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  1. Recently went through similar dental work. Front tooth cracked root needed bridge or implant. Went with the bridge due to shorter healing time. Just a word or caution. My temporary would pop off and I would need to return to dentist to have reattached. Since you are going to be out of touch with your dentist, I would recommend asking him for adhesive you can use (my dentist offered me that after the second time) or at least go to a drug store and pick up a dental kit.
  2. K_e_short: You may think the website is the final word but the op clearly stated they had gotten contradictory info from the cruise line rep. Absolutely enough reason to ask the question.
  3. Again—the topic is masks on planes.
  4. Gotta love Uber. Certainly better than a meter-running taxi in crowded port areas.
  5. Sounds likes the employees were using their heads and thinking rather than blindly following the guidelines. You were also seated before your checkin time so obviously there was no holdup created by this family. If people arrive early and there is no line, why not get them in and prevent longer lines later? If there is a line, ask them to wait. Common sense.
  6. This is a general question forum so you are in the right place — or you could post on the HAL forum. You are on a long cruise so you may get some benefits from using the right TA. However, you need to be aware that many times the cost to you may be exactly the same and once you turn it over to a TA, the cruise line will not work with you directly. You also need to make sure the TA does not add any fees of their own for changes or cancellations. Many on here apparently get significant “rebates” from their TA—most often with higher cost cruises. Others will tell you they have never found a better deal from a TA. Even though TA names cannot be shared, some posters are themselves in the business. Keep reading all you can here and ask the right questions and good luck. Welcome to cruising and to cruise critic.
  7. LOL. Again, if you actually read the posts you would see how ridiculous your comments are. Try to keep up. Goodbye
  8. Thank you for telling me what I did/said as I am sure you know that much better than I. Again, if you read the posts you would not be embarrassing yourself by posting again.
  9. Clo recommended years in advance if you wanted—to which I responded. Reading comprehension is a gift.
  10. You really need to read all the posts in a thread before responding a month later.
  11. I don’t expect that the cruise line contract with the provider includes a tip. I believe that would be up to each individual on the tour. I would tip the same as if on an independent tour unless the independent tour is private. In that case I would tip more.
  12. Didn’t realize it made that big a difference where you live in the US. I have had several PCR tests and have never waited the full 24 hours for results. Many friends and family have similar experiences. There were a few rare ones who waited a few hours longer but never over 30. Agree though with the 72 hours because of logistics. And possibly needing a retest.
  13. That was the OP, not the poster Cheng responded to. The discussion was expanded to “other ships”.
  14. Many years ago when we flew from Anchorage to Vancouver with our puppy (had to fly in cargo at that time), she landed in Seattle. You better believe the airline had her on the next flight to Vancouver, even though she had started out in Anchorage with mild sedation.
  15. I know more people who have had lost (some permanently) or damaged bags than not. Not surprising if you have ever seen how they are handled.
  16. Not if you know how to count.
  17. I’m sure it is not a matter of ability to use a card. They said it was a preference. Some businesses (a major gas facility in particular) charge more to use a card as they are charged by the card company. I find it ridiculous to expose my cc info for a $2 purchase and rarely use it for less than $20. Cashierless does not mean cashless as self serve checkouts take cash and give change. I keep close track of my spending and use a cc often but too many people have no clue what their bill is whereas using cash let’s you physically see what you have left. My concern with using cash is the high number of cashiers who can’t make proper change without the computer. I’ve had them argue with me if I give them a 20 and a 1 dollar bill for an $11 purchase. One actually tried to give me back the dollar along with 9 more. Lol
  18. Yup. My brain was on vacation for a bit today. 10 years but still only from when you renew so no point in renewing years early.
  19. As someone who is looking to branch out (up) it would be helpful to have a few suggested lines you see value in. Thanks
  20. In addition: First make sure you know the cancellation policy for your current reservation. It could cost you to cancel. Then factor that cost in to any new reservation. When checking for price reductions or packages, go far enough to find out the total cost to make an accurate comparison to what you already have, Sometimes a sale is not a sale! As for things like drink packages, you don’t need a package to drink. Ask on the board for your cruise line what average drink prices are and determine whether the daily price of a package is more or less than what you plan to drink. Happy sailing
  21. Few months, yes, good advice but why would anyone renew years in advance? Your passport is only good 5 years from your renewal date—-not from the original expiration date so it is a waste of money to do it more than 6 months early unless there is a reason you will need to use it every month later on.
  22. When we first cruised, the ship was the experience with great excursions thrown in. Food and service were excellent (remember waiters scraping the bread crumbs away between courses?). It was something we could never have/afford at home and truly memorable. We dressed up and shared tables with some of the most affluent and interesting people (one a millionaire who had escaped from German concentration camp). Now, I don’t need the crumbs removed but I do want a little bit extra than what I get at Perkins. I am not so sure which came first—decrease in quality or specialty restaurants etc leading to deterioration in quality for the rest of the ship—or if they were simultaneous. I believe the cruise lines realized the profits to be made by charging extra for what was previously included and holding back costs by lowering the quality for those in the main part of the ship. I won’t pay the cost of a meal extra for a specialty restaurant when I have already paid for meals which should be excellent. I detest private pools, private deck areas, and most of all sanctuary type areas with reserved chairs if you pay extra. If you have the money for that and want the extra attention you could sail on a ship that provides the service to everyone there. This class system is just a throw back to early sailing days when money made people snobs.
  23. I would prefer to cruise where everyone is treated the same and detest this return to “class” sailing but thought it was pretty much universal. What are some of the lines you have found desirable? I don’t cruise enough to keep up on all the nuances.
  24. Have seen age restrictions on Carnival as well.
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