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  1. Yup. My brain was on vacation for a bit today. 10 years but still only from when you renew so no point in renewing years early.
  2. As someone who is looking to branch out (up) it would be helpful to have a few suggested lines you see value in. Thanks
  3. In addition: First make sure you know the cancellation policy for your current reservation. It could cost you to cancel. Then factor that cost in to any new reservation. When checking for price reductions or packages, go far enough to find out the total cost to make an accurate comparison to what you already have, Sometimes a sale is not a sale! As for things like drink packages, you don’t need a package to drink. Ask on the board for your cruise line what average drink prices are and determine whether the daily price of a package is more or less than what you plan to drink. Happy sailing
  4. Few months, yes, good advice but why would anyone renew years in advance? Your passport is only good 5 years from your renewal date—-not from the original expiration date so it is a waste of money to do it more than 6 months early unless there is a reason you will need to use it every month later on.
  5. When we first cruised, the ship was the experience with great excursions thrown in. Food and service were excellent (remember waiters scraping the bread crumbs away between courses?). It was something we could never have/afford at home and truly memorable. We dressed up and shared tables with some of the most affluent and interesting people (one a millionaire who had escaped from German concentration camp). Now, I don’t need the crumbs removed but I do want a little bit extra than what I get at Perkins. I am not so sure which came first—decrease in quality or specialty restaurants etc leading to deterioration in quality for the rest of the ship—or if they were simultaneous. I believe the cruise lines realized the profits to be made by charging extra for what was previously included and holding back costs by lowering the quality for those in the main part of the ship. I won’t pay the cost of a meal extra for a specialty restaurant when I have already paid for meals which should be excellent. I detest private pools, private deck areas, and most of all sanctuary type areas with reserved chairs if you pay extra. If you have the money for that and want the extra attention you could sail on a ship that provides the service to everyone there. This class system is just a throw back to early sailing days when money made people snobs.
  6. I would prefer to cruise where everyone is treated the same and detest this return to “class” sailing but thought it was pretty much universal. What are some of the lines you have found desirable? I don’t cruise enough to keep up on all the nuances.
  7. Have seen age restrictions on Carnival as well.
  8. You definitely can safely snorkel without knowing how to swim. But as others have mentioned, you cannot be afraid of the water. First, you will be required to wear a flotation device, and second, it’s salt water—easy to float if you don’t panic. I would suggest getting gear and practicing at home in a pool learning how to easily breathe smoothly. Think—breathe in, breathe out, very slowly. And be sure to tell the guides you are a novice and they will usually be most helpful. I think it is much easier to go into deep water off a boat than to fight the waves going from shore.
  9. Okay then! I think we understand better now!! But you should realize that passion has no age limit for the truly fortunate
  10. When the 3rd and 4th are “free”, the 1st and 2nd pay much more than they would have otherwise. Sales tactic. Same as free drinks raises the base fare from what it was pre sale. 3 and 4 do consume food. On the other hand, non existent #2 (in a single cabin) does not, lowering the cost to the line. Lol
  11. If they are selling “the cabin”, they should also not be able to charge extra for third and fourth passengers which is often times as much as the first two. It doesn’t always double the price but except for specials, is significant.
  12. I think you are being a bit unfair comparing your 100 days a year to the average cruiser who may only do one short cruise every or every other year. I would expect superior service too for that kind of investment. You’re living in a different world. Spot on! Again, business volume says it all. One cruise may be short and inexpensive but the agent is counting on your high dollar business to offset it.
  13. We’ve been routinely flying between MSP and PHX for the last several months on short notice. Got many flights on Delta for $48 one way and many for under $75. Normally I would get better pricing from SW but not on this route. SW is tricky with their pricing and you need to be smart about how and when to book as prices can change daily, and always check price by requesting only one ticket for best price. Shortly before the pandemic, we flew MSP to Hawaii one way under $300.
  14. There is a big difference between completely legal and common sense or good business practice. Everyone just needs to stop feeding this media panic frenzy.
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