https://www.upi.com/Top_News/US/2019/04/17/US-tightens-travel-restrictions-for-Cuba/6451555525776/
  15. Bid ranges must be for different depending on cruise. We’re in a V2 for the July 1 Norway and Midnight Sun. Offers ranged per person . . . from $4,600 (weak) to $7,100 (strong) for a Club World Owners Suite from $3,900 (weak) to $6,600 (strong) for a Club Ocean Suite from $3,100 (weak) to $5,100 (strong) for a Club Spa Suite from $200 (weak) to $2,000 (strong) for a Club Continent Suite
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