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  1. My head says that this won't sail. But my heart says if it does, then I need to be on it. So have booked a sneaky balcony 🙂
  2. Yes just picked it up at £35 a day per person for two of my Anthem trips next year!
  3. Because they were not selling well. There's a reason why the last ones they did were priced so low!
  4. For me it's a mistake I keep making.... it's having my credit card as the one paying off the balance at the end of the trip, which leaves the other half free to go on a spending spree in the shops on board knowing I'm footing the bill 😲
  5. Did you pay with a credit card? If so I would talk to your credit card company as you could initiate a charge back through them.
  6. They can set policies for social distancing all they like, but once you add alcohol it will all go out the window. You just have to look at what happened in the U.K. at pubs over the weekend when they opened up. I don’t consider social distancing achievable with drink packages
  7. Also Spain has now made their ban on cruise ships indefinite - or as they put it 'until the coronavirus pandemic is over'. Many cruises from Southampton call at Spanish ports, either in the mainland or the Canaries. So it's really not looking good for Anthem this year - it now has 3 Southampton round trips left in October, with 2 of those heavily Spanish port based (and the other Italian). And the only other trip is the TA, where it's going to be difficult/impossible for US people to get to us to take the trip home and almost as difficult for those in the EU doing the opposite.
  8. We’ve noticed how royal is being really bad with updating these two cruises too. I dread to think how many people are continuing to lift and shift to them totally unaware they are already cancelled.
  9. We're booked on Anthem in October. I am not at all convinced it will happen. There is no such thing as a safe bet for cruising this year and possibly into next.
  10. We've booked loads of guarantee rooms from Southampton, including suite guarantees. Up to last year yes, they were often assigned quite early on. Last year though they appear to have changed their approach - the guarantee rooms are assigned very late, to the point that we started wondering if there even was a suite available. It ended up being assigned 4 days before the cruise the last time we did a guarantee. We've a guarantee for October that we expect to have the same scenario - it's not assigned yet. But I would definitely expect this cruise to have a high likelihood of being c
  11. Have now cancelled three cruises in October and January - good to get some FCC to use towards late 2021 cruise(s). Have one October 2020 cruise I've not cancelled yet.... holding out to see if it happens in a way that would make it enjoyable (so if masks are required that's a no). 90% sure we'll end up cancelling it too, which means next cruise will likely be October 2021.... seems weird to have such a long wait to the next cruise!
  12. The key thing to if this is true or not, I think, will be the consequences for Royal Caribbean if they don't enforce the rules. If this is something they can use in advertising to re-assure nervous cruisers, but otherwise there's no consequences for not doing it, then I suspect you'll be correct - it will be the advice but not really enforced. If, on the other hand, it's something that Royal needs to agree to do in order to cruise, or be allowed to call in ports etc, and the consequences for being seen to not enforce it is having that agreement to be able to cruise remo
  13. That's an easy one - those who got cheaper prices for their staterooms of course!
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