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  1. I sent emails to the last administration regarding an issue and received a thank you, then got put on a list to donate money to conservative issues that I am still trying to get off of. Never had any further response from the WH. Sherri 🙂
  2. Kat, hope you are feeling better today. I have passed Cuizine many times on A1A but have not been there. I can never tell if it is open or not. Agree with you regarding the reps, hard to believe they are so willing to lie for another person. Sherri🙂
  3. Good morning to all! As I try to get caught up on posts, I am struck by how busy everyone seems to be getting, a good sign that with vaccinations, we are developing a new normal. I flew up to Indianapolis for a few days to help my dad with some stuff, back to Florida to drive up to VA to see grandchildren play soccer and help daughter in law while my son is traveling. We won’t return to Florida until the first of June as husband is leaving tomorrow to drive to Indianapolis to work security at the 500. After the race, he will swing back through VA to pick me up for return. Then, grandkids
  4. We were told at the resort that a positive test meant staying and quarantining for up to 14 days. If we purchased their insurance there would be no charge. Without insurance cost would be $90.00 pp per day. Since we are both fully vaccinated, we decided it was a good gamble to not buy insurance. Sherri🙂
  5. We just returned from a week at an AI in the Dominican Republic. They are at level 4 which only means the CDC does not recommend traveling there. The DR does not require a test to enter the country but as you said, the US requires one to fly home. The test has to be done within 72 hours of your flight. Our resort arranged testing at no charge. We were given a certificate with results which we had to present to the ticket agent at checkin. All very easy. Sherri🙂
  6. Melody, the gazebo looks great, looks like your family had a fun time putting it up! And I know what you mean about your son, when our son’s marriage fell apart I didn’t think I would ever see him happy again. Wonderful family pictures, Christy! Kat, sounds like your camping trip was a success but I have to agree with Lois and Sharon about camping. We camped a lot when our boys were young as it was an easy, fairly cheap adventure for us. In 1994, we drove from Indiana to Yellowstone, camping all the way there and back for 14 nights. We always did tent camping with
  7. You know, Lois, in pre Covid times, I probably would not have thought that much about it but I am still in the mode of not liking people too close to me. I did not feel comfortable going through security or being on a packed airplane. Sherri🙂
  8. Currently sitting in the Punta Cana airport waiting for our flight. Our week at the Hilton Resort was amazing, loved the facilities, pools and beach. Food varied from very good to just ok. Loved the fresh fruit and juices, seafood and yucca. It was nice to get away, made life seem almost normal again. I will say the Hilton staff did an excellent job of keeping everything very clean and wearing their masks. I did not see a single staff member without one on. Most of the guests were pretty good about wearing one, if you tried to enter a restaurant and did not have one on, you were given o
  9. My experience was with a horse named Daisy who did not want to go on the ride in the first place but when she saw she was almost home, she took off like we were running the Kentucky Derby. There was a fence in her way, everyone, including me, thought we were going to jump it. Daisy decided against this last second, she stopped, I did not. Fortunately, I landed on my bottom in a soft, squishy patch of mud. I was not hurt, just really sore for a few days. That was my last time to ride a horse.😂 Sherti🙂
  10. Well, if I thought there was any possible chance of me going horseback riding I’d take a pair of jeans but I haven’t been on a horse since my college days and I swore after my last experience it would never happen again. 😂😂 Sherri🙂
  11. My husband booked this trip about a month ago, got a great deal for an AI & airfare. We are staying at Hilton La Romana. This will be our fist time to try an AI resort. Sherri🙂
  12. That was my first pedicure in over a year!🙂. I have tried to do my own but results were never good. Your outfit sounds very nice! Sherti🙂
  13. Belated Happy Birthdays to Christy and Kat. Sharon, condolences to you. Congrats for your daughter, Debbie, that is quite an accomplishment. And congrats Cynthia for getting that jab! Lois, I hope you get this cruise worked out! Son and family have gone back to VA, house is very quiet and I think husband and I have recovered from the chaos of having a 5 year old around. It was so fun to have him here, he is such a humorous guy. He loves music, especially singing, and His preschool did a unit on the US for president’s day so now you never know when he is going to break out
  14. I like the idea of 5 vouchers to be used throughout the day. The only thing I would miss if the lounge is not available is the coffee machine. That is a big perk for us in the morning since the coffee in the dining areas on both Royal and Celebrity is so bad. We have not enjoyed happy hour in the lounge as much as we used to as the lounges have become crowded, noisy and hot, would much rather go to one of the bars instead. Not receiving our amenities seems like a cost cutting measure to me, I can understand trying to reduce the number of staff coming into cabins but it would
  15. It’s great to see everyone getting vaccinated, Cynthia only 4 days to go! Debbie, I hope you are feeling better and your test is negative! Our oldest son is driving his family down on Monday which means the 5 year old will be here for a week. Chaos always ensues when he is around but the quiet will be overwhelming when he leaves!😂. Eli loves animals of all kinds so we are taking him to Disney’s Animal Kingdom for a day. I am hoping for mild temps as masks are required. After my husband booked the DR trip, I decided to go crazy and book a cruise on Celebrity sailing
  16. I thought we had no deal breakers but flying to Nassau is one for me! So got around that by booking Celebrity out of St. Marten which I don’t mind flying into and spending a few days before the cruise. Really excited about cruising again! Sherri🙂
  17. Love Chicago, would not want to live there but great place to visit! Michigan Ave is so much fun to walk along, lots of shops, restaurants, bars, etc. I love the Field Museum and the Museum of Science and Industry. You should have an amazing time! And June should be a good time to go, not too hot or humid! Sherri🙂
  18. Debbie, I want to add my condolences, I can’t begin to imagine what you and your family went through.😞 Sherri
  19. Yes, another very sad day for America. I read this morning this is actually the 6th mass shooting occurring during the past week.😞 Cynthia, I want to add my congratulations on getting a vaccine appointment. It is such a relief just to get that appointment! And April 6th is quickly approaching. 🎉🥂 Sherri🙂
  20. HAPPY FIRST DAY OF SPRING💐🌷🌞 Lois, we are about 2 1/2 hours south of you so we are a little warmer but, wow, is it windy this morning! I’m getting ready to go for my morning walk, hoping I don’t get hit by falling palm fronds. Melody, I ‘ve never been a fan of Nassau but I am intrigued by the idea of leaving from St. Martin as it is one of my favorite islands. Depending on how early cruises go, maybe in August? We have a cruised booked for September on Allure, my birthday cruise, but I really don’t see it happening. OOTD: gym shorts, old tshirt, hair in ponyt
  21. I’ve never cared for Nassau so not thrilled with the idea of flying in there but I am intrigued with sailing on Celebrity out of St. Martin. Thinking maybe August, unless something changes. We have a cruise booked on Allure for my birthday in September but I really don’t think it will sail. Sherri🙂
  22. HappyBirthday Lois! I hope your mattress arrives on Sunday with no further delays! And I agree with you, too much hate festering in the country. Not sure we will ever rid ourselves of it. Love the pictures of Rome and the food pictures! Makes me long to go back to Italy again! My husband seems to have gone completely crazy! He, who never, ever makes travel plans, has booked a surprise trip to the Dominican Republic in April. We will be staying at an all inclusive resort for 7 days. Surprise is really not the word for it, I think shock was a good description of my
  23. I can understand your excitement, Christy. We haven’t seen our oldest grandson since March, 2019. He was 13 then and about an inch taller than me, I am 5’ 8”. He is now15 and over 6 ft. Plus, he has a beard!😂😂😂. When we have FaceTimed with him, it is like talking to a different person. It makes me sad that we have lost this time with him. I am glad you will get to spend time with your grandson! Sherri🙂
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