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  1. It's a personal decision, but I will not give up on something I enjoy so much. As soon as we can sail, I will be onboard.
  2. Incredibly sad. But then, the entire world feels incredibly sad right now. Life as we know it...not the same.
  3. Potatoes, creamed spinach, various salads, stuffed mushrooms are on the standard menu, rappini. And I think if you tell them in advance, they could make something special she would enjoy...
  4. Yes, go for it! Great ship and lovely ports. Be excited!!
  5. How did anyone NOT see that happening? The deaths onboard were tragic, there will be those who look for recompense.
  6. If it means getting back to cruising, I will gladly be thermally scanned all day!
  7. It has become our tradition for my husband and I to book the steakhouse the first night. I book the cruise, pay the deposit, then immediately book the steakhouse. We love going the first night - the free wine and we look forward to the delicious food! It's a great start to the vacation.
  8. I can't see much enjoyment on a cruise if you have to be masked. If you enjoy sunbathing, swimming, the hot tubs, of course eating and drinking, I don't see how a mask figures into the equation. And forget social distancing. How can you have a dozen people in the pool or 4 or 5 people in a hot tub and maintain social distancing? How can you have a 6pm MDR dining time with hundreds of others and maintain social distancing? Or the comedy club or the piano bar? Or the Alchemy? My personal feeling is, and I know not everyone will agree with me...and that's ok, if people are sti
  9. Rain and a bit of wind....and no cruise 😟
  10. None of life will be how we knew it, at least for awhile. This too will pass, I believe.
  11. Disney is one of those scenarios where I think social distancing will be next to impossible. Any theme parks for that matter, as groups of people freely wander those venues. Some areas may be able to distance, for instance the lines to ride, but the parks in general …. I can't see it happening.
  12. It would be quite impossible to "social distance" 6 feet in all the various venues on a cruise ship... The showroom, casino, MDR, pool/lido....seriously how? Even if you only occupy 25 or 50% of the cabins. It's literally impossible. I agree with a previous poster - those people who are very concerned and insist on 6 feet, face masks, gloves to live your life, maybe cruising is not the place for you at this time. Maybe not anywhere in large numbers of people - city streets, sports venues (at some point), concerts, movies, malls. I, for one, will not live my life in fear of d
  13. We have a 4th of July booked. I hope they don't cancel, but halfway expecting it. I'm not in the least concerned about going.....I would definitely board if it doesn't get canceled.
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