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  1. Surprise?? There is no substitute for face to face communication, especially with young people. My grandson is in his second year of college, expecting to be a teacher. With his classes all moved online, he was seriously reconsidering his choice since he said he really could not be an effective teacher online. If college kids feel the negative in online learning, imagine what it does to elementary students who are just developing social skills.
  2. Probably in the same way that you and I have equal ability to give a handout to a homeless person on the street. But will they get the same amount from both of us? I’m one of those who spends less than $1800 once a year or less on a balcony in a good location for a 10 night cruise. Booked a group rate once with a TA chosen by the primary of the group and had to pay almost 10% more than I could have gotten it as past passenger (that fare did not qualify for a group booking and I was told I had to book with her to get on board as part of the group for the wedding. Her perk for the booking o
  3. Last April my DIL had a Mediterranean cruise planned. When it got canceled, she set up zoom sessions for each port day with the people she had previously met on roll call. People from all over the world joined for their pretend tours.
  4. Flu shots aren’t mandatory for any activities and they are not highly effective. There is no reason the cruise lines would need to wait for worldwide vaccinations to start cruising with a vaccination requirement. They could potentially do that in Feb and those who are vaccinated could sign up. Those who are not could not sign up.
  5. In case you haven’t been reading the news, millions of doses are awaiting distribution the minute it is approved. As an employee, I am not naming the institution on social media but I guarantee you have heard of it. And if all you want to do is argue, take it up with Dr Fauci. I don’t have an interest in your prattle.
  6. I believe I did say start. But this institution has the capacity and supply to vaccinate anyone who wants it in a very short amount of time. As long as some government official doesn’t make stupid rules of who can receive it and when.
  7. But, remember you can’t say that on cc. Too many skeptics. There are plans in place to start vaccinations in my home town in late Dec.
  8. That’s yesterday’s news here. Restaurants and bars closed, no outdoor dining. Take out only. Gyms closed. No wedding or funeral receptions allowed. People advised/expected to integrate with no other households socially—especially Thanksgiving,
  9. Granted, being quarantined onboard because of anothers illness would be the biggest concern but the theoretical discussion was about likelihood of a particular individual contracting the disease. Yes someone could pick it up on the way to the ship but the likelihood of that would also be decreased. If everyone onboard was required to be vaccinated, a very large percentage of the general traveling public would also be vaccinated and not spreading the virus. As for an infected person coming in contact with any of the theoretical 150 for an exposure time, that is also very small. I’m sure th
  10. Not sure I follow your thinking. In this theoretical situation we are discussing, all 1500 would be vaccinated and 90% of them would be protected. Exposure for them would be a moot point. Therefore, travel to the port would be just as disease protective as being on the ship. And, no, I do not believe they would be transporting virus on their clothing which could transfer to another person later in the week.
  11. And someone would still have to have it to infect one of those theoretical 150. The likelihood of any of the 150 being infected in a situation where 90% cannot be infectious is really small.
  12. Immunity from the press saying anything negative about them or questioning their choices to congregate maskless. That would be politically incorrect. There can be 10 cases associated with a wedding celebration and that will get lots of air time. But there can be a “march” with 2000 people and no news of any transmission. So maybe they do give immunity. We need more of them........
  13. And yet it was not moved so this was the appropriate forum. Yes, many other forums were suggested which may not have happened if OP had posted on a specific cruise line forum. Always best to start broad and then narrow down the choices.
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