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  1. O. Guess my pie-in-the-sky hopes that Empress would survive left me on the short end. Oh well. Thank you for the info 😁
  2. My Empress cruise 4/2021 was cancelled since they sold the ship. No offer of L & S, only FCC or refund. Any ideas why? Very disappointed as the cost to cruise single is significantly higher for comparable cruises.
  3. I'd have to dig up the receipt to be sure, but they were about $135 for 4 (10 pack) cartons ($45/per, buy three get one free). I only paid $99 for 4 cartons on MSC in May, 2018 when Royal's price was about $120. With the price of a carton in NY approaching $100, they were a good gift for the smoker in the family.
  4. Empress is again running in circles in the Aegean
  5. LOL! Being Pennsylvania born and raised, I love your analogy. I pulled the trigger and hope for the best. Just getting back to cruising - whenever and wherever - will be a plus.
  6. Looking at booking the 4/25 with possibility of L & S
  7. so with the uncertainty of the survival of Empress, what do you think is the possibility of an extension of Lift and Shift? Debating on booking a b2b on Empress in April 2021. 4/17 already booked.
  8. Empress is now in Heraklion and Majesty is in Souda. Wonder if there's any significance to this change. The trip to Malta was a bit of a worry. But at least she's not headed further east.... so far
  9. Either my solo 12 day Montreal to Miami in October or 8 day Eastern Caribbean Nov 14 would have bumped me to Diamond. Hoping my 8 day Eastern on Empress April 2020 doesn't get cancelled to accomplish my goal. Fingers crossed but not holding my breath
  10. Not being in the suite class, I'm hoping someone can give me a guess as to what level cabin they might Lift and Shift me to. I'm looking at the L&S from 11/14/20 Empress Studio Oceanview (8030) to 10/23/21 Independence. It's a great cabin for a solo, but I don't think there are similar cabins on other Royal ships.
  11. And Empress is still available to book on rccl website but Majesty is not. SO disappointed (but not surprised) that my 11/14 Empress cruise cancelled 😒
  12. So maybe we'll know the fate of Empress shortly after election day 🤔 Would Love to sail to Cuba on Empress again!
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