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  1. Just found this thread! Our first cruise was on the Carnivale in Feb of 1984. We sailed out of S. Fl (don't remember if it was Miami or Ft. Lauderdale. We went to Samana, DR...Puerto Rico and St. Thomas. We had a tiny cabin down in the bowels that we found out a few days into the cruise, must have been right on the other side of the wall from where they store the big pots/pans they used in the galley. Late one night, passing over the Puerto Rico Trench, we had bad weather and the stuff falling and clanging on the other side of the wall woke us up. We had twin beds that must have been bolted to the floors as they couldn't be made up into a queen. We laid there laughing after we had to pile our suitcases up against the little 3 drawer nightstand between the beds to keep the drawers from banging in and out for the rest of the night. The ship would rock and we would hit our head on the one wall at the head of the bed and then our feet would touch the other wall at the foot, it was so rough!


    It's a wonder I ever went back but we did, sailing on the S.S. Norway next; quite a change from the Carnivale!


    Many cruises later and some 700+ days on HAL, we never looked back. We joke around with each other and say..."It's time to cruise again...I am feeling landsick". LOL!


    Linda R.

  2. That's unfortunate that they used that number as it really sounds like it wasn't truly representative of the show...had we known that, we probably wouldn't have canceled it.


    Linda R.



    Just wanted to add a bit of perspective here. I too was really disappointed after seeing the Legally Blonde bit at the Welcome Aboard show and can totally understand why someone would pass had it not been that own my kid was in it and I had some inside knowledge. I was told on beforehand that the cast had been instructed to perform a random selection of numbers, that sadly starts with the one and only screechy, hard to understand number of the show. Yet the actual show is a totally different story. It was well staged, easy to understand, includes beautiful ballads (by Elle, Paulette, Woerner and Emmett), and some great group choreography. The production is being endorsed as top notch by the original artistic team who came on board in New York. From the welcome show I would have never guessed that however and I really hope that they make some adjustments. I actually enjoyed it so much I saw it multiple times as did many others.




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  3. Did anyone use the casino? Was wondering if there is a live poker dealer or a machine that deals the cards. Hoping there is a poker table on board.


    There were plenty of live dealers in the casino; just not sure what they were dealing as we don't play table games.


    Linda R.

  4. Hi Linda,


    Thanks for the review. Do you know what time they allowed the walk off passengers to start leaving?


    About 7:30. It may vary a bit depending on getting the ship cleared in Miami but that was about it. Do it before they start calling the colored tags as it will most likely get pretty busy then.


    Linda R.

  5. Thanks for the review, Linda!!! You sounded very fair, especially having sailed on other lines, in your comparisons.


    You guys really ARE poised and ready for reviews, aren't you? LOL!! 3 responses within a half hour of posting.


    Yes, I tried to be fair....we all have different tastes of what we like and don't like. You can't please everyone so I just tried to say what we liked and didn't while comparing to our other experiences over the years.


    Linda R.

  6. This is my first review. Let me give some details about us (hubby and I); we have been cruising since 1984, with most (over 700) days on Holland America. Previously, with NCL, we have been on the Norway and took 2 short trips to the Bahamas a few years ago. We haven't traveled much with NCL as we weren't crazy about the Freestyle aspect; we are more traditionalists. But, this ship worked the Freestyle aspect fantastically!


    We had a very small, interior-interior (inside hallway) cabin on the 11th floor. Probably as small a cabin as any we have ever been in but it was laid out wonderfully, with every nook and cranny utilized as storage. The bathroom was a very workable size and the shower was larger than others we've been in on other lines (in the smaller cabins). The joke about putting the soap on the wall and spinning around to wash yourself doesn't apply here. LOL!


    The only problem was that there was no place to sit, other than a small stool (with storage in it!) that didn't quite fit under the desk well enough. Getting up in the middle of the night, I would have been tripping over it to get to the bathroom so we put it in the closet. Speaking of, the closet was fine for the 2 of us; we travel pretty light and with Freestyle there was no need for tons of fancy clothing. The safe in the closet even has a light in it...which the closet could use but we just used a flashlight if we couldn't find something in the far reaches.


    Regarding the crew, the crew on the ship is mostly made up of a group that "opens" new ships. They are very experienced and you generally get good service. If they were all in training, there is no way that this trip would have gone as well as it did. Most of them had opened the Breakaway when she started too.


    Food; everything was quite good, the service was good everywhere except in Cagney's where we felt a bit rushed. We each got the NY strip and agreed we'd had better. The best meal we had was in Le Bistro where we had the pork dish which was excellent along with the service. We ate at La Cucina twice but felt the food was marginal regarding tastefulness. One night in the Flamingo room and two nights in Taste where the food and service was good. We spent most of our time in O'Sheehan's where the food and service was excellent. Nice, relaxing place for breakfast rather than the craziness up at the Garden Cafe. Lunch several times also with the pretty decent fish and chips. One time at Shanghai's which was good too although they never looked terribly busy. If you order wine and don't finish your bottle, they hold onto it and give you a ticket that you present at the next venue you eat at and and they go and get it. Pretty nice!


    Sea days found us trying to find comfortable shaded areas to sit in as we are not sun worshippers. There are a couple places on the pool deck; one outside the forward elevators on 15. The (uncomfortable deck chairs) are set up in sets of 3 with a very small space in between them. Other than that, the only place outside with shade was at one of the few setups of very comfy patio furniture along The Waterfront on 8. With a couple of them right by bars, finding a seat and no smoking around you was difficult at best. This was probably our biggest gripe; the lack of comfortable seating in the shade. We did note that there seemed to be a decent number of people out trolling for an empty shaded seat on deck 8 and there is plenty of room for more of that kind of seating so maybe they will change that.


    Evenings we were either outside on 8 or in by the Sugarcane bar where I had the best Mojito's I've ever had!


    Shows: We went to Burn the Floor which was excellent! Those dancers didn't stop for a solid hour and we had gone to the second show. Cancelled Legally Blonde after the welcome aboard show where they did a short bit from the show. They were loud and piercing and you couldn't understand what they were singing. Just our opinion, mind you...we would like to understand the lyrics and have intact eardrums when we leave, thank you very much. We went to the show with the 2 comedians that they had in the main theater and enjoyed that. We never did get to the individual comedy shows but we would have liked to.


    Music: Latin Express was fantastic. They were in the Flamingo room for dinner and dancing most nites but one nite they came to the Sugarcane bar and rocked the place long past they were supposed to! We just wouldn't let them go and they really didn't seem to want to either as everyone, them included, was having a ton of fun.


    Boarding/Debarking the ship: We arrived about 11:15 and basically just walked on the ship; no number or anything. We had our luggage delivered and took it off ourselves when we got off on the last day. That was very easy and didn't take long at all.


    I hope I covered everything and helped some of you out! If I didn't mention something, it's because we didn't go/utilize it. Final decision...would we go again? Most definitely!


    Linda R.

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