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  1. We too are booked on the April 9,2021 Connie cruise out of Tampa. It has not been changed or cancelled as of 10 minutes ago. I will most likely wait and see what happens. This cruise replaced my April 9, 2020 Royal Caribbean cruise also out of Tampa. Maybe I am not supposed to sail out of Tampa again. It is way past time Celebrity makes a decision and informs us.
  2. Awesome. I am so glad you shared with us. I hope you and Captain Kate don't get in trouble with Cruise Critic for her video correcting someone's grammar. I did.
  3. For those who enjoy the free access to the Persian Gardens/Saunas and the upgraded breakfast menu for room service in addition to Blu it is well worth the extra money if you can afford it.
  4. Arrive early. Never have had an issue getting seats at Martini Bar.
  5. This happens when you book with the Airline too. Have flight TPA to PIT in Sept. and have had our flights changed at least 4 times to date. Do not plan to make car rental reservation until late Sept to avoid the changes. We booked our preferred flights and Southwest keeps changing them. Sign of the times.
  6. Anything would be better than the last muster I attended on Harmony of the Seas. Could not see or hear a thing due to the sardine conditions. In this day and age we should be able to type in a code or call in to someone/somewhere on the ship to verify we watched/listened to the presentation. My bank sends me a code which I type into my account to gain access. Some technically competent person must have an answer. Many cruisers have issues standing, especially in the hot sun on an open deck. I have not seen Celebrity requiring this in years but have been in a dining room or somewh
  7. What is the Engagement Center? No matter what the question or issue I always call for an answer even though I am aware it might not be the correct answer.
  8. My friends changed their residency from Virginia to Florida last year. It seems like VA income tax was one of the reasons for the move. You might want to check that out.
  9. Years ago "The Big Red Boat" sailed from Port Canaveral to the Bahamas. We used to see it when we fished off the sea wall and later we cruised on her. I don't remember who owned her.
  10. And the best part is we have NO income tax, and my county has very reasonable real estate taxes. I moved to FL from PA in 1961 and never looked back. Got tired of the snow and cold.
  11. Experienced high winds and extremely rough seas on Celebrity Infinity sailing from Argentina to Antarctica in 2010. Seas were said to be 38 ft and wind 73 mph. Ship rocked and rolled all night and you could hear things banging. Captain turned ship around and sailed back to Argentina. We returned to Antarctica a day later and seas were calm and sights were awesome. On the previous cruise around the tip of SA the Infinity reportedly listed 45 degrees and all of the liquor in storage on deck two went crashing as reported by bartender in Martini Bar, and the piano in Michael's Clu
  12. And DH can sleep on the sofa and watch TV all night long. Actually the sofa in GS on Harmony was better for me than the bed. There were 3 adults and I think I would have been more comfortable on the sofa.
  13. I always used RCCL because RCI was the initials for my timeshare exchange company.
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