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  1. You can carry on a 12-pack of canned soda when you board the ship - one 12-pack for each passenger.
  2. Thank you for the review. We've sailed the Magic back in 2017 and loved it! We're going on her again in late October! Glad you had a good time!
  3. Lu, I wish too!! But we're on the Halloween cruise. Hope you are well. A few of us stay in touch if you want to say hi to Ann, Doris, or Patty. Friends of Cruise Critic, look for Legend September 9 2012.
  4. After 15 Drinks on Cheers, what's next? For me, CPR....lol
  5. Thank you for your review! We are sailing the Magic in 43 days, so appreciated your comments. Will definitely try Cucina!
  6. Yes, they are definitely dry. If you prefer sweet-ish, do the 50% off any wine on the list. Whichever you choose, enjoy!
  7. We've never done a 4-day cruise - we do the 5-day when we sail on Paradise. My question, is there an elegant evening on the 4-day? And if so, was it on the first full sea day evening?
  8. If I remember correctly, it is Chardonnay or Merlot. I don't remember the brand name, but I think it was from Chile. I was not fond of the chardonnay, too "alcoholy" for my taste, I prefer buttery-oak flavor, but the merlot wasn't too bad. I would definitely take the free red one again.
  9. We've been on Dream Class, Spirit Class, Conquest Class and Fantasy Class, and the Splendor....in a class by itself! My favorite ship has been the Conquest, but I love the Paradise for short 4 or 5 day get aways. It's a great ship, everything I want - except the Dive In Movies. Wonderful service and I really don't notice that it is "smaller".
  10. Thank you for your review. Looking forward to our Magic cruise in a few weeks and looking forward to the new Buffet menus.
  11. Thank you for the review. It was positive and refreshing!
  12. Yes, they do and it is still very yummy!
  13. In February 2018, we went on a last minute 5-day cruise to Cozumel and Grand Cayman. We did not pack elegant clothes, we did not plan anything. For the first time, we did not care if we went to the MDR, eating mostly in the buffet or pizza or room service. We didn't worry about excursions or shows or any activity. OH MY we loved the complete freedom of no schedule. So each February now, we do a 5-day cruise, packing only swimsuits, shorts, t's, flip flops, jammies. We eat at the buffet or Guy's or pizza or room service. We don't plan a single thing. It is our laid back, do nothing cruise and it is so free and relaxing! In port, we either wander the port or take a taxi to somewhere we feel like doing that day (beach or shops or restaurant). We still cruise in the fall, a longer 7 or 8 day cruise and we enjoy all of our long-time traditions. 2 cruises - two totally different experiences!
  14. I guess I'm reading the "JUICES" menu differently than everyone else? I'm thinking you order by the number - so #1 would be carrot + orange juice + lime + cayenne. Not orange or carrot or lime. At least that's how I'm reading it.
  15. Awesome review! Loved all the pictures and your positive comments on the Magic. She is next up for us in October. Thanks for taking the time.
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