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  1. I’m waiting on my flight home so I’ll take a minute to tell y’all a little about my September 10 cruise on Celebrity Millennium. This was my first trip to Alaska. I flew to Seattle a day early and stayed one night at The Sound Hotel. Nice hotel. I took the tram $3 from the airport and I walked about a mile to the hotel. Hotel and dinner was approximately $300. Check out was at noon and I was to be at the port for 12:30. I took an Uber to the port. $10 plus tip. I got to the port at 12:15 and I was in my cabin by 12:35. Before they take your bags they want to see your COVID results. After my bag was checked the next person checked my COVID results and passport then I was directed inside the terminal. The next person scanned my documents and again checked my covid and passport. One more covid passport check. The last person went over my covid results word for word I think. Anyway it was a comprehensive review. On to the ship where my carry on was scanned and I was welcome aboard. I was then directed to my muster station. I had already done the muster drill online so I was checked off and sent on my way. Mask were optional for vaccinated guest. My guess about 10% wore them. I was unofficially told there were 790 guest with less than 10 children under 12. The buffet was served by the staff and I went to the dining room twice and neither time was it crowded. If you have any questions I’ll try to answer them.
  2. I’m going solo. Weather I’d give her money or not would depend. I’m assuming you bought insurance and if so the cruise insurance should reimburse her the portion of her fare since she is sick. She can cancel her cruise without canceling yours.
  3. I booked a last minute, in the next three weeks cruise this past week. The celebrity agent asked if I was fully vaccinated because they are only taking bookings for fully vaccinated guest.
  4. I just booked Celebrity Millennium for September 10th. This will be my birthday present to myself. First time to visit Alaska.
  5. The only difference is this time you can do as much or as little as you want without consulting with or considering someone else. You’re on your own schedule. Enjoy.
  6. I have sailed solo on Celebrity several times and will again in December baring a disaster. Anyway, they do post a solo meet and mingle daily. I have never been so I can't say if it's good or not. I usually hang out in the martini bar and the people are very friendly. I have sat with large tables and I have picked anytime dining and eaten alone. The tables are close but I don't mind eating alone. Join your roll call. In the past I could always jump on somebody's private tour. I don't know what port visits will look like in the future. Smile and someone is going to start a conversation. Enjoy.
  7. I agree with your husband. For me it’s not so much covid but also I haven’t had cold, flu nor bronchitis since I started wearing a mask. Yes I’m vaccinated.
  8. Depends. I like the heated loungers in the spa and I like the aqua class restaurant BUT, I don’t know if the spa will be open when cruising restarts. Also, on a resent cruise I booked with the difference in price between aqua class and concierge class we can eat in a specialty restaurant each night.
  9. The hotel is still there. https://www.hotelgalvez.com/?utm_source=google&utm_medium=organic&utm_campaign=business-listing
  10. I think so. 10 or 12 day to Panama.
  11. https://www.galveston.com/webcams/cruisevideocam/ Ms Millie. I hope she finds a new home here.
  12. I received my 2nd dose yesterday. I had to sit for 15 minutes after. The whole process was about 25 minutes compared to 3.5 hours for the 1st dose. While walking back to my vehicle I started itching all over. I thought I would have to stop and get Benadryl but it totally stopped in 10 minutes. When I got home I had chills for a couple of hours. Today I have a sore arm but I’m fine. I’m in Texas.
  13. Last week I got a call from Celebrity trying to sell me air for my April 1 cruise. She assured me they will sail in January. (Yeah right)
  14. I have done it before about 4 years ago but with Celebrity. I was to board in Civitavecchia but due to a family death and funeral I boarded in Athens. It was a matter of two phone calls and some paperwork.
  15. It is not a one time thing. I don’t know if it’s combinable with casino etc.
  16. So hurt you didn’t choose Galveston to sail from. Lol. I’ve cruised solo on Carnival and my table mates were all solo. Someone in the roll call did a cocktail 2 hours and I got to meet quite a few people. I think it cost about $30. It wasn’t a bad cruise at all.
  17. Walking the plank to board the ship Sitting on my balcony watching the sky and ocean Martini bar Sitting on deck people watching
  18. I l&s yesterday because final payment was due and I doubt the Apex December cruise will happen. I didn’t want to chance l&s not being an option after September 30th.
  19. I’m a solo cruiser. I’ve taken 3 TA cruises one being a b2b. I spend my sea days reading and attending the lectures. Join the roll call and join some of the private tours. Some don’t mind solo travelers. There is always a good crowd at the martini bar in the evening willing to tell you their story. Nice people watching spot also. Be mindful with the new normal things maybe a lot different.
  20. I retired 12/31/19. My plan was to travel most of this year. We all know how that went. I usually travel solo and thought booking a suite for just me was a waste of money. I’m going to book a suite. I’m going to watch the sun rise. I’m going to live my best me. Now I’m going sing happy birthday to the little guy in the photo. He is 13 today.
  21. I have been looking at the September transpacific cruise on the Solstice and the cruise after that. I’m booked on the Apex in December but I think it’s 50/50 weather or not she will sail.
  22. My original hope was September. I have a cruise booked for December 26th and looking at what’s going on here in Texas my bet is April 1, 2021 for $20.
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