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  1. Either my solo 12 day Montreal to Miami in October or 8 day Eastern Caribbean Nov 14 would have bumped me to Diamond. Hoping my 8 day Eastern on Empress April 2020 doesn't get cancelled to accomplish my goal. Fingers crossed but not holding my breath
  2. Not being in the suite class, I'm hoping someone can give me a guess as to what level cabin they might Lift and Shift me to. I'm looking at the L&S from 11/14/20 Empress Studio Oceanview (8030) to 10/23/21 Independence. It's a great cabin for a solo, but I don't think there are similar cabins on other Royal ships.
  3. And Empress is still available to book on rccl website but Majesty is not. SO disappointed (but not surprised) that my 11/14 Empress cruise cancelled 😒
  4. So maybe we'll know the fate of Empress shortly after election day 🤔 Would Love to sail to Cuba on Empress again!
  5. My email originally said FCC + $600 OBC for our canceled 5 day out of NOLA on 11/30/2020. It now says $300. I'll take what they give me, but how are they able to go into an already delivered email and make a change. Spooky
  6. I was told that my Casino rate and $200 OBC plus free drinks in casino would not transfer from my canceled Nov. 2020 cruise to a future cruise. I do get my FCC for the deposit paid plus $300 (or possibly $600 OBC - if it's not a typo) for a future cruise. Problem I have is the cost of our 11/30/2020 balcony out of NOLA cost Much less than any comparable Caribbean cruise I can find in 2021.
  7. Our final payment was due today (11/16) for our 11/30/2020 Valor out of New Orleans. Called yesterday and PVP was able to push final payment 14 days out to 9/30. Today I get notice the cruise is cancelled. BUT I'm offered FCC + $600 OBC --- on a 5 night cruise! Disappointed to be shut out of another cruise, but I'm a happy and grateful (platinum) Carnival cruiser!!
  8. So back to the topic ---- Where is Empress now and what's my chance of getting to sail on her in either Nov. 2020 or April 2021. Wishin' and hopin' and thinkin' and prayin' Plannin' and dreamin'
  9. If you buy alcohol in any port, Carnival will not allow you to take it to your room. They even tried to stop me from taking 2 cans of soda to my cabin at one port (I think it was Nassau). There are ways around it --- getting on board at Very busy times causes some distraction for the alcohol police/confiscation table. But you didn't hear it from me!
  10. Thank You! Looks like our Nov. 30 cruise from NOLA is cancelled (doesn't appear on the website anymore), but I'll keep this for future reference. I also bought in during the downturn in March. Looking forward to a cruise whenever it can happen.
  11. November cruises from New Orleans have disappeared. We were scheduled for Nov. 30 five day on Valor. Now only 7 day cruises on Glory are listed and first sailing is Dec. 20. Shows Valor coming back for 4 and 5 day on April 29th. DARN. I was so hopeful - 😭
  12. Could you please post the office/name and address you sent the snail mail to? Much appreciated. Thanks!
  13. Hoping your post is incorrect as I'm booked on Empress on November 14, 2020 - 8 Night Eastern Caribbean
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