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  1. When we were in Bermuda we joined other cruisers we met on the ship and hired a van for the day and he took us wherever we wanted to go. Driver even waited while we enjoyed lunch. One of the men simply walked off ship and asked the drivers assembled on dock to take us. He negotiated a rate first and then after checking with us, we were off for a great day. Agree with post of checking specific boards. I learned a lot on the Bermuda board.
  2. As many frequent cruisers have posted in response to OP, it appears you dropped the ball. I have booked Next Cruise with Celebrity and RCCL since 2008 and have never had an issue. I have always been given a copy of my booking for my records. Every single Next Cruise rep I have booked was an employee of Celebrity or RCCL as I always chat with them and ask about how many years they have been with the line, what other positions they have held, etc. I never transfer to a TA as have had 2 very negative experiences with hometown TA's and have always had excellent service from the CVP's. I just booked my 28th Royal Caribbean Corp. cruise and my 37th cruise over all. Never had a negative experience except the 2 with TA's. Afraid to try the big guys. Sorry for your bad experience.
  3. After meeting you on a Majesty cruise, I thought you were a "sweet" cruiser.
  4. You got that right. After 30 years teaching in FL, it is easy to spot children I call "properly parented."
  5. Sounds like another case of employees not doing their job and enforcing rules. Guess the old "children should be seen and not heard" no longer applies in our current culture.
  6. You are kidding, aren't you? I would gladly miss every night in MDR. Have not packed Formal clothing since we switched from Celebrity (to far to drive). Just wear smart casual and you will be fine.
  7. Taking 8 adults in 3 Grand Suites on Harmony in Nov. 2019. To date I have been told by CVP and 2 C&A's that we have access to Coastal Kitchen all day and to Suite Lounge for free drinks from 5 to 830 pm. One CVP told me we do not have access to Suite Lounge and no free drinks. Would be nice if all employees could read from the same script. I know John & Laura as well as Bob will know the correct answer. This will be the "burial at sea" cruise for my husband and I am taking family for support and we may all need a few drinks.
  8. If you weren't about 2 hours south of me, I would gladly help you eat them.
  9. Had Boardwalk package on Oasis. There are no substitutions. Drink wine and do not drink sodas. Johnny Rockets was great.
  10. Could be we have been there and done that. Hope you live to get old.
  11. Scooter is your best bet if you book a cabin that is big enough. Never book lower than balcony but have been booking suites the past few years. I called and talked to agent and he advised which scooter to book as some will fit thru cabin door and some will not. Unless you are younger and stronger you do not want to be pushing a wheelchair on Allure. The Harmony will be my 13th RCCL cruise and my first was on Allure when she was new. We sailed Celebrity for years but no longer cared to drive to south FL.
  12. We drove from West Coast of FL to East Coast for cruise and I found a parking company that had a van to lift him and the chair to the van. I just booked Harmony for a burial at sea and one cousin coming from Phoenix to join the cruise has MS and will be bringing her wheelchair on plane. She does it frequently. I guess she arranges it with the airlines. There were no HC cabins available so I booked her in a junior suite. I picked my scooter up in the terminal as opposed to having it waiting in cabin and then drove it off ship to return it. There is a discount for doing so. I will be booking a scooter for Harmony since it is such a huge ship. Have sailed on Allure and Oasis and will need the scooter to scoot around ship.
  13. Sorry for your loss. I lost my husband of 39 years on February 13. RC will not provide a wheelchair for use on ship. They will transport you onto the ship and off the ship. I took my husband's 'transport chair" on our final cruise and I also rented a scooter from Scootaround. Loved the scooter as I too have mobility issues. Enjoy your cruise with your mother.
  14. I have been to most of the ports multiple times as have many other cruisers. I will always choose Eastern over Western Caribbean cruises. Which ever you decide on you will have a great time.
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