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  1. Why in this day and age do you own and pack clothes that wrinkle? I donated all of my clothes that wrinkle to charity years ago and bought clothes that are made to wash and dry. I pack them for travel, take them out had hang them as soon as possible, and enjoy my cruise or land trip. Life is much to short to iron or steam. Donate those wrinkled clothes and free yourself to enjoy.
  2. Always enjoyed calling and speaking with the Oregon reps who answered the C&A line. One named Steve always had prompt, professional, accurate answers. Have not been able to connect with Oregon in ages. I resent Royal taking jobs from Americans and hiring cheap labor elsewhere. The reps have always been polite and try to help but 99% of the time they can't answer your question. Quite frustrating. To me it is similar to Wal Mart installing the self checkout machines and taking jobs from Americans who need and want jobs. Refuse to use self check.
  3. You are a mere child, John. I started my teaching career in Miami in 1962. Guess that makes me an oldie goldie! Hope you enjoyed your birthday dinner and had a stellar evening.
  4. Buy one of those inexpensive wheel duffel bags and wheel it on yourself as you have been advised by those who know. For me, Less is More.
  5. Happy ____ Birthday John, and many, many more. Grace
  6. Can not believe how busy this awesome review/photos by John was today while I went to the doctor. Keep up the good work John. Loving all the info on CK and SL as we will be there in November "Good Lord Willin."
  7. But why didn't they bring one of the two back to Tampa for the summer. Don't sail Carnival. Like sailing out of Tampa especially with their valet parking.
  8. I bought 3 night for $89. It has been fluctuating between 89 and 99.
  9. There is none John. You just take your umbrella and begin "Singing in The Rain." If you go down front you can be the leader of the singing. lol Actually a good question.
  10. I booked 3 night for one cruise and 5 night for a different cruise. I was able to pick the time when I booked but not the restaurant. Has policy changed?
  11. The changes have been posted for weeks. Everyone who reads CC threads has known about this. You without a doubt need a new TA and if you insist on staying home, your TA owes you a refund. There are TA's who post on CC regularly and I am willing to bet if you posted the exact date you booked they would tell you it in not the fault of RCL. The Allure issue has affected many other ships and there have been many threads/posts on this issue over the past month. Do not understand why we knew about changes and your TA did not.
  12. Do you recall if there are chairs in shade which could be accessible to a person in a wheelchair? 8 of us will be in suites but 1 will not be able to walk to get to a chair. Family can bring her food/drink but have not been able to find out how to get her wheelchair thru the sand to get to chair in shade. I am familiar with their big wheel chairs to get to/from ship but that wouldn't work for her.
  13. I guess this has changed as when we sailed Empress Viking Crown had area set aside for Diamond cocktail hours, and we were not limited to 3 drinks. First night it was in Boleros inside and outside.
  14. No. 2 sandwiches would be one order unless things have changed recently. You could always order as much as you wanted as an order. I believe that would include tea/coffee too. Other beverages extra as I recall.
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