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  1. It is one thing creating a masking policy it is another thing enforcing it! We got off the Sky on Friday after a great cruise however the masking policy was not being enforced particularly in the casino where masks were either improperly worn or not at all. I complained to the cashier staff about this on several occasions to no effect! On one occasion i saw the casino manager chatting to a passenger who was not wearing a mask. One would have thought he would have said something but no! In Princess Live it was hit or miss whether you were required to wear a mask or not. There is a lot is inconsistency!
  2. Pleased to say it is the antigen test you take in the first instance. If you fail the antigen test they will as you to take a PCR test. Hope this helps.
  3. If you don’t have the app or phone the check in will be the normal pre check in process only a little bit slower because you won’t be in the green boarding lane.
  4. You can complete it in advance but you will have to confirm the answers within 24 hours of sailing.
  5. Gate 10? The Princess embarkation instructions refer to gate 20! If arriving by car with parking booked To start your Princess Cruises holiday check-in, if arriving by car you will need to arrive via dock gate 20 and head to our drive-through COVID-19 testing centre (complimentary in the price of your holiday) adjacent to Mayflower Cruise Terminal, Herbert Walker Avenue, Southampton SO15 1HJ. The testing centre is accessed via West Bay Road. Look for signs directing you to the prenetics testing site. You will head to your embarkation terminal after you have completed the drive-through testing at Mayflower Cruise Terminal. Don’t worry, we will have staff on hand to guide you through. Please arrive at your allocated time. Please have your health declaration confirmation, travel insurance and vaccination statuses available as these are checked for all guests.
  6. It depends on who you are parking with. If you go to the testing site at Gate 20 I am sure they will direct you to the terminal after you have taken the test. I believe that the valet car parking companies such as CPS will pick up your car at the terminal.
  7. This is a post about a U.K. seacation nothing to do with Alaska!
  8. At the moment the bars are off limits to passengers. You need to use the app or catch a waiters eye!
  9. The enclosed article from the Irish Examiner seems to imply that cruise ships will not return to Cobh until next year. Have heard nothing from Princess as to cancellation of this port of call. Port of Cobh website however lists several cruises ships calling this year including Sky Princess. https://www.irishexaminer.com/news/munster/arid-40697957.html
  10. In addition to the above - don’t all arrivals into the U.K. have to be fully vaccinated or quarantine when they get to the U.K. ?
  11. Sounds obvious but I Suggest you look at the Parking4cruises website. The FAQS section should address your concerns. Apparently they will send you an email 48 hours before your cruise to update you on parking instructions.
  12. Can anyone advise whether passengers were allowed to go ashore independently during the Regal’s call at Belfast on 3rd September? Thanks
  13. Thanks for posting these. We are in the Sky in 4 weeks and it is good to know about the electrical/USB arrangements.
  14. Did Princess give you any idea as to why things were due to change. The protocol was last updated on 30th August and I wonder why the need the change things already? As far as I can see the protocol has been very successful on the U.K. cruises to date.
  15. I thought the test had to be “medically observed”?
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